Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Take nothing in life for granted

Wouldn’t you think if there ever was a man that knew better than to take life for granted, it would be ME. I received a little poke yesterday that really made me stop and think, I am such a very lucky man. Thew out the duration of this blog I know I have stated that many many times. It is a fact and I know it, I recognize it, I appreciate it, yet I still often fall into complacency and take life itself, my wonderful life for granted?????? Please just think about this for a moment, do you take life for granted? Do you just assume there are many many years of living lying before you? Do you just take the people in your life for granted, thinking they will always be there.

With all of this dying stuff I really have come to see life differently. I appreciate the very fact I still have life in this body of mine, I appreciate those around me, I appreciate the life I am able to live. Yet, still I can easily allow myself to fall into that complacency, taking it all for granted. I work at it and am getting better at it but still it happens. Maybe it is called being human.

I find I often need little reminders to get me back on track. I hear of the passing of an individual or my health situation hits a little bump in the road and thoughts of my own mortality come to mind. Thankfully, I am a point where I am able to digest that and quickly come to the realization, wow, that could easily have been me that passed. I am such a lucky man. I immediately switch to “full appreciation” mode as I suppose what you could call “semi appreciation” mode. These little reminders are in fact good for me, but why do I need them?

There are thousands of examples of how good our lives are and how appreciative we should be. These come to us daily from all around the world. Let’s take but one example to try and make my point. My heart and prayers go to all of the people in Japan, I can’t begin to try and imagine the suffering and the depth of the pain they are feeling at this moment. We watch the unfolding events on TV and our hearts bleed for the people. We genuinely feel so very sorry for them. Many will make some sort of cash donation to aid in the relief, and that is good. We sigh, shake our heads in disbelief and that is that.

How many stop to think, there but for the grace of God am I. Yeah, I know, it is on the other side of the world and it started with an earth quake. We don’t get earth quakes in my part of the world so that is something I don’t even have to give any thought to. Now seriously do you think earth quakes are the only thing that can create a disaster, of that magnitude maybe, I don’t know. On that faitful day do you think the people of Japan awoke with any idea as to how their day would end. I think not, I imagine they awoke with the same sense of complacency about life that we all do. How that complacency was shattered.

I don’t care where you live, while they may not be of the magnitude of an earth quake, disasters, accidents happen. When we wake in the morning, lets take nothing for granted, who knows how our day will end.


2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Take nothing in life for granted

  1. souldipper says:

    So very spot on, Bill. Thank you. I’m visualizing Japan being wrapped in Divine energy that brings love, healing and some degree of comfort to those souls to whom we are all connected.

    Being on the West Coast, “But for the Grace of God” is very much on my mind.

    I keep wondering why I don’t put my old puss cat in the car and beat a path to the center of Saskatchewan!! Or Manitoba…

  2. Mel says:

    I agree with you. Whole heartedly so.

    I found myself in that same spot, reminding myself that folks woke up expecting a day like any other day–and their whole live got changed. I’m sure they get that loud and clear….if they survived the devastation. I cannot bear to watch the news–there’s nothing I find comforting in the situation still. My heart hurts for them all.

    Today I woke up and took off to watch the sunrise. As always, it was a glorious event. Tonight, I’m graced to watch the sunset.
    I’d say anything inbetween…….pretty darn insignificant, yaknow?

    ((((((((( Bill )))))))))

    Hi Mel, you are so right. How much we take for granted. Our day tomorrow will unfold as we expect but really will it? Who is to know?

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