Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Had a scare

Had a bit of a scare yesterday that has me a little un-nerved. I was sitting here at the computer when suddenly it was like the whole world was spinning. All the writing on the screen blurred up to the point I couldn’t read anything. Went up stairs checked blood sugar and blood pressure both a little high but nothing to worry about. Suddenly I just had to throw up. It is lucky the bathroom is so close by. Went back laid down and felt much better after a while.

I know possible signs of a stroke. I fear a stroke more than I do another heart attack. Maybe I am a little too cocky when it comes to the heart attacks I don’t know. Maybe it is as I have had 5 of them, I kind of know what to expect with them. A stroke scares me. My greatest fear is to have a healthy active mind trapped in a totally incapacitated body, unable to even communicate. My instructions are clear should that happen, stop all medications immediately and just let me go.


11 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Had a scare

  1. souldipper says:

    Me, too, Bill. My mother had a stroke and I made the same decision as you.

  2. Mel says:

    I’m sure you rang the cardiologist.

    Yeah, that would unnerve me, too.
    Not knowing undoes me more than the knowing does.

    You rang the cardiologist, right?
    Do ya get the hint that I think your cardiologist should be called? LOL

    Just me trying to take control when I feel out of control, sir. You know how it works when you care about someone. :-/

  3. Freda says:

    Trust all is well now. As I am still slowly convalescing from flu I sympathise. My own TIAs have worried me about being trapped like you describe. Take care.

  4. Jill says:

    Chiming in here with the others – do call your doctor. In the meantime I’ll be saying prayers for you.

  5. minashadow says:

    My prayers for you never stop, my friend. Call the doctor.

  6. Cat says:

    Yikes, that would be scary! I hope all is fine now, and that you’ve called your doctor as everyone else has suggested.

  7. Betty says:


    Hope all is well. I also hope you have received some medical attention.

    Try not to stress, although I understand it may be difficult. I have experienced the exact same type of episodes in the past and still do on occasion. However, there are other medical reasons for these spells (not serious). I always carry chewable gravol with me. I also have a heart condition (under control) so I definitely understand your concern.

    Please see your doctor.

  8. Bill's Daughter says:

    So, last night on the phone when I asked if anything was new you didn’t think to mention THAT!!!???!!!

    hey Billie, sorry but I guess I just didn’t think it was that bid a deal and was all over and done with.I am working on a post that explains it a little. Besides that, when you are on the phone with my two little princesses, talking to them takes priority over all.
    Love you

  9. Mel says:

    RUT roh…… πŸ™‚

    Now–let’s keep in mind things fall out of our heads with relative ease.
    And we have this ‘don’t worry ’em’ kinda mentality deal going on once in a while on a frequent basis.

    RUT roh….. LOL

    (((((((((((( Bill )))))))))))))))))

    (((((((((((( the daughter )))))))))))))))

    (go get ‘im……and I’m sure by now he’s rang the cardiologist.) :-/

    Love ya, Bill! πŸ™‚

  10. Cousin Sherry says:

    Hello there Cousin.

    Sorry that it has been awhile since I said “hi”, but I think of you often. I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well a few days ago? Are you sure you weren’t listening to the weather forecast? That could probably have accounted for some of the symptoms!

    Hope you are feeling better now.

    Wow! You have had some excitement with your neighbour for sure. Glad you were there for her when she needed you. I’m also glad to hear you are working on positivity. I think you are a positive person and that’s what’s got you through many things. As you’ve mentioned you’ve had a few bumps in the road lately, but I have no doubt you can work your way through it. I have faith in you!
    FYI – Here’s a little story for you that let’s you know that you inspire with your positivity. I told you that I do think of you often. It is usually when I am in the car driving (I do my best thinking then, but often miss the exit I was supposed to be getting of on). Anyways when I think of you I think about how you are doing, what the weather is like for you there, and your little comment about random acts of kindness. The other day I happened to be going through the Tim Horton’s drive thru, and when I got up to the window, I payed for my coffee, then paid for the lady’s coffee in the car behind me. My friend who was in the car with me asked why I did that. I said that it was my ‘random act of kindness’ that I try to do sometimes. It is my way of putting a little kindness out into the world. She looked at me kind of funny, and I thought she was going to say something about how ‘silly’ that is. But, she looked at me for a second and said, “That’s kinda cool. I think I’m gonna try that”. So, there you go. We have recruited another member to our ‘kind and caring’ society – and you are our unofficial leader. There are no perks to the job unless you count the good feeling you get by doing something nice, or hearing about someone else do something nice.
    I got that warm feeling reading about you helping your neighbour and calling the Home Depot back to make sure the manager knew what a great guy Ken is (he’s part of our group too)! Anyways, I better say goodbye for now and go and get my report cards done this weekend. Love to you and Vi and belated Happy Birthday wishes to her. (((((hugs))))

    Hi Sherry, it is really nice to hear from you. I think of you often and of the entire clan out there in Alberta, please say hi to everyone for me.
    Your act of kindness was wonderful, look at the ripple effect it has going already. I really do consider myself lucky and am proud to have you as a cousin.

  11. Cousin Sherry says:

    Oops. I just re-read my post and I see several typos and spelling errors. Yes, I am a teacher, but only for grade one. Invented spelling is encouraged in grade one!!(lol). My other defense is that my brain is fried from writing so many report cards! Hopefully you can decifer the message anyway!
    Take care!

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