Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Appreciate the positive

It seems like a really long time since I sat at the computer for anything other than a quick glance. It seemed I needed some time away to regain balance within my head and that feeling of peace and calm within. I had allowed some negativity to seep into my heart and soul and what did that get me, nothing but a heart filled with anger. I allowed it to rob me of some of the precious time I have here on this earth. I say it robbed me of time and I really mean it robbed me of time to really live. Yes, physically I was here but I wasn’t living life I was more enduring it. The strange thing is I knew it, I knew I was wasting precious time but just didn’t seem to have the strength, determination or will to let it go. It was easier to just remain angry, mutter and curse under my breath. Taking the easy way in life is not usually the better way to go. No one said life would be easy just that it would be worth it. It is so worth it and worth it, it is but we have to be willing to put some effort into it.

When I have my head, my thinking in the zone, it is so easy for me to sit here and say things like: “don’t let negativity of any kind get to you, let it flow off of you like water off of a ducks back”, “the actions of others can only bother or upset us if we allow it to”. That is all true, I meant it when ever I have said it and I mean it today. I guess as we are but human there will always be things that come along that knock our little train off of its tracks. When that happens we really do need to put in the extra work to get back on track on rolling ahead.

I am a very lucky man. I have so many wonderful things going for me in my life. Really when I look at it clearly the positive out weighs the negative about a bazillion to one. I thank God for my life and for ALL in it, that includes all my blogging friends right here.


2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Appreciate the positive

  1. souldipper says:

    And isn’t gratitude in the zone! Thanks be to God.

    You are so right

  2. Mel says:

    Don’t make me get mushy, sir. :-/

    Did I mention that I think calling your cardiologist after that ordeal is a good plan?
    Yeah…..well……..I still think so in case you were wondering.

    That’s responsible, ‘in the zone’ kinda behavior.
    (note the attempt at manipulation on my part….LOL)

    Yaknow–……..you’re graced. Plain and simple.

    G-d’s taken very good care of you. I’ll trust that remains the fact of His relationship with you–and with me.
    Cuz He’s taken excellent care of me as well.

    And tonight, I’ll remind Him that I’ve noticed that–and I’ll thank Him for doing such an awesome job to taking care of the both of us. Cuz He has. And how cool that you’ve been graced with grandbabies! Wow.

    Who’da thunk…….

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