Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Life Teachers

A big thank you to all of our kids. I have written before of how Vi and I were both in previous relationships from which we both have children. I have my 2 daughters Billie and Shauna. Vi has 4 children Rob, David, Michael and Lynelle. All are grown and off living their own lives. Now snow shovelling is something I just can’t do unless it is in small amounts or the light fluffy stuff. This year we are getting record-breaking amounts of snow, geesh.

Well the kids all got together and bought us a snow blower for Christmas. Really it looks like an oversized lawn mower. It is a perfect size for the sidewalk and it is self-propelled. I don’t have to do anything but aim it down the sidewalk, it moves itself along blowing away all the snow in which ever direction I want it to go, excellent. Thank you very much to all.

I had an excellent reminder the other day of something I know but can tend to forget.

The other day I pulled out the snow blower. It was like a new toy and I was excited to use it.I used the little pump thing to prime it for gas and I am set. It has a pull cord to start it like that of a lawn mower. I give the cord a mighty pull and nothing, huh. I give it a second pull and nothing, geesh. A third tug and still nothing, I mean come on. By the 6th or 7th pull, my thoughts have gone to in the area of, (“%*@!) piece of junk doesn’t work. It is going back in the garage and it is going back to the store.

Then I think, wait this has one of those safety key things, maybe that has to be turned or something. Now remember the 6 or 7 pulls on that cord. That was enough to have me huffing and puffing like a steam engine trying to catch my breath and it is cold. I am frustrated and starting to get grumpy. I stood there for a few minutes catching my breath sort of staring at that key. It was then that I notice a little switch beside the key. Wonder what that is for? I can see there is writing on both sides of the switch. I look a little closer and what does that writing say? ON/OFF and it was in the off position. GEESH, flip the switch,one pull on the handle and off we go, it was great. There I was getting worked up over something so simple, sometimes I wonder about me. The reminder I got, don’t assume you know, ANYTHING until you have really checked it out.

What can I say, memory guy. Henri was over to help set it up and showed me how to use it, I know I read the manual and I still forgot the switch. Now that is a big GEESH.

It got me thinking though. There is a saying I have heard many times. It is to the effect that “when we are ready to learn a teacher will appear”.  Some how in my mind I have always imagined that teacher would be some wise person that would come along and fill my head with wisdom and insight. I realize that well may be the case at times. That teacher could also be an event in our lives anything that if we really stop to think about that can teach us to grow as a person. That teacher could even be a person that affects you in a negative way  giving you an opportunity to look at the situation, how it affected you and to learn and grow from it.  Things/people come into our lives for a reason, to help us  learn to grow. Some are dear to us, treat us right and we hold close to our hearts. Others that don’t treat us right, we learn our lesson and let them go. When and how to let go is a lesson all in itself.

 I wonder how many times in the past, I allowed myself to get all upset. Only later to discover I really didn’t have all the details of what was happening or that maybe, it was in fact another situation where I had forgotten something like a little switch. What do you thing?

One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Life Teachers

  1. Mel says:

    I think you’re not alone in that!

    <– on rare occasion does likewise

    k….maybe not THAT rare of an occasion. LOL

    Easy does it with that snowblowing stuff, sir!
    JUST sayin'……

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