Dying Man’s Daily Journal – CPR on a bird????

Feeling pretty good today. Don’t know what happened yesterday afternoon bu my blood sugars took a dive, that is no fun.

I was entering our house and was still outside on the front step. I heard a thump sound beside me. I looked over in time to see a small song bird of some type down on the ground very close to where I was standing. It had obviously flew into and hit our big living room window. Now I thought this poor little guy had flown into the window and knocked himself out and in a few minutes would wake up and take off again. Likely with a big time headache???

I thought though as we have a number of cats that seem to just roam free in the neighborhood maybe I would just sit there for a few minutes to keep them away from the little guy until he did wake up. I sat down on the step even said a little prayer for my little bird friend.  Now I don’t wear a watch. Time is very important to me but the exact time of day is something I really don’t care about, well unless I have a doctors appointment or something like that. Anyway, I don’t know how long I sat there but I am guessing about 5 minutes and still no movement from my little friend. I start to wonder, geesh, if a bird gets knocked out, how long does it take for it to wake up? No idea.

I start to think, maybe I should check on the little bird. It was small enough that it fit into the palm of my hand. I am thinking maybe if I gently pick it up, I might be able to feel a heart beat or something. Can you feel a birds heart beat? NO idea, but I am worried about the little guy and who knows, I can at least try to do something.

As gentlely as I can I pick it up. It does fit easily into the palm of my hand  but I can feel nothing, no movement or anything at all. By now I am guessing about 10 minutes has passed and I am really feeling sad for this poor little thing.Now my family can attest to the fact I do sometimes come up with the most “unusual” ideas. By this time I am convinced the poor little thing is dead. The thought comes to me, you can do CPR on a human, why not on a bird? OK, how would you do that? I decide, I Already have this poor little thing in my hand, maybe  if I gently squeeze on the body, my fingers on the chest area, it might work??? Well I can try.

I start doing that. As i am doing that I realize the birds beak is open a little bit. In doing CPR on a human, you blow into their mouth. Huh, I am not about to attach my mouth to the bird’s beak but as it’s beak if partially open, maybe I can just blow into it from an inch or so away. So there I sat for another 5 minutes or so alternating between rapid gentle “chest” compressions and them blowing in its face. Nothing, I realize I have lost my “patient”.

I put the poor little thing in the garage. It would be out of the elements and the wandering cats still on the chance it was just knocked out from the run in with the window. I returned numerous times over the next couple of hours each time hoping to see it up and about but it was not to be. In the mean time I had checked the front window and could see quite a smear with a lot of tiny feathers obviously where it had collided.

I just hope I didn’t in fact kill the poor little thing  with my CPR actions. I hope not my intentions were good.  Does anyone know if such a thing can actually be done?


5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – CPR on a bird????

  1. Mel says:


    I don’t know, Bill. But I gotta love ya for trying! Seriously.
    Poor birdie…..

    ((((((( Bill ))))))) Bless your heart.

    I’m glad to hear it’s a bit better for you, today.
    Not so glad to hear about the birdie, though….poor thing….

    hi Mel, it wasn’t really such a big deal. I tried but keep hoping within myself I didn’t end up maybe doing more harm than good. All you can do I guess is try your best as you see it at the moment

  2. slamdunk says:

    Yes, I give you an A+ for your concern and for trying.

    Thank you my friend

  3. summerrain63 says:

    I dont know about Cpr and birds but this story reminds me just how deeply kind some people are….and yes…I am talking about you…such a lovely story I was so hoping the little bird would up and fly away….thank you for sharing this…

    glad you feel better today….smiles

    summerrain, I thank you so much you are being to kind. I was also hoping the little bird would just wake up and fly away.

  4. starlaschat says:

    That is a sweet story. It’s amazing how fragile and small wild birds can be. I don’t know if CPR is possible on birds it sure seems like it could be. Good out of the box thinking.

    They are so small and fragile and beautiful.

  5. Cat says:

    Oh, Bill, I’m so sorry the little birdie didn’t make it. The poor thing’s neck was probably broken and I doubt you could have saved it but I am so glad you gave it a try. I had a similar incident several years ago as I was leaving the office one afternoon. A bird flew smack into one of the parking garage windows just as I was walking past. I sat with it and petted it gently until it passed. Then I went back inside and tearfully informed the security guard that there was a dead bird in the parking garage. I like to think I at least gave the poor little some comfort in his last moments. I think you did the same for your little birdie. You’re a very good man, Bill.

    Hi Cat, you are to kind but I do appreciate the thought. The you are a good person comment goes right back to you. The way you comforted that bird says so much about you as a person.

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