Dying Man’s Daily Journal – The thought of dying is scary

After yesterday’s post Henri left a wonderful comment. His thoughts echoed my own but were so very well stated that I encourage all to read them. With those thoughts he posted a you tube video clip. That is just amazing something all should view.

Dying is the one thing every single one of us have in common, timing is the only difference. None are spared this fate. That thought is scary to all. It is easy to say I am not afraid when we believe will occur in the distant future, the distant future we hope. What happens, how do we react when suddenly we realize it will not be in the far distant future. All the time we thought we had has some how snuck right by us. We still may not know the when it will happen but do know it will be much sooner than we would like. Then what do we do? How do we deal with the situation in which we now find ourselves? This I do know,it is not easy.

There is a saying I have heard that is something like, “no one ever said life would be easy, just so worth it.”  It is so worth it, why is it we so often don’t realize and appreciate that until it is nearing its end. We can suddenly look back at even times in our lives, that at the time we thought were horrific, the very worst thing that could ever happen to us. Now, we suddenly realize that we would happily trade our current situation for what we had back then. Makes you think doesn’t it.

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – The thought of dying is scary

  1. A.M. Kuska says:

    Those comments are indeed well spoken.

    i do thank you

  2. Mel says:

    Geeze, and here I am emotional from that lovely video Henri shared….and his comment about fear without the need to fear.

    I guess I’d add ‘denial’. ‘It ain’t really gonna happen to me’ thinking. How many times did I hear ‘you could get hit by a bus’…when I live in a town where no buses even run–fat chance. Denial……pretty strong stuff. And for me, denial is just a protective cloak that shields me from fear….or so I think at the moment that I’m tossing on my denial cloak.

    I don’t always like reality. Does it matter if buses run through this little town? Not in the least–I got ‘hit by a bus’ in this one horse town, it just wasn’t a big yellow one.
    That warped sense of ‘yeah, yeah….when pigs fly–or maybe when I’m in my 80’s…..gimme a break’ fell out from underneath me and denial quit working. Much like you I thought I got it…and then lost it again cuz complacency, denial and fear and reality and I dance well. Apparently I just keep changing partners.

    Yaknow, maybe there’s different ‘levels’ to this acceptance and ‘peace in the circumstances’ deal. Perhaps I need to focus not so much on how to get ‘back’ what I handed over, but how to awaken to this next lesson.

    Wow. LOL
    I now need to give thought to that concept!

    (maybe a new route for denial? LOL WHO knows with me!!!!) (but I will think! LOL BE AFRAID!!!!)

    Hey Mel, our thoughts so often seem to be so in sync, I bet if we checked way back in our family trees, we must be related some how. You have my head running with ideas of levels of acceptance and denial. Please share any more thoughts you may have in this or really any other line.
    Thank you

  3. Cat says:

    It’s funny the things that I fret about most when I think about dying:

    1. Who will care for my pets?

    2. Oh no, I have got to get my house clean and clutter-free before I die because people will be going through my things when I’m gone and I don’t want them to think badly of me!

    I’m sure the actual process of dying won’t be pleasant, but those are the things that weigh most heavily on my mind.

    Hi Cat, each of us have our own little things, our own little thoughts. I don’t think the dying process will be unpleasant (or at least I sure hope not). The disease or what ever it is that has brought us to that point may well be at it’s peak, playing havoc with our physical bodies causing great discomfort of what ever. But, I really don’t think the actual act of dying will be.

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