Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Politicians

I was reading the newspaper today and read an article that left me just going, huh.

Over the next few days Canada is hosting both the G8 and G20 meetings. These are meetings of top world leaders. They get together as I understand it to meet and collectively come up with plans to address some of the major issues facing the world, poverty, climate change etc.. I think that is wonderful, open honest discussion with countries banding together to jointly address the issues of the world, GREAT. These meetings are held in conjunction with one another and span a combined total of 3 days. Now I do realize there will I am sure be many other meeting and such that do extend this 3 day time period. now I do wish these world leaders every success and I do hope they come up with action plans that all will implement to create a better world for us all.

OK, I think this is wonderful so what about it has me going, huh? Hosting this combined 3 days of meetings is costing the Canadian tax payers over a billion dollars. A billion dollars is a lot of money, $1,000,000,000.00. Now a good portion of that is going to security, we do want to ensure the safety of all that attend, fair enough. But still a billion dollars, geesh.Now as a Canadian tax payer I am more than willing to pay my share of that cost if something productive comes of that meeting and our world is as a result made a better place.

A thought just hit me as I am sitting here. I invite all of the world leaders to my house for a back yard BBQ. We will have burgers, potato salad and a couple of beer. Then as we sit around in our lawn chairs I will chair a meeting. In an informal meeting such as this there will be no need to try and impress anyone with big fancy political speeches, in fact with me as the chair none would be allowed. Just regular people talking.

Now this is kind of hard to describe in a way that makes possibly any sense. I am speaking from personal experience . I was a banker most of my working life. What I am trying to say very well may just apply to me, I don’t know. When I was in my branch of the bank, in my office, my mind set was how to service the clients in the very best way I could while staying within the prescribed guidelines. Now on numerous occasions I was called to attend meetings with numerous other managers etc.. I can look back now and realize my mind set changed to what I call “corporate” mode. I am not sure if that even makes sense, I know what I am trying to say but not sure how to express it.Now don’t take me wrong, customers were always top priority, it is just the way of thinking seemed to change. Does that make sense?

Now politicians I consider to be in a group of their own, far different or beyond any of my experiences. Now I mentioned politicians so I will use them as an example of what I am trying to say. Prior to being elected their peers are just regular people. Once elected their world changes as their peers are suddenly other politicians. OK, that is an arguable point but you know what I am trying to say. Over the course of time you have to wonder what that would do to a persons mind set.

Example, suppose President Obama of the US. visited Canada to meet with Prime Minister Harper. What would the mindset of each likely be, what would likely be the tone of the meeting. Now I have never been privy to such a meeting but I can only imagine each would likely speak in a relatively “guarded” manner. Each being aware of the fact they are representing their entire country while respecting the same of the other. I wonder as they would talk do they see the other only as the head of state of another country. Or, can they see another man sitting across the table from them, just another human being trying to do the best job he can for his country. I have to wonder how much more could be accomplished if say the G8 could just meet as a group of people, forget all the fancy speeches and formalities and just discuss the issues. Now I realize this is unlikely to happen as each leader does in fact have his/her own agenda, which is to promote and safeguard the issues as they relate to their own countries. Understandable yes, but still sad. Likely so much potential lost. I have to wonder how much of the meetings will be spent questioning the motives of the others to protect our own. How much will be left unsaid though fear of being misunderstood. I don’t know.

I ask any that may read this to think about how our own lives actually are very similar to this. Individually or as family groups don’t we generally act in the same way. We promote our own issues to make enough money to live a comfortable life. We safeguard our issues to protect ourselves and family. We are often fearful and suspicious of the motives of other, huh. How much is this affecting our own lives in both a positive or negative way? Let me know what you think?

Yikes, be glad of spell checker today!!!!


5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Politicians

  1. Jill Cooper says:

    Now wouldn’t that be something if everyone could be honest and let their guard down? I think a backyard BBQ sounds like a perfect setting. They could just cut through all the bulls**t and get down to it! And it would cost a heck of a lot less than a billion too. Great idea Bill!

  2. Mel says:

    Yes thank you–I’d even bring a melon bowl!
    And a bubble gun.

    Those guys/gals need to have more FUN! (just sayin’….)

    Yup, there’s motives and agendas. We all have ’em. And I do know about that ‘corporate hat’ that gets put on….it is a different way of thinking, a broader way of looking at what’s affecting whom. It’s not a bad deal, just ‘different’.
    It’s actually helped me to broaden my vision in other places, believe it or not.

    Yaknow, I’m constantly checking motives–especially my own. It’s hard to keep them ‘honest, pure, unselfish, loving’. And I mean HARD.
    Frankly, even when there’s nothing in it for me, there’s something in it for me. LOL

    But I don’t like automatically assuming unpure motives are going on for the other person, so I do a lot of questioning/whittling away to unearth what’s underneath.
    I operate a whole lot better when folks just say what’s true. I’m thinkin’ that’s true for a whole lotta people. 😉

  3. Ann says:


    You’ve certainly got a point, and yes, views can change and often do as people climb the ladder, for better or worse. Some improve their perspective, while others, unfortunately, sometimes do not. Frankly, having worked with the top hats, I can honestly say the biggest hurdle seemed that they became out of touch with what the lower levels were doing. For example, it was so easy to get a corporate jet, that the thought of a support person not being able to arrange their own vacation due to flying issues (cost, flights not available, etc.) astounded them. Others I met went all out to support their employees, and humbled me.

    Being around some of these meetings, though, I can honestly say that behind closed doors, they acted the same as you or I would do on a porch somewhere; it is in front of the cameras and lawyers that I see the most guarded behavior. I’ve seen them lay out all their suspicions of each other, their arguments, their concerns, their limits, their goals, etc., in the most unguarded fashion and in a way that was truly out to serve the people they represented and solve the issues at hand. Once the door opened, and the TV on, they became the formal self needed to retain the respect of their supporters and not hinder the goals they were hired to produce.

    The most INTERESTING thing you did post, in my opinion, is that we don’t do that with families and friends. Maybe because family and friends mean so much? Maybe because the fear or hurt or anger that might happen really is the cost? If you lose a position as a CEO of some corporation, you can hop on the bandwagon, call some friends, and get a new job; it is a blow but one that doesn’t last too long. Losing family or friends? Sometimes people don’t get over it.

    You’ve made me really think about that one; about how I act or don’t act. ( I have a lot of habits from my life so far, habits that don’t necessarily make for the best outcomes. I try to fix them as people point them out, but I honestly don’t know I am doing them.)

    The one thing that I have discovered most when talking to the average person, or even family member, is that they DO think they are being honest or open most of the time, if safety is not an issue. Often they just don’t understand each other and give up in frustration. Plain speaking for my sister is completely different than for myself. And sometimes, people don’t realize what made them say something, or even why they are doing it – it is just habit, what they learned, what they think is wanted, etc., and they don’t even question it any more.

    Perhaps we would be better if we could live only in the moment, feel each thing and respond as innocently as possible, almost like children – there is only now, this moment, this experience, and it is everything.

    Hi Ann, welcome to the blog and I thank you for leaving this insightful comment. It is never fair to paint all with the same brush as everyone reacts differently to events in life. I do have more to say on this but am short of time at this moment, I will be returning this afternoon or tomorrow and I hope to hear more from you.

  4. Freda says:

    A timely reminder to all of us about how we view one another, how we treat others, how we listen and how we behave. A lot to take in, but well worth it. I’m for the backyard and the potato salad thanks!

  5. Cat says:

    I tend to always assume that the other person’s motives are pure and that he or she is acting in good faith. I know that this sometimes works to my disadvantage, but I find that if I assume others have good motives and aren’t out to get me, life is much less stressful for me!

    It’s sort of like a topic I believe we’ve discussed on your blog before: someone cuts you off in traffic. Do you assume he’s trying to be a jerk, or do you assume he’s rushing to the hospital because his wife has been in an accident, or that he’s not paying attention because he’s just lost somebody close to him, or something along those lines? He may very well just be a jerk, but if you assume he cut you off because he’s in a difficult situation, you’ll be much happier and less stressed out!

    hi Cat, points well taken, I needed this today thank you

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