Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Bill Yoga

Had a doctors appointment yesterday. I am feeling fine, it was just to get refills on my regular prescription medications. He surprised me, telling me it was time for the rubber glove treatment, yuck.

Several months ago I started something new, well new for me, yoga. I have used meditation as a relaxation tool for years, the yoga poses though are something new to me. Now any that know me, I am sure have instantly had some sort of comical image conjured up in their heads picturing me down on the floor attempting the various poses. Well the visions of comical images are very likely correct. Correct to the point what I am doing I am not even sure if it still actually counts as being yoga. Maybe, I am creating a new form of Bill yoga. lol. But, none of that matters, I enjoy it, I am getting some exercise, and am becoming a little more flexible.Hey, perfection is not a requirement in life, that we try is. I am trying nothing else matters.

What really caught my attention though, well besides the fact that Sonya Dhillon is a very attractive lady, is that in it she shares some very inspirational, instructive messages on improving our lives and feeling better about ourselves. I would encourage you to check it out. Intimate Yoga, I get it on ONE, the mind,body and spirit channel

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Bill Yoga

  1. Jill Cooper says:

    I have fibromyalgia so it’s hard for me sometimes to do any kind of exercise. I started taking a restorative yoga class (mostly done sitting or laying on mats on the floor) and it’s amazing how wonderful it makes you feel. I’ve been away from it for several months but am going to start going again soon.

    Hi Jill, nice to hear from you. I am enjoying it but I might have to switch to the restorative joining you. I have a bad knee and the kneeling positions are difficult.
    Take care my friend

  2. Mel says:

    I’m all for whatever makes it easier and better for you.
    AS LONG as I don’t haffta indulge. LOL

    Seriously, been there, tried that–pass.
    I’ll take my walks to the park and terrorize the birdies. :-/

    <– is good at terrorizing! LOL

    Hey Mel, you enjoy those walks

  3. Tasneem R says:

    Well its good to hear that you too are a yogi even if you just practice meditation . As long as you enjoy the Bill Yoga , its worth it ! Bill Yoga! lol!
    You may try out this fun test,you’ll have amazing results ! –
    Yoga Personality
    Which school of yoga should you follow?

    Hi Tasneem nice to see you back. Hey, I well may have created a whole new style of yoga, “Bill” yoga as what I do certainly doesn’t look much likie the instructer is doing. lol

  4. Cat says:

    My older brother recently started doing yoga to help with back pain he’s been experiencing. He says that it really helps him a lot. I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying it and getting some benefit from it, as well!

    Glad it worked for your brother and I am trying

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