Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spirit within Me

Didn’t sleep so well last night and am not feeling so spry with my real wonkie head going on. Instead of getting into one of my long rambling posts instead I ask all to look at row of titles that run across the top of this post.These titles are each for a separate page I have set up for the blog. there are the titles “my story”, “Spirit within Me”, About and “Helping our families”. In my own mind anyway these pages are important. I invite all to click on these individual pages and read their purpose. It seems I have sadly neglected them in this past while.

The “Spirit within Me” is a favourite of mine. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

****hey no typos*****


2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spirit within Me

  1. braonthree says:

    Bill, I hope you will keep writing when you have the energy. Never apologize for being a regular person writing about facing death. I wish more regular people would write blogs about all KINDS of things we all have to deal with: divorce, job loss, illness, etc. The things that cause so much pain and struggle, which in amerikan society we are now taught are subjects only for the doctor’s office or the therapist’s office, and not for bringing to society in general. I hope you’re feeling well today.

    hello braonthree and welcome to the blog. I am feeling much better today than yesterday. I agree with you journalling/blogging is wonderful and has so very many possitive benefits, I would encourage all to do so on what ever they wish.

  2. Mel says:

    (((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))))

    Some days are better than others, eh.

    And I’m guilty of not hitting the tabs…I own it!
    BUT…..I make note nightly what I did that was unselfish/loving.

    k….how’s that for my ‘please excuse Mel for not following through’ pass?

    I’ll plan my sneaky venture in kindliness now! LOL

    Hi Mel, I will look forward to hearing about your “sneaky venture”

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