Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Faith in man kind justified

I have had to take a little time to refocus my thoughts and get my head back into what I call the zone. Well with prayer, meditation and a lot of self patience I am at least well on the way. AND I FEEL GOOD.

What has really come to my attention is how much the people around us really affect/influence us in our daily lives. Now by itself that sounds like a silly statement, I mean, duh, of course the people around us are going to affect/influence our lives, just because they are there and in our lives.

It seems when I let my head slip out of (this new term I am using) the zone, I allow the misbehavior or negativity of others to get to me. It just really shows me I need to work daily on remaining positive. Allow your thinking to slip and it is more work to climb back than it would have been to put in the time needed to stay there.

Now I am talking about people in our lives and how they affect us. Hey, I am memory guy but I don’t think I have commented on the service provided to me by a particular business. There are just times though when something happens that just sort of blows me away. Something that just reinforces the goodness, the kindness contained within the human heart. Restores your faith in man kind.

I had just such an event happen a couple of days ago. Now this actually all started back at Christmas time. Our kids all chipped in and bought us a snow blower. I am really not supposed to shovel snow and this thing is great. It is even self propelled, all I have to do is aim it where I want it to go. Now in a Manitoba winter what could be better than that.

It is a wonderful machine, now that is when it works. About a week ago, I pulled it out to use it only for the third time. It started fine but the auger blades that pull up the snow wouldn’t turn rendering it useless. Now I am kind of disturbed, here is a brand new machine, only been used twice and it has broken down. I am not impressed. Now I should explain that I am about as mechanically inclined as a lead pencil but I do the “man” thing and poke around not having a clue what I might be looking for. I get brother-in-law Henri and friend Art to take a look. A unanimous decision was made, it is broken.

I am going to return it to the store, like this thing is brand new, only been used twice. Huh,it turns out policy is,  things can only be returned withing 30 days of purchase. Now I am not happy with this. I ask to speak to the manager. I am referred to Cheryl a very nice lady who while she is very empathetic does not make store policy. That I can understand, I was a bank manager and know you have to work within guidelines establish somewhere high up in the organization. She does offer me free use of one of their vehicles to haul it to a factory representative but suggests first I talk to Ken in their tool rental department who is very knowledgable about these machines.

Ken comes on the line. He explains there are a couple of likely problems and that he can likely lead me through the process of identifying the problem over the phone. Now, keep in mind reference my being akin to a lead pencil. He patiently waits as I gather the tools he tells me I will need and off to the garage I go. He leads me through checking sheer pins and belts. It all seems fine,huh.

Now this is where Ken stepped up going far above and beyond the service provided by any store, particularly the big box stores. Ken said he was off work at 5:30 and as a favor would stop by the house on his way home. I was impressed he would even offer to do so and gratefully accepted his offer. Our garage is detached and is unheated, meaning it was COLD when he arrived and where he was working. He spent some time in that cold but got it going. An ice jam, beyond eyes site.

Now, I know he is on his own time and feel I should pay him something for his work. No matter how I insisted he would accept no payment of any kind. He said, “I didn’t come here for money, I came to make sure a store customer was happy and satisfied. What can I say to that. Ken is an employee I think every employer would want. Ken you are an inspiration for employees everywhere and I thank you.You are indeed what I refer to an a Earth Angel.

Now with service like that I just had to call the store manager back to thank her and to compliment Ken. Cheryl was appreciative of the call and happy to hear of all that Ken had done. She further stated one of their goals is to ensure all customers are happy and satisfied. Cheryl, with staff like Ken you are achieving that goal. I can say that the Home Depot Store, Garden City store, here in Winnipeg is one that will continue to get my business.

The world really is full of wonderful people, they are just everywhere.


3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Faith in man kind justified

  1. God Bless Earth Angels – one and all! Thanks for this reclamation of goodness.

  2. Mel says:

    What a good little fella.
    And just when I was starting to question the work ethics of humankind. Seriously!

    Let’s clone Ken. :-/

    Hey Mel, I was with you on that, questioning the work ethic of many. Then I ran into Ken, what can I say.

  3. Cat says:

    I wish I could borrow Ken to fix my broken dryer. I’ll bet he doesn’t make house calls to Texas, though.

    So glad he was able to get your snow blower fixed, and kudos to you for calling the manager to tell her what a great employee he is.

    Thank you Cat. I think you are right though a house call to Texas may just be our of his area.lol

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