Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I am content – God is with me

Vi and I both thank all for the prayers and kind wishes sent our way. I am at home and am doing fine.

Spent Thursday afternoon at the hospital again as they did more tests. The doctors are going to get all the test results together and from that decide on a course of action. They are to contact me next week some time setting up an appointment to go in to see them. I really am a lucky man that we have such a wonderful free health care system in this country, without it I know I would have been dead long ago. I am comfortable with this whole issue, I have prayed about it and placed it, myself and family all in God’s hands. What better place could we possibly be? I know He will guide my doctors to the right course of action for me. Now it is up to me to “patiently wait to hear what that decision is.

I haven’t been at the computer all that much in the past week or so. It is very heart warming and gratifying to see how our little community here has held together.
Continuing to provide loving support for others that may need it at the time.. I do thank you all so very much. I ask for special prayers please for Cat and her father, Betty and her husband. It is truly wonderful to see my blogging friends banding together ready to help others in their time of need.

I sit here feeling quite content actually, at peace with myself and the world. Now don’t get me wrong here, “according to Bill”, I still have another 10 or 15 years of blogging left in me.If though that is not God’s plan for me, I can deal with that,my family though I worry about.

Now it might be asked, you are facing possibly some very high risk medical procedures, how can you feel content with your life as it is? The answer to that is easy. I have a good life, a life in which I am surrounded by loving family and friends. What more could I ask for? OK,there is this whole health thing, how do I deal with that? The answer to that is also easy. I look back over my life. It most certainly hasn’t always been a “bed of roses”. There have been times when the situation just seemed hopeless.I was in a field of woe to which there just seemed to be no way out. I prayed about it and some how a path just seemed to open up before me, leading me past the issues of the time.

Our Heavenly Father has led me as He has for all of us, led me through some what I saw at the time, pretty horrific circumstances. He was there with me then, why would He not be here with me now?

I like to blame it on this memory of mine. There are so many times when in the heat of the moment, so to speak, I forget that God is with me. Some times, most times I seem to need a few days to quiet my mind enough to remember this big fact.


3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I am content – God is with me

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Glad to hear that you are back at home and are waiting for the next steps. Your posts certainly spark reflection on my part.

    God bless you and your family.

  2. Mel says:

    Yup. G-d is with you…and FOR you.
    Always has been.
    Always will be.

    (((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))

    You’ve been missed (some….the rest of the time I was toastin’ marshmallows…..). 😉

    Oh…..’wait’ is always such a fun thing!
    k…maybe not….but it gives you time to putz around in the garden and smile at the flowers.

  3. Cat says:

    So glad to see you posting again! Thank you so much for the prayer request for my dad. He was back in the hospital yesterday with a kidney stone — his second one in a matter of weeks — so he is really not feeling well at all, but he says it did make him forget all about his heart surgery for awhile! He’s back at home today and was very tired when I saw him this afternoon, but I think he is doing well all things considered. And he was feeling up to showing me his scars — a very impressive one on his chest, and a very, very black-and-blue one on his leg where they took one of the veins for the bypass. Now if only I can get him to stay out of the hospital for awhile…

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