Dying Man’s Daily Journal – The storms of life.

I am a bit of a “gimp” and so do have a lot of spare time on my hands. Different thoughts rattle around this old hear of mine. I know my days are in deed numbered. I don’t know that that number of days is. I do know that what ever number of days I do have, will in the end not be enough. As I sit here thinking, I realize that I am sure applies to almost everyone. No matter how many days we are gifted with on this earth as it draws to a close we will wish for and want more days.
That sadly is largely out of our hands. Lives do have an expiration date. That is an unchangable fact it is an inevitable fact for everyone of us.

We though are not entirely powerless in this whole process. We can’t change the end result but we can change what we do with our time, how we live out lives, right up until that last moment when ever it may be. So very many times I have written live life don’t just endure it. I imagine everyone would agree that is a wonderful idea but how do you get to do it? Life is so very hectic these days. We are all  caught up on the frantic treadmill of life. It seems every moment of every day is already stretched to the breaking point as we struggle to just get through each day. I know I did that for years and years.

I don’t knowhow to word this so it makes sense. Being told you are dying can be a “good” thing. Now by good, I mean it really gives your head a shake and opens your eyes. It opens your eyes in that suddenly you see things differently.You are better able to really see the priorities in your life. OK, the dying part kind of sucks but the experience of having your eyes really opened and to be able to see life as it really is, is wonderful. I do know I certainly would have lived much of my life differently if in the past I had been able to see things as I do today. Can we learn from the mistakes of others, yes. Will we learn, I don’t know, that is up to the individual.

I have this saying bouncing around in my head, I am not sure where I got it. I am sure it is to good to be a Bill original, ah who knows.

Faith will not necessarily help you avoid the storms in life, it will though teach you to dance in the rain. As we travel the highway of life we will indeed encouter storm after storm, issue after issue, problem after problem. That is life and in that way it is no different for any of us,. The individual issues will differ but over all the journey is about the same. The only difference is how we weather those storms, are we devastated or have we learned to dance in the rain.

When I say devastated that may be too strong a word for a lot of situations, but you get the idea. I am talking about the trivial little issues in life that just seem to hit us the wrong way.We get all fired up and allow it to spoil our day. The sort of thing that in 3 months you aren’t even going to remember it anyway. OR, do we just think, “well that is kind of annoying but oh well it isn’t that big a deal.” We carry on to enjoy our day. We make the best of a situation.

There are thousands of example I could use. I will pick just one that could very well be a big one for many.

Suppose you have a job, any job, it doesn’t matter, but you just hate it.You hate it so much you dread going to work everyday, you are miserable every moment of every day. Well the obvious answer would be start looking around and get yourself a different job.
What do you do though if for anyone of hundreds of reasons, financial, location or whatever, getting a different job is simply out of the question and yes there are such reasons. What do you do then.

Change what you can and I do mean what you can and learn to live with or accept the other. If you find there is something you simply must live with, learn to live with it. Try to make the best of it, learn to dance in the rain. Some times all we can change is ourselves and our own attitudes. I used the job situation as an example but this applies to virtually ever area of our lives, attitude is key. We ourselves decide if we are living life or enduring it. What are your thoughts?

Wow, be glad I used spell checker today


9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – The storms of life.

  1. Frank says:

    Just want to show my respect and my best wishes to u, sir. I am 27 years old and I maybe dying now as well ( since I have not got the result from the Doc, I am not sure). You are certainly a very wise man knowing how to face most of problems in the life and I agree with u about in the end of day, all the matter is how to live, how to view and how to feel the world. The death is never a bad thing for all of us since it is part of life. The only question is when we are going to focus on the really life insteading worrying about other illusions like money, like reputation, like many things…

    For me, if I am really dying, I should OK with that. I mean 27 years old is a little bit young but I guess I do not have choice.The only hard part of this is to share this information with my family, my parents.I guess that is why I left the comments on your blog: sometimes dying is not problem, but dying alone could be hard.

    Thanks for listening and best wishes to u.

    Hello Frank and welcome to the blog. I am sorry to hear of your potential medical issues. You are in my prayers for your peace of mind and for the upcoming doctors results. Waiting for news litke this is hard, I know that is exactly what I am doing at this time.
    Facing death is a “HUGE” burden on the spirit, facing it alone magnifys that burden tremendously and my heart goes out to you. I am glad you found the blog here. Please know you are very welcome to share any and all thoughts and feelings. If you choose to do so I am sure you will find a wealth of loving support coming your way, just as I have.Many are here that will I am sure support you so that you do not have to face this alone.
    I wish you well my friend and do hope to hear more from you. I hope you don’t mind but I will be emailing you directly.
    You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

    • Mel says:

      (((((( Frank )))))))

      I’ll pray for good results, sir. And for loving people to walk through this stormy moment with you.

  2. Afia says:

    Love your words here – very relevant to me right now. Thank you…….Its given me alot to think about.


    hi Alfia. I thank you for the kind thoughts. I hope what ever your issue is that it works itself out quickly. We must as hard as it is at times remember things happen, “In God’s time not our time”. For me I know there are many times when I wish things could be hurried along. Please keep in touch.

  3. babychaos says:

    Very true, my maxim is the same; ergo that you can’t control what happens to you in life but you CAN control the way you react. Not reacting very well to life at the moment! 😉 But I’m working on it!

    Wise words… thank you.



    Hey there BC, all any of us can do is keep working at it. Practice makes perfect, I must be a slow learner as do I ever need a lot of practice.

  4. starlaschat says:

    That’s funny about the spell checker. Some days it’s a lot of red lined words. Life is full of opportunities disguised as something else. I often take time to look whether I’m feeling happy or sad to ask myself to look deeper and if I’m in the mood even deeper at a situation there’s always a gift to find when I ask. For all the Season’s even the difficult storms and dancing in the rain is wonderful way to look at things. Thank you for the gift to remember to be present always, to not be mindlessly sleep walking through life. Glad your back.;+)

    Hi starlaschat, great comment. “Life is full of opportunities disguised as something else.” It is something to always remember and to try to look past the disguise to see and take advantage of the opportunity.

  5. Mel says:

    Yup–me and my attitude! Some day’s it’s better than others. It’s always good for me to arrive here and get that adjusted by what you share.

    I do agree with you, yaknow.
    And because I’m such a control freak, I take issue with giving the control over my attitude to another person–which is something close to what I did yesterday.

    I’m sure I looked a bit strange, muttering up the stairwell about how silly it was to do that. Even sillier, I suppose when I landed at my destination, singing the rubber tree plant song.
    ‘Specially cuz I’m a rotten singer…..LOL

    (((((((((((((( Bill )))))))))))))))
    Hug often.
    Smile at everyone.

    I’m gonna go splash in some puddles now! 🙂

    Mel,I wish I could have been there to hear you muttering you way up the stairs. You are an example for us all, you gave yourself the needed attitude adjustment and came out of the stairway singing. Good for you my friend.
    It is raining here right now and somehow jumping in the puddles sounds like a pretty good idea. If I come back into the house tracking muddy water all over the floor I am going to blame you. lol.

    • Mel says:

      Oh suuurrrreeeee……..blame me! LOL

      It’s a good thing Vi’s such a forgiving, loving woman. 😛

      ((((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))))

      I’ll top your puddle jumping! Yesterday I stood under the overflowing gutters and got a good drenching….cuz I could!
      And THEN I splashed in the puddles.
      I mean, how much wetter could I have gotten….. LOLOLOL

      Yup, you got blamed.

  6. Freda says:

    Two much needed lessons, (this post and the one following) – I needed to hear both of these as I can sometimes react badly to events surrounding someone who is much challenged in life and much loved….. It helps to know that there are some things I cannot make better, and that these bad times just have to be accepted, otherwise the alternative kicking and screaming makes things worse for everybody. Sorry I can’t be more specific. I really just wanted to say thanks for your thoughtful way of sharing things with your readers.

    Hi Freda, it is tough being forced to watch others go through their own challenges. We want to just jump in there and fix things the way we want them to be. The Serenity prayer comes to mind: God, grant me the serentity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdome to know the difference.It is that knowing the difference that is so very often the challenge. Accepting the fact that when it comes right down to it, we are the only ones we can change. We can change our thinking and our attitude. That is true but for me I know I don’t always like it but am learning to accept it.

    My prayers are with you my friend.

  7. Cat says:

    Great post, Bill! The job example is a very good one — I’ve been in that situation a time or two. I try to make this my attitude in life, as well — change what you can change, and make the best of what you can’t.

    Sending good thoughts and prayers for Frank! I hope you receive good news from your doctors.

    Hi Cat you are right on: chand what you can change and make the best of what you can’t. Still waiting for word from the doctors.

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