Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Inspirational Lady

Had a bit of an adrenaline rush yesterday. We try to keep a bit of an eye on our neighbor. It was only yesterday that I actually learned her age. a gentleman would never reveal a ladies age but let’s just say it is 90++. Now she is a very independent lady, very spry and energetic. She totally cares for herself. Not only am I talking cooking and cleaning but I am talking planting her own garden, raking her lawn etc. WOW.

I called her yesterday and she said she wasn’t feeling so good. Just tired and light headed. She then told me that at her last doctor’s appointment her blood pressure medication had been changed and she didn’t think it was working. She had been out shopping in the morning in the pharmacy they had one of those blood pressure testing machines. She had checked hers and it was 250 over something (she couldn’t remember). Now I check my blood pressure daily but am not going to try and pretend I really understand it. But I do understand it enough to know if it is in the 250″s that is really not good.

I took my blood pressure machine and went over to her house. 257/158, yikes. Tried it 3 separate times with basically the same result. Not I am not going to try and imply females can be stubborn BUT: I tell her, we need you to lie down and elevate your feet while I call an ambulance!  dirty look and,  NO!!!!!

“OK, get your coat I am taking you to the hospital. NO!!

I can see she is getting stressed just talking about this. I am thinking I am just going to call 911 anyway but she tells me very firmly not to.

I think of health links. It is a number here in Manitoba you can call and speak to a nurse for advice. Maybe if she hears a nurse telling her to go to the hospital she will be more willing. (not that I have been in the past). The nurse immediately says call 911 but she can hear the back ground grumbling, “NO AMBULANCE”. Nurse says then get her to the hospital as fast as you can, however.

So I laid it on the line, either you let me drive you to the hospital right now or I am calling 911. OK, I can drive her but only after she has washed up and changed clothes. NO, RIGHT NOW. Somewhere in there I had called Vi who already had our car out front and ready to go. With Vi’s added urgings we got her out the door.

Vi actually drove her. Thank goodness for modern drugs. She is doing fine.


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Inspirational Lady

  1. Henri says:

    Are you talking about Elsie? I would have thought, not a day above seventy:)
    In any case, it is a good thing you and Vi are/were there.

    Hi Henri, yup that is the lady to whom I am referring. You are right her activity level nor appearance give any indication of her “maturity”.

  2. Betty says:

    Bill and Vi….you both did the right thing in not letting your neighbour talk you down. I’m sure she is now greatful for your efforts. I wish her good health and a wonderful garden this summer.

    Bless you all.

    Hi Betty and thank you. She is glad she made the trip, home with the new medications. I will be popping over this afternoon.

  3. Mel says:


    There’s a reason you showed up when you were suppose to. And good sticktoittiveness–on both your parts. That stubbornness/AKA determination has served her well in her life. I’m glad she finally caved once you had her back to the wall. HOLY COW! Good job, sir!
    And thank you, G-d!

    Hi Mel and thank you. You are correct, that “determination” has served her well. I say determination because well we all know women are NEVER stubborn

  4. Cat says:

    I am so glad there are people like you in the world, Bill.

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