Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Update

Didn’t have such a good night last night and am really tired. Keeping this short and going for a nap.

I am very pleased to say, I was able to get in touch with our new blogging friend Meg. My response to her message didn’t seem to go through again. Setting up a different email account.

Just one quick question to the ladies. I was listening to the radio this morning. As part of the morning show, they put out a trivial question. Listeners phone in guessing at the answer and win some sort of prize. I am not sure where they get their trivial information from but this was this mornings bit.

What is something 57% of women report as being something they don’t like in a guy? Go ahead take a guess, I will give the answer later when I post again.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Update

  1. Mel says:

    Oh good! I’m glad to hear you and Meg connected. And I mean GLAD.

    Okay…..lemme guess….

    A beard/facial hair?
    Socks being worn to bed. Hold on…..more than 57% don’t like that in a fella.

    Ummmmm…..their dish washing skills? LOL
    Oh, wait…that’s me! And that’s ONLY cuz I like to play in water and doing dishes make me look like I’m being a responsible person. :-/

    Okay, okay…..

    Big feet!
    k……probably not….

    Oh! Hold on!
    57% of all women report that they don’t like men who earn less than they do. *shudder* That would be scary if that were true……AND sad.

    I’ll stick with facial hair. LOL

    Facial Hair, Mel, Mel, Mel and here you are talking to a guy with a mustache. lol. You wonder why men complain they don’t understand women. Well apparently 57% of women say they don’t like a guy being too nice???? Can you explain that one to me please, geesh, WOMEN

  2. Mel says:

    TOO NICE?!?!

    There’s such a thing as ‘too nice’?

    There’s a debate and a half for ya…

    And my answer?

    Not in my book. You cannot be ‘too nice’.
    Oh, I suppose the argument is that ‘then folks will take advantage of that’.
    Yeahyeah–I don’t rightly care if they do. Speaks to what they need to work on, not that I need to stop being nice. *shaking head*

    I still think facial hair shoulda been the answer. LOLOL

    NO offense, of course.

    FAR be it from me to be ‘too nice’. ROFL

    Mel, does this give you a hint as to why men say they just can’t understand women. I guess that mean us guys can’t be nice half the time. We will still be in trouble anyway. lol

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