Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Posting less

I will likely be posting less in the next while. Saw my family doctor today. He feels with the symptoms I am experiencing the old brain tumor may be acting up a little. Finding it very hard to concentrate on anything. I WILL BE BACK


20 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Posting less

  1. Mel says:

    Okay….that’s it!
    I’m gettin’ kinda grumpy about this stuff, Bill…..

    Yeah, yeah. I know–changes nothing. It still gets to be what it is. And we do what we need to do with whatever gets placed in front of us, to the best of our abilities–one day at a time.
    I don’t haffta like it. ….just sayin’…..

    Now that I’ve grumbled (good thing I have a loving G-d, huh? LOL) I can let go and let Him do what He does best…..love and care for us.

    (((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))

    You do what you need to do.
    We’ll keep showing up cuz it’s what we do……cuz….you matter to us. (yeah, yeah….bordering on gooshy, but there ya have it!!)

    LET people do for you, eh?
    And know you’ve got bunches and lotsa prayers and healing, peace-filled thoughts being sent your way.

  2. Jill Cooper says:

    Bill, you will remain in my prayers. Big hugs!

  3. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    I’m with Mel. Do what you have to do and we’ll be here waiting and praying.
    Peace be with you, Wiseman.

  4. babychaos says:

    I’ll be thinking of you. Take care you.

    God bless.


  5. Gloria says:

    Hi Bill,
    Take good care of yourself.
    We are thinkingabout you.

  6. Betty says:

    Hi Bill,

    Yes, “You Will Be Back”, but in the meantime know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Take care.


  7. shirley brault says:

    Hi Bill! Take a break! Rest up! We are coming, you will need your strength to finally take the ‘championship of the world’ Looking forward to seeing you next week!


  8. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Dear Bill,

    I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime. I appreciate your depth of character and spirit. I will be sending healing prayers your way.


    Mary Elizabeth

  9. Jaymie says:

    Ditto on all of the above – sending prayers and healing thoughts while awaiting your return.

  10. Doraz says:

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you!

  11. Mel says:

    Somehow, I find GREAT solace in knowing Shirley’s showing up to take you on for the ‘championship of the world’ challenge.

    Okay…I might use the term ‘challenge’ loosely.

    Thank you, Shirley!

    (I’m rootin’ for ya, Bill–for the ‘championship of the world’ and for the battle of the brainfuzzies!)

    (((((((((( Bill )))))))))))

  12. Juanita says:

    Dear Bill,
    You are in my prayers, heart and thoughts.
    Take care and have faith.

  13. Maria says:

    Hi Bill…

    I am glad to hear that you are still alive.. I dont know what i would do .. if given a few years to live.
    I think i would make peace with those around me..who care’s who’s right or wrong.. somehow it just wound’nt matter anymore..make peace with those you love Bill.. I will be praying for you .. Maria Larra

  14. Tasneem R says:

    Ahh Bill ..that’s sad to hear…yes plz be back soon .. take care and all will be fine with you..

  15. Joy says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thinking of you…and praying for you always..

    Have Faith..

  16. cocorue says:

    hey Bill,
    i leave you for a bit and now we’re playing ‘hide & seek!’

    yo Bill, you’re a fighter and i’ll be thinking of you


  17. Mel says:

    (((((((((( Bill )))))))))))

    Yup–just checking in and sending more prayers and positive, peace-filled thoughts….

    And giving thought to a strategy you can use in that cribbage game for the championship of the world, of course. 🙂

  18. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    Hope you’re resting up! Get well wishes, prayers, peace, and light are all sent your way. The weather is perfect (at least for a few days) so enjoy the sun and go listen to some birds. I always love this time of year. Everybody is hopeful for the green grass, the flowers, and BBQs on the back patio. The mood is generally light and everyone is in happy anticipation. I probably ought to cleaning out/ cleaning up something, but I think I’ll go for a walk instead. Priorities, don’t ya know…
    Thinking of you often, Wiseman.

  19. planetcity1 says:

    I’m rootin’ for ya, Bill. Good luck with that upcoming championship cribbage match. 🙂

  20. Shervon says:

    Hello Bill,

    I just want you to know that you will be in my prayers. I dont know what your going through ,but I hope that you are loved and supported . Life is very hard at times and I think that your amazing for finding the strength to jornal and share.

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