Dying man’s Daily Journal – Heaven is open to all Faithes

Yesterday, Karl left  me an interesting question in his comment. Is Heaven reserved only for Christians?Well in long winded rambling Bill style I started to reply. the reply was getting so long I decided to switch it to a post where I have the benefit of spell checker. My one remaining memory cell clicked in, I might have a partial post on this topic saved already. I was right, not exactly on topic but I am going to try to blend them together.

I am amazed how we as a people are drawn to news of doom and gloom. This includes me as this past while I have watched a few TV shows that are predicting the possible end of the world or rather are documenting various predictions made by individuals as to when this will happen. According to these predictions we face Armageddon or the end of the world in Dec. 2012, or 2060, or during our life time. i actually google the topic how many times has the end of the earth been predicted. There were dozens and dozens or this predictions of times that have come and long since gone. Memory guy here, I think the first predictions as only 50 or 60 years after the death of Jesus. So many predictions and yet we are still here, huh.

Well not to be left out, I am going to make my own prediction of when the world will end. To me it is simple it all related to the sun. in time the sun will in fact burn out. Now that could leave us a little cold. Now I don’t want to get into debating all of the scientific data involved with this and I understand non of it. But, from the sites I visited scientific estimations seem to vary between 4 1/2 – 6 BILLION years from now. Based on this I predict our planet will be here for at least another 3 BILLION years. Ok that is the physical earth. I believe mankind will be here for that same length of time that is unless scientists have developed space travel to the extent we have all move upward and outward.

I do not believe though that mankind can survive another 3 billion years on this planet in the manner in which we are going. Those same TV shows talk to predictions of Armageddon, the anti-christ, horrific wars so many bad things that ultimately herald the return of Jesus. God, I see as being a very loving and forgiving Father i can’t help be see the return of Jesus as being anything but a wonderful beautiful thing. I have prayed and asked for Him to return many times. Help us lovingly straighten out this mess we have made of the world on our own. I believe that God loves each and every person on this planet as one of His children. That pesky free will thing of ours does at times let His children act out. But I can not imagine that with His capacity for pure love and forgiveness, that any of His children are loved more or less than the next.

Found another partial saved post that sort of relates to this topic, not sure how long ago it was I wrote this.

I have to write things down or I quickly seem to forget to much:

I watched an interesting TV documentary a while back. On the program they were interviewing leaders of  I think all of or at least most of the major religions in the world. I remember there was a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, Buddhist. I am sorry if I have forgotten others. included also in the group was a Muslim extremist and it was interesting to hear his views. All religions and faiths do have their extremists. The basis of the program was of how some of the various religions are trying to reach out to the others to allow us to live together. Now wouldnt’ that be wonderful. One particular question asked of the religious leaders was: When you get to Heaven to you expect to see members of other faiths there also. Over whelming the answer was yes, with 2 notable hold outs. The Muslim extremist was animate that only Muslims would get to Heaven. Now I have to say I was surprised when the mainstream Christina leader was just as adamant that only Christians would get to Heaven. It caused me to take pause and think. We in the West seem to typically frown on or even look down at the extremist Muslim core beliefs. Now I have to wonder are not our main stream Christian beliefs the same. Individually thinking only our group is the right on and will get to Heaven. I am just talking core beliefs and don’t want a big issue over activities bombings etc.

I wonder, If Jesus were to return tomorrow to lead his chosen to Heaven. Within Christianity there are hundreds maybe thousands of different churches. Each preaching basically the same message but each with its own little twist. There are millions of devote Christians attending church and living the very best Christian life they can. They pray to and worship the same God, what could make one more acceptable than the next. That is assuming equal lives are lived with the only difference being the particular Christian church they attended. I believe the role of each church is to guide and lead us t0 live the best lives we can and from which individual church we learn that does not matter.

For what I am saying let’s recognize each religion, each faith has it’s own extremists. It is difficult as it is in fact the extremists that get all the press. But, let’s take them out of the equation. The extremist of any faith are the tiny majority let’s try and put them out of our minds for the time. That leaves us with the vast majority of people in this world.

People, just plain people no different than I am. Each trying to be the best person they can with what they are given. Cultures may vary, languages may vary and even religious practices and beliefs may vary but we are just people all of whom God loves as His own. God does not see skin color, nor the shape of the eyes. I believe God will only see the heart contained with any person, irregardless of anything.

Wow, Karl I used up two previously saved partial posts and added a little more today. Heaven is open to all.

Thank God for spell checker

5 Responses to Dying man’s Daily Journal – Heaven is open to all Faithes

  1. regina says:

    Hi Bill – i came across your blog last week, while searching for something to help me cope. my boyfriend is dying and has decided to not tell anyone. he is off enjoying life…his bucket list i suppose. he has shut me out of his life…apologizing for dragging me into his mess and suggests i just hate him. as awful as i feel for myself…i grieve for him. reading your words have brought me peace. describing grief as waves on the beach is so true. i am trying to adapt and process my new life and you are helping me. i pray for you and thank you.

    Hi Regina, welcome to the blog and I do thank you for taking the time to leave us your so touching and painful message.
    Regina, in my usual style in responding to your comment I got onto one of my real rambles. I do seem to like to ramble. I transfered my response over to put up as todays post, there I have the benefit and advantage of spell checker, which is a very good thing.
    Also though I feel the point you have raised about your situation is one that others are going though.I seem to have tuckered myself out and need my nap.
    You are in my heart thoughs and prayers.

  2. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    It’s interesting that you did a post on today’s topic at our church. We were asked to contemplate what the world would be like if we followed Jesus’s simple suggestion: Love one another. Think about it…No wars, no famine, no need for arms, no greed, etc. I know that’s utopian thinking, but the possibilities are outstanding. I guess we need to start somewhere so…think globally and act locally. Can’t we just try to get along with our neighbours? with our own family members? with the crossing guard? with the the teens that live across the street? with the local merchant? with those that think and act differently to what we’re comfortable with? etc. etc. It sounds so easy and yet it’s such a challenge!
    Thanks for the food for thought, Wiseman.

    if we could only get along with everyone, wouldn’t that be wonderful. I guess all we can do is our own little part, our best in our little part of this world.

  3. Jill Cooper says:

    You said: I don’t believe mankind can survive another 3 billion years the way we are going (or something similar – I have a short memory these days LOL). And I think that is exactly the point of the ‘world ending’. I agree with you. If everyone doesn’t begin treating others as they should be treated and treating our earth with care and kindness – we won’t be around much longer.

    Hi Jill, we all have to start changing the world, maybe it can begin with us.

  4. Mel says:

    Wow, Bill. Spell check only corrects spelling–ah, but if it would only correct faulty thinking…

    Perhaps I’m the one with the faulty thinking….but I cannot see my G-d checking religions/heights/weights/skin colours/or even deeds and saying “You’re in…….but YOU–notsomuch….g’way!!”

    The idea that even Hitler is loved by My G-d put me in my rightful ‘no better/no worse’ spot.
    We’re all children of G-d, we each have a right to be here….and there with Him. While He might celebrate the pretty pictures we hand Him, He doesn’t ‘smite’ me for making a fine mess of stuff.
    It’s not a rarity for me to hear “My child is angry–and that’s okay.” Withholding love out of anger isn’t His deal….I try not to make it mine. I don’t do that 100%, 100% of the time. I’m not G-d. I’m just one of His kiddos who doesn’t DO perfectly. My ‘just rewards’ come from simply being one of His kiddos. I cannot act my way into His heart….or out of it.

    “Love one another as I love you.”

    I keep trying!! LOL

    Anyway…I’ll quit rambling and just say “I’m with Irene!!”

    Just my humble belief, sir.

    Now–Excuse me while I exit humming the Beatles “All Ya Need Is Love”…

    Mel, right on “All we need is love”. We all have it within us, we just have to learn how to spread it around. I know you my friend are well ahead of many in knowing that.

  5. Cat says:

    It always bothered me when I was a kid to think about people going to hell because they didn’t believe in Jesus — which is what my church taught. I would think about people in remote cultures, like say, remote tribes in Africa or South America, for example, who never even had the opportunity to hear about Christianity or any other religion. The idea that they’d go to hell for not believing in God when they never even heard of God did not sit well with me at all. Yep; I’m with you guys. Heaven is open to all.

    It has to be open to all, how can it make any sense to be otherwise.

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