Dying Man’s Daily journal – Happy New Year.

I hope and pray all my dear blogging friends and any and all that may experience nothing but good health, happiness and love through out the up coming New Year.

Fort any that may be celebrating this evening, have fun but be safe. Don’t drink and drive..

As I wrote that line I got a little chuckle thinking of some, maybe most  of the New Year’s Eve celebrations in my past. Now this does go back a few years but I may have been known to celebrate just a little too hard. Just maybe, consuming a few more “beverages” than I maybe should have. Hey, that was when I was young and foolish not as I am now. LOL. Now we really are talking years ago, but there may have been times when, yes, I drove home, ever watchful for and fearful of being stopped by the police. REALLY REALLY STUPID I know and please don’t d it.

These days least here in Winnipeg. The police have extra check stops set up at various spots though the city specifically looking for drunk drivers. If you are stopped and are sober they give you a special ticket. A ticket you can use to enter a draw to win various prizes. Hey, now when I want to get stopped for one of those special tickets. Geesh, do you think you can find a police stop when you want one. LOL

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily journal – Happy New Year.

  1. Freda says:

    With all good wishes to you for 2011. May Hogmanay be a peaceful and pleasant time for you.

    Thank you Freda and the same to you and yours. Hagmanay was was a quiet and peaceful time. Hogmanay is term I have not heard in years it was good.

  2. Betty says:

    Bill & Vi

    Wishing a very Happy New Year that includes only good things in 2011.

    Thank you and the same to you and yours

  3. Mel says:

    Okay–I gotta say that’s a REALLY cool idea!
    A little credit for those who are making the good choices–LONG overdue!

    HAPPY 2011 to you, sir.
    I’m hoping, one day at a time, for awesome things to find you and yours.

    Hi Mel, I agree it is a very good idea, I hope it catches on in other areas. Promotes being a designated driver. Our best to you and yours

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