dying Man’s Daily Journal – Men/Women/life like an apple tree

Women are like apples, men are like fine wine. REMEMBER THIS IS A JOKE. Females are like apples growing on a tree in an orchard. The very best a often high up where they get the most sun and can ripen to be the best they can be. Others, lower down on the tree may be hidden from the sunlight and while still perfectly good apples haven’t ripened in the same way and may taste a little bitter. Still others may be laying on the ground, perhaps blown from the tree by a strong wind. These apples on the ground can vary, some are perfectly fine having just been blown off the tree, others can be partially or even totally rotten having been deprived of the nurturing of the tree. When the male of the species goes looking for a life partner, he approaches the “apple tree”. Which “apple” does he chose, one of those easy to reach, one on the ground or reach high up into the tree to get the very best apple he can. To often the young male will be afraid lacking the courage or confidence to reach to high for fear of fallling and getting hurt, or not even try to reach, just “knowing” he can’t reach that high and settles for an apple easily within reach.

OK, I think, I can see a bit of a life comparison here, and realize the genders can be just as easily switch with the message remaining the same. But now comes the joke part.

If you compare women to apples men must be like grapes. It takes a good woman to come along and stomp the (#*?!) out of them to make them the least bit palatable.

Intended as a joke but it got me thinking about my life and life in general. Thinking of the apple tree, how often, not just in relationships but in jobs and all parts of life do we settle for something that is readily available. I think it is fear, fear that if we reach to high in any part of our life we will get our hand slapped and will be put “back in our place”. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being embarrassed. Fear causes us to settle for our place in life and we live with our mind haunted by the “if only’s” and the “what if’s”. This isn’t just the males the females approach the male “apple tree” and do they reach high or settle. Food for thought.

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