Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Self Image

Through meditation and just general thinking about it. I have come to realize through out most of my life, I have been my own worst enemy. Now I am no different than anyone else so I imagine that same would apply to many others. Now I know I have heard that same statement from others. So very often we know it but what are we doing about it.

We are so very often more critical of ourselves than we are of others, why? There are just dozens and dozens of example I could give of this self depreciating sort of thinking. It extends all the way to thoughts of not being good enough or unworthy.Now who is it that has made that call, made that decision that we are not good enough or unworthy? We have, we do it to ourselves!! somehow, we allow the world around us, the people around us to create our own self-image. We allow others to create the imagine in our minds of how we see ourselves, now think about it, how wrong is that? and why is it that it seems we can take on the negative so much easier than the positive?

When I really think of it, it seems so obvious the answers to a better, healthier, happier life all lie within us.We need to come to peace within ourselves, seeing ourselves for who we really are and not in the light of the image we have taken on from the world around us. Very easy to say but can be so hard to do. The biggest question is, are we at least trying to do something about that false negative image the world has handed us? Or, are we just sitting around wallowing in it, because we are not “good enough” or not “strong enough” to do anything about it? Even the longest journey or the hardest task begins with a first step. Why can’t today be the day you make that first step or another step in this recovery process?

I believe we are Spiritual Beings sent to this earth for a physical experience and to learn lessons in life. These lessons revolve around all the human emotions and feelings, love,  empathy, pity………. While we are here the Good Lord will place us in situations or present us with opportunities to learn these lessons. To learn these lessons “problems” are placed in our path, through which we can indeed learn and grow as people. Think about it, if we were placed in a live in which we just sailed calmly and pleasantly through it, how would we grow? Through out our entire lives we will be presented with similar opportunities to learn and grow until we finally get it. This learning and growing comes form within. Our worldly position has nothing to do with it, it is all within ourselves.

I have recently come to finally realize one of my lessons, or at least what it is. PRIDE. Now I don’t mean the boastful sort of pride. I mean the sort of pride, where you are to proud to ask for help when it is needed or to proud to accept it even if it is offered. I can look back over my life and see so very many times I was presented with the opportunity to learn how wrong being to proud to ask for or accept help. I can now see how very much harder I made my own life with the stubborn, I can handle it myself attitude, I don’t need help. I mean asking for help would be a sign or weakness or incompetency, wouldn’t it? Geesh, was I wrong, it is but a sign of being human.

The opportunities to learn this lesson have followed me all of my life, right up to and including the present. Over the past years failing health has forced me into the position where I must ask for help, be somewhat dependant on others. I am a slow learner, it has taken me a long time to get here and I still struggle with it, but I am learning. We all need help at times seeking it is not a sign of weakness but a sign of being human.

When it comes to self-worth, there is no one in this world that is better than I am and I am no better than anyone else, period!!!

Babies come into this world as the complete package not one better than the next. How they grow and develope is a different story, each surrounded by the world they live in with all of its self reflecting images.

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Self Image

  1. Freda says:

    It’s hard to accept help from others and even harder to ask for it. But one of life’s great lessons. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Mel says:

    Every once in a while people get to concerned that I’m ‘too hard on Mel’. Not so. Inventory taking isn’t an indicator of my worth and value or of my esteem. I used to get caught up in that merry-go-’round and I’m glad I got off. It was a tough one wrapping my head around it for a while. I think I got it when I received the message that Hitler was loved like Mother Teresa was loved–no more, no less. His children’s value just IS. Inventory taking–taking a look at what I’m doing in reference to the principles I choose to live by is a growth thing…not a depreciating thing.
    I don’t do it perfectly–I just wanna do it more effectively. 🙂

    The bottom line for me is I was made in His image–and I’m more than ‘enough’ exactly as is. Wanting to be more effective in the lives of others is my deal (though I don’t believe He disapproves…LOL). Do I get grumbly about physical attributes I have–yup. Oh well. LOL I’m thinkin’ Mother Teresa didn’t like her waistline either. 😉

    (btw–we can get better at ‘letting others help us’ together…. LOL After you!) 😉

  3. Cat says:

    “I mean the sort of pride, where you are to proud to ask for help when it is needed or to proud to accept it even if it is offered.”

    Oh, that is something I struggle with! I hate to ask for help and I hate to receive help or sympathy. It always makes me uncomfortable, but I don’t know why. I should really examine that.

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