Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Proud daddy

Had a good day, got some work done around the yard. Biggest thing was getting the garden roto-tilled. Now I could stop right there and it would likely sound like I did a lot. Fact is I watched as a very nice gentleman, Ken, did the work. Thank you Ken, enjoyed the time we spent together over coffee.

A lot has happened over the summer. One of the big highlights for me is that my daughter Shauna is staying with us through the week. I am always proud of Shauna but especially now for what she is doing now, following her life time dream of becoming a hair dresser. This is the type of work she has always enjoyed for as far back as I can remember. Thinking back it does bring back some warm memories.

Going way back to even before she could talk beyond a few word and was at that oh, so cute toddler stage of walking, she would find things to try and put in my hair. As she grew so did the desire to “make me look pretty”. Now that was way back in the days when I had hair, though it was never long enough for the braids she would have liked to put in. I even did let it grow out a little but not nearly to the shoulder length or longer that she would have liked. Hey, us dads do have some limits. lol.

From the hair we progressed to the nails. I have to admit there have numerous times when I have had both my finger and toe nails painted. Hey I was a stylish guy back in those days what can I say.

I suppose it was the natural evolution of events that next took us to makeup. She had some sort of a children’s makeup kit. In the set play time she loved to bring it out and apply it to anyone willing to have it done, huh, mainly seemed to be me.Now as this would be in the early evening I at times seemed to have a bit of a 5:00 shadow, being my whiskers had grown out a little since my morning shave. Well in the on going effort to make me “pretty” there were times when the electric razor had to come out. I was a pampered daddy as she shaved away those unsightly whiskers. I ask, how many dads get a shave from their 4 or 5 year old daughter.

Next came the make up. Now she definitely was not stingy with it, applying very generous amounts to my face. Lipstick was a special time. She stood in front of me demonstrating with her lips how she wanted me to position mine. Silly daddy seemed to so often get that part wrong. We got it done and I was officially declared to be pretty.

This has been like a dream Shauna has held on to all of these years and she is now working to officially fulfill it. Back in August she enrolled in a hair dressing school, enjoys it very much and is doing very well at it. Good for you Shauna, I am proud of you.

Shauna is married to a great guy, Jake. They actually live in a smaller community about a 90 minute drive each way which is a long daily commute. Shauna there fore stays here with us through the week and goes home on the weekends. Jake, I am proud to have you as a son-in-law, supporting Shauna as you are as she pursues her dreams.

Shauna is still young being 30 but this does show it is NEVER to late to follow your dreams.


8 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Proud daddy

  1. souldipper says:

    Plus the bonus…she gets to have some quality time with dad instead of using three hours of the day doing tired-driving.

    That is a big bonus for me

  2. Cousin Sherry says:

    Yahoo Shauna. I am so glad to hear that she is still loving school adn that it is going well. Is she still rocking the blue hair?
    I have to say I am still a bit shocked at how quickly Shauna dismissed us all (you, me and sister Shirley)for the model for her “updo’s”. My hair isn’t very long, but for someone who has been practicing all her life – honestly I would have expected her to step up to the challenge. It can’t be that my hair is too short because this Alberta wind is always trying to give me an “updo” of one kind or another! I have been rockin’ many creative styles courtesy of mother natures blow dryer. It seems to attract attention because people are always staring and commenting on my new ‘do when I come in from recess supervision!

    The only other reason I can think that she turned us down was that she can’t make us pretty cuz’ we’re beautiful already – inside and out! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!! Hello to all in wonderful Winnipeg and glad to see you on the blog again Bill. I hope that Ken guy has made many comments about how great the apple trees look in the backyard. lol Take Care xoxoxox

    Hi Sherry so nice to hear from you. Shauna is loving it, the blue streaks have been replaced with a sort of lime green. She goes home every weekend and we are never sure what color to expect when she comes back.
    Now you are right, the Howdle sisters are already beautiful, outside and in. How could she improve on perfection. Now as for dad here, she must be still working on making me “pretty” as she has had a go at my hair.
    Really nice hearing from you

  3. Mel says:

    Indeed–how could she improve perfection!

    What a great opportunity for her–and for you and Vi. If some of her time is good—–MORE is better.
    Maybe she’ll paint your toenails again for ya if you ask nice! 🙂

    Good for her. And good for Jake–quite the big boy to let his ego get outta the way so she can chase that dream. I’m proud of ’em both!

    Oh–and thank Ken for us, please.
    I wonder if he’d accept a baseball bat as a show of gratitude…..*ahem*

    Hi Mel and thank you for this comment. You are so right the more the time the better. Now Mel, I noticed in your comment you agree with the comment there is no way to improve on perfection when it comes to the Howdle sisters, my cousins and you are right on with that. I noticed though that you didn’t comment on the fact Shauna is still working on me, hmm. lol.
    It has been years since she last put polish on my nails but you know what if it would help her in her course my hands and feet would still be there for her.

    • Mel says:

      LOL Didn’t think I needed to post the obvious, Bill. *laughing*

      ((((((((( Bill ))))))))

      Ohhhh…and all the pretty browns and golds of the season! Maybe every other nail? 😀

  4. Gloria Allen says:

    Hello Bill.
    Congratulations to Shauna. I know that course is very challanging, as my daughter Kate is taking it as well. Kate started in June. Not only her hair, but all of us in the house have benefited from her learnings. Our colors are changing. Thankfully, Kate is very good at covering “gray”! Hope Shauna continues to enjoy the course. The hairdressing profession has changed so much over the years, these young ladies will have lots of opportunities. As with anything, you have to keep current, and following new trends. Isn’t that what life is all about?
    Can I second Mel’s wonderful idea to present Ken with the baseball bat, in recognition of the outstanding tilling job he did. Brilliant!!!
    Only one week to Halloween (and the end of October)Yikes!!

    Hi Gloria, nice to hear from you. You are so right about the course being challenging as Shauna talks about the different lessons, well I just had no idea there was so much to it.
    Congrats to Kate and good for her, I hope she is enjoying as much as Shauna is.
    As to the bat, I can’t be giving that away, I have had to use it again.

    Take Care,

  5. Cat says:

    Wow, a live-in hairdresser would be a dream come true. Congrats to Shauna! And if she paints your nails we are going to need to see some pics!

    Hi Cat, if she paints my nails I will indeed put up pictures.

  6. Shauna says:

    hey all thanks for all the great comments I am enjoying every moment of school it is like a dream come true!!! I am blessed to have a great husband who is willing to give up his wife for the weeks while I am in school and words cant describe how i feel about having my dad and Vi take such good care of me while i am staying here dad drives me to school a few times a week so i can save on the parking fees which are not cheap downtown!!! and well anyone that has had VI’s cooking will know that i am not going hungry by no means!!! I am just loving it all but i will admit i do love going home on the weekends and i am looking forward to school coming to an end in May!!!

  7. Jill says:

    Uh Huh! Now we know why you didn’t post for awhile – Shauna must have been practicing on you again! LOL So glad you are doing well and it sounds like she’s doing what she needs to do to be happy – good for her!

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