Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Canadian Winter.

Violet is out-of-town. She is in Thompson visiting Lynelle and Jason and grand kids Sadie and Seth. Celebrating Seth’s birthday, he turned the big 4. She left last Monday and will be returning on Wednesday. Her timing was perfect. The very day after she left, the furnace went into semi-retirement. Now that is not something you want to have happen in the midst of one of our Canadian winters. The  timing was perfectly BAD or was it?

Now it is an electric furnace that is the sole heat source for the  entire house. Here during our winters it is an absolute necessity as out side temperatures do tend to get a little cold. Now there is never a good time to have to replace your furnace as it is a costly things. Like everything though they do wear out with time. Electricity and heat are a couple of those things we just seem to take  for granted. It is just there when we need it. We take  it for granted that is until suddenly it is not there, oh then do we appreciate it and wish we had it.

I do try at least to put a positive spin on things when I can. It is not always easy but I am getting better at it. So how can I put a positive spin on this? Like this.

Firstly, We knew we would have to replace it at some time but in the middle of winter, geesh. Well it turns out if I really think about it it is not all that bad. I said it went into semi retirement. Well, there are 5 big heating elements in the furnace. Fortunately only 4 of ours went into retirement. That remaining element did its best and was actually able to keep the house at about 12-14 degrees C. Now it was able to do this largely because temperatures outside were quite mild by some of our winter standards. It was like -15-18 if it had in fact been in the -30’s or 40’s which is not unheard of for this time of the year. That sole element would just not have been able to keep up. So we were lucky that way. Yeah, fine it was uncomfortably cool for 2 days but liveable.No danger of pipes freezing or anything like that.

Now it turns out sales in the furnace business are very slow this time of year. Go  figure. Was able to negotiate a bit of a deal. Lucky that way.

Hey, maybe it wasn’t that bad after all.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Canadian Winter.

  1. Henri says:

    Lucky, lucky…. yup… the temp today is -35 with a howling wind… Ahhh Winterpeg, Manitscolda…

    To put a positive spin on the weather… I just finished shoveling all that snow off our driveway and sidewalk… I did not feel cold at all:)

    Hi Henri, I feel for you. I pulled out the snow blower yesterday and did the sidewalks. Most of the time I was out of the wind so that did help.

  2. Mel says:

    Oy geeze…..I guess that’s a good deal, even if it wasn’t a fun deal.

    Kinda sorta like dealing in the power outage last evening that lasted almost three hours, huh?
    COULDA happened on a day with that -20 windchill…and it managed to happen on an evening when it was a rare 32 degrees.
    What a gracious G-d I have! (LOL And you better believe I thanked Him a number of times!)

    You enjoy that time with Vi gone (yes, I know you miss her like crazy–alone/separate time is still a good thing).
    And Happy Birthday to the grand Seth!! 🙂

    Mel, I really can only now it seems, look back onmy life. I really now can see the “calamities” of the moment did have a silver lining. Too bad for me I only have such good hind sight

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