Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Religion dwindling??

I read an interesting article in the newspaper the other morning. Apparently more and more people, larger per centage of the population are claiming to have no religious affiliation.. I have written about it often and it is certainly no secret that I lean very heavily on my faith and beliefs through my trying times. I firmly, without any doubt believe in God and an afterlife. Having that belief system in place has greatly reduced the burden I carry as I face what I know is coming.

I struggle to imagine how much more difficult it would be to travel this part of life’s journey, with out those beliefs, that faith. As firmly as I believe that I still have times when I struggle with it. Times when questions, then doubts and then even fear comes into this old head of mine. How do we really know what lies beyond? No one has really come back to tell us, what is next. Or, have they? There are all the near death experiences, experienced by many people. I am sure some of them can be explained away scientifically. But, I do not believe all can be and that they are true and genuine. I know what I believe is after physical life but am positive there is something, our existence does not end when we leave this planet.

I know we have  leaders and teachers from I believe every major Religion telling us of the glories that await us in Heaven. We are constantly being told that but our human minds still question what we don’t know for sure.

Something just popped into my head. It is something I know I have written about in the past. It is in a way how I can sometimes rationalize this whole thing in my own mind.

Use your imagination and try to follow me with this. Picture a pregnant lady nearing her due date. Imagine the baby as being I suppose magical, in that while in the womb it could totally understand everything that was being said to it and around the mother.

There could be a proud loving daddy, talking to the baby. Telling the baby how wonderful it will be when it comes into this world. The baby would hear of how loved it will be of all the wonders that await it in this world. This could be repeated over and over to the baby by the parents, siblings, aunts, uncles……..

Now if this baby really were able to understand and think. I have to wonder what thoughts might run though his/her little head. The only existence it has ever known is being tucked safely away in the mother’s womb. It is safe, it is warm, it is comfortable and it is likely content with the way things are going. Now how eager do you think that baby might be to come into this world. In spite of every thing he/she has heard, it will be giving up the only existence it has ever known. Just think about that. Maybe it is a good thing Mother Nature steps in after 9 months and forces the issue. If this were at all possible how many babies do you think would actually come into this world if given a choice. I know a stretch of the imagination, but what if?

I have heard death as being described as a rebirth into the next world. From many that have had near death experiences, they describe a long tunnel. Comparable to the birth canal?? I don’t know, what do you think?


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Religion dwindling??

  1. souldipper says:

    To me, it is another beginning – full of love that we cannot imagine at this stage.

    Right on, another beginning – full of love. More love than we experienced or could even imagine on this earth.

  2. Mel says:

    I love the comparison–mostly cuz it’s so parallel.

    If I asked that baby, and even if I don’t…..there’s a reason they come out kicking and screaming, right?

    Seriously, Bill. I get it.
    And I don’t know if more folks are opting out of organized religions or not–perhaps that’s what folks meant when they were answering the question being asked of them.
    I do find that, personally, more folks I know are stating they’re ‘spiritual’ people and not necessarily ‘religious’.

    I’m sure I’d qualify for a version of that definition since I do not follow ‘rules’ simply for the sake of following the rules–but what I AM is clear and committed in my personal relationship with my Creator. (hope that made sense) LOL

    It’s difficult to assign my belief to organized religion. And besides….LOL…..I’m not sure any would WANNA claim me! 😉
    Being IN the relationship with my Creator is what’s been important–knowing that giving back to others is essential in my own growth and finding peace in that….is awesome.

    (yeah, yeah…I’m rambling and probably not making sense…but I do agree with the parallel analogy with birth/death)
    LORD know I’ll probably go kicking and screaming…..again. 😉

    Hey Mel, thanks for sharing. As always it seems our thoughts just line up. I just can not imagine any organization of any type not welcoming you in with open arms.

  3. Henri says:

    Haha Bill,
    When I read your last paragraph, I could not help thinking of Richard Pryor and his ‘Birth’ skit.

    I think it is a good analogy, as it speaks to the transition in a humorous way. (it does not start till a minute into the vid)

    Hi Henri, I watched the video and got a quite a laugh

  4. Noel says:

    Interesting analogy! I have never thought about it this way. It’s true, death can be seen almost as a baby being born. They baby, if it could think, would think that coming to an unknown world is the scariest thing, since all it knows is what the baby experiences inside the womb. Birth by itself is a traumatic experience, but it is necessary to begin a new life. The same thing can be said about “death”, it is a traumatic experience necessary to enter the next life. God Bless.

    hi Noel, I thank you for stopping by and for the comment. Somehow this just all seems to make sense to me.
    Hope to hear from you again.

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