Dying Man’s Daily Journal – New Page – Favorites of Bill’s ramblings.

I received a comment from Derek,yesterday, that has me feeling flattered, humbled and a little embarrassed.

Derek has suggested/requested in a very nice way that I set up an additional page on the blog. Derek rightfully points out I have made over 800 posts. He suggests some contain life lessons but that they are scattered throughout the entire blog and that as the blog does contain so very many posts many may not read back. I understand that, I am sure not many would want to take the time to read that many of my ramblings.

This additional page is to allow, you my blogging friends to copy of repost any of my ramblings that you may have found helpful in some way. Anything that may be helpful I am willing to do even if putting up a post like this is a little embarrassing for me.

I invite any of my blogging friends to do just that. Check out the page and if you do indeed have a post in mind please share it. If you are comfortable doing so also please tell me why or how you found it to be helpful. Ok Derek, there you have it and geesh asking this is embarrassing. I suppose though having any “life lessons” I have been able to pass on all together in one spot makes sense.


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – New Page – Favorites of Bill’s ramblings.

  1. regina says:

    This is a great idea! When I come across something that hits me in a certain way…makes me think…or rethink something I cut them out and tape them in my jouurnal. It’s nice to have reminders of life’s lessons. 🙂

    Thank you Regina, anything you might want to share will be appreciated and it most certainly doesn’t have to be from my blog.

  2. Mel says:

    Well now–that Derek is a smart fella.
    And I’ll note he’s a ‘go back and read’ one as well. LOL Now, granted, when I landed there weren’t 800 to read..but even then–well worth the effort, sir.

    Great idea!
    Thanks Derek–and thank you sir, for going with it.
    I think it’s brilliant. 🙂

    Thanks Mel. Mel you have been a blogging friend for a long time. I am sure long enough that you know I am a little embarrassed asking peopleto post “the best” of my writings. But again you know me well enough to know a little embarrassement is something I can live with. Now your blog should have something like this.

  3. slamdunk says:

    I like the concept.

  4. Tasneem R says:

    Over 800 posts ! Great work Bill ! Yes will surely read your older posts ..

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