Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Unexpected excitement

Had a bit of unexpected and unwelcome excitement last night. It was after midnight maybe 12:30 or so and I heard the distinctive beep beep beep of the chime on our home alarm system. The chime goes off anytime a door or window is opened even when alarm is not set or activated. The garage is detached from the house but it is also alarmed.

Now as it happens this has happened before. It seems a couple of times a year, memory guy is poking around in the back yard, has the walk in garage door open, gets distracted or what ever, goes in the house and forgets to close that door. hmm, going to have to do something about that guy. The wind will at times catch the door and slam it shut, causing the alarm to beep. Each time I grab my baseball bat and rush out into the back yard, to find nothing. It does not happen that often but still often enough that it is sort of routine. I go out check out the detatched garage find nothing, lock the door and come back inside.

Last night was a little different. The garage is in the back yard and it is dark back there. I was I suppose quite nonchalant about the whole thing until I got to maybe 15 feet of the open door. I thought I saw a flicker of movement inside the garage but it is just to dark to be sure. It was enough though to make me stop and take notice, not sure I waved the bat in the air to make its presence noticed and yelled, GET OUT OF MY YARD. Actually to my surprise a dark figure did dart out of the garage, running to the right away from me. Vaulted the fence into the neighbors yard and out on to the street. At the speed he was moving for me catching him wasnèt even a consideration.

I do not know if this was a single person or if there still may be someone in the garage. I know I am going to call the police but I also know I am not going to leave the garage area leaving a second person if there is one, free to help themselves to my stuff. I was a little nervous as to get to the light switch for the garage I had go into it and it was DARK. I did breath a big sigh of relief when I could see there was no one else.

Called the police filing a report and all What a time.


9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Unexpected excitement

  1. Gloria Allen says:

    Welcome Back Bill,
    Nice to read your posts again. Like Sherry, I too was worried about the Howdle girls visit! Glad you have recovered from whatever they did to you.
    We view things very differntly, I do not think heading out the back door with the baseball bat is such a great idea. Instintive, yes, smart, no! Not saying your not good with the bat, just that whose ever is not supposed to be in your garage may be tempted to pick up something METAL, and I think you would come out on the losing end. Thank heavens, (and several others) he/she decided to run away. Your guardian angel was clearly with you. Gosh, she works hard! As my kids say to me, “I’m just saying…….”

    Take care.

    Hi Gloria really nice to hear from you. We are cousins, you know me, I can be very protective of me and mine. When I first went out I really thought it would just be the wind blowing the door shut, as has happened in the past. But, yes I still would have gone even if I knew for a fact there was someone in the garage. 911 was called and the response time was in the area of 2 hours. I can understand and appreciate that, there is enough “serious” crime going on that a simple garage break in would not rate to high on the priority list. There is no way i could just sit in the house and watch out the back window as someone cleaned out the garage. What can I say your side of the family got all the brains.
    By stopping the 10 or 15 feet from the door, yelling and waving the bat around, I felt that who ever was in there would realize they had been discovered and look for an escape route. By standing that far back I gave him/her that route and thankfully they took it.
    Having your mother and two sisters here for those few days was wonderful. All are wonderful in every way, EXCEPT: when it comes to playing and beating me at crib. lol. I just hope they enjoyed the visit as much as I did

  2. Mel says:

    You didn’t……

    You did NOT.

    k….I love ya dearly, but if you do that again, I’M gonna take that bat and whack ya with it. IN broad daylight. And NOT in the garage.


    k….I mighta been a bit ‘reactive’–lemme pause a second or ten.


    (((((((((( Bill ))))))))))
    I’m gladder than glad that your ‘GET OUT OF MY GARAGE’ was effective this time. Clearly G-d takes really, really good care of you.
    But yaknow–Gloria has a very valid point.
    And I’m thinking the point of the alarm wasn’t for you to play Rambo–but for you and your loved ones to stay safe. In this country it’s 911. It’s a quick dial and a fast response. The alarm buys you a bit of time to do the call and to reposition yourself and your dearheart so you remain safe.

    JUST sayin’……

    (Thank you, G-d– for keeping Bill safe and for making the intruder a fast runner… Amen. )

    Mel, I thank you for the concern and 911 is an excellent option but response times can vary. I think Vi hid the bat on me as I lost it for a few days, geesh.

    • Mel says:

      *laughing* Well, I see she and I had the same solution in mind!

      You can link her up with me if she needs suggestions on better hiding placces. 😀

  3. Cat says:

    Yikes! I’m glad you scared him off and that he didn’t decide to try to put up a fight. I hope you don’t have any more excitement like that ever again.

    Thanks Cat, I hope for no more excitement like that, it does get the adrenaline flowing

  4. minashadow says:

    Just glad to see you back.

    Thank you I am glad to be back

  5. Freda says:

    The kind of scary stuff you react to instinctively. Glad it worked and that you are ok and back blogging. Every Blessing

  6. Lori says:

    Bill go to this site and listen to this beautiful and true song!

    Hi Lori, I thank you for sending this. Unfortunately my computer won’t let me watch it, gives me some sort of message about imbedding???? I will be getting one of my computer wizzards to figure it out for me. But thank you very much

  7. pattiredd says:

    Oh Bill, what are we all going to do with you?! I know you know that we know you won’t do that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    “It’s not always what you think it is,” comes to mind. These days I see many frantic people doing some pretty horrible things to each other in the name of “economic survival.” Now, I don’t know if that’s the total reason for the increase of crime in our particular area or not, but suspect so.

    There are more con-artist tricks, thefts, and crime going on right now than I can remember.

    Don’t YOU walk right into the middle of it, okay?! You have more blogging to do.

    Still, I think your baseball bat has a nice homey touch to it versus a 38 Special….when I was in my early 20s and single, I kept a nice wooden bat in the back seat of my car “just in case.” So, I smiled when I read about your weapon of choice!

    Hi patti, nice to hear from you. You are right I do have a lot more blogging to do.

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