Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Different pathes through life

The older I get, you would presume the “wiser” I get, WRONG.

When I was much younger, I “knew” the answers to everyone else’s problems. I have to even chuckle as I write this but, I suppose that would mean I was much “wiser” back then.lol. Today, I realize I don’t really “know” the answers to much at all. Maybe back then I saw the world as being more in black and white, it was cut and dry, either it was this way or it was that way. Now in between. Really I suppose it was my way or YOU ARE WRONG.

Every thing was black and white with no shades of gray in between. Now there is little that I can see other than those shades of gray. Very few things are as cut and dry as I once thought. There are two sides to every coin, two ways to look at everything.I am just talking about things in daily life,not crime or things like that.

I have come to realize another person is in fact not an extension of me. THey are living their own lives, as it should be.Living your own life is the most important, individual thing you can do. That may sound selfish, but if you really think about it, it is not. Living  your own life frees you from the need to put all th effort into putting on a false face of having to conform or bend to the wishes of others. There is so much precious time and energy wasted “pretending” to be someone we are not.

If we could some how learn to relax, be the person we really are, the person we really want to be. Think of all the time and energy we could save by not having to put on our false faces, we feel need to please others.

THere is the flip side to that coin. Relaxing and allowing others to be the people they want to be. Think of all the  time and energy put into controlling, domineering or even manipulating others or even a situation into being what we want it to be. We are responsible for our own lives only. Not the lives of others, relax and let them live their lives. (excluding the raising of children to adulthood naturally but only to adulthood).

For my physical mind I often need a physical comparable to put it in prospective. I consider life to be like a journey and often think of it as the highway of life. It is a journey we are all sharing. all participating in. As we travel  the highway of life, we each and every one of us has the same destination in mind, how we get there is our own choice.

My human physical comparable. Ten people ate given the task of driving from Montreal to L.A.. In this time, money and health are no problem. The decision on how to get there is left entirely up to each individual. These people don’t know each other and have no connection of any sort. But for some reason they are given some sort of GPS system by which they track to position of each of the others.

Now what is the best route to take. Each individual decides for themselves. Some may choose the most direct route.Others may choose that same direct route but include many exciting side trip along the way. Another may decide to extend the trip by first driving to Florida to possibly visit relatives. For me my trip would be marked with a wild bunch of zig zag lines all over the map as I try to take in and see as much as possible.

With our global positioning system map as we track the progress of the other each day. Might we not ask ourselves, why in the world are they way over there on the map, makes no sense to me at all. My own wild zig zag route might well be questioned for being to far off the direct path.

Is there one right path or route, obviously not. We are all making the same journey in this life. We may disagree and dislike the path another has chosen. But really how can we know the thought process, the reasons that have put them there. What makes my chosen path more right than their’s very likely nothing.

Geesh, thank goodness for spell checker


6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Different pathes through life

  1. Jaymie says:

    I think we should plan a huge party at the end destination. No pressure. It’s a never-ending party that each can join as they arrive. Oh the tales we will all share! 🙂

    Hi Jaymie, I think the party idea is a great one.

  2. Mel says:

    Well, heck–who’s to say there isn’t a party at the end of the destination?!

    Yaknow, I don’t disagree with you, sir. I think I said it in yesterday’s post–the older I get the more I discover I don’t know. I really am okay with that–and WPIML tells me there9-in lies the wisdom.
    I figure since I know so darn little, I must be really wise…..LOL

    Enjoy your quiet weekend, sir.
    Vi’ll be home before ya know it!

  3. Joy says:

    …i dont know how people chose the path they follow, rather i think some take the easy route hoping to acheive faster or to get to the destination quicker. I think that taking the easy route deprives you of actually living life.. what is living life?? Is it only experiencing the good times..?? i dont think so…
    i have come to learn that accepting all the bad things that we experience in life is a part of living life. We were meant to feel all sorts of different feelings whether it be pain, hurt, joy or frustration. To enjoy the good you need to taste the bad.I believe that no matter how bad a situation is, there is always someone worse off than you. That no matter what, you get through. Everyone passes through difficult situations in life and at the time you dont know how you are going to cope…but you do.. its true..LIFE does GO ON..

    … i wrote on this website a couple of months back about my mothers cancer… and at that stage i had fallen so badly that my fear had began to consume me. But after reading some comments left here i understood that somehow we are all going through the same feelings but in different situations. That we are all feeling some type of feeling one way or another. At this point, the fear, frustrations, sadness and the pain is part of my life, however there is also those glimpses here and there of joy and hapiness. Those days where my mum tries on a pair of my jeans and walks into my room and looks at me smiling before bursting out in laughter that she can now fit into my jeans even though its because of the cancer.LOL.. or those times where she puts on some music and dances for no reason other than to entertain me…(sooo cute)..To be walking through hell and still be able to laugh in the midst of it is truely amazing.

    … Life should be lived as though everday is your last…

    hi Joy it is nice to hear from you again. I think you have the right we should live every day as if it were our last, living it to the fullest. To live life we have to experience all that comes with it. Experience all of the human emotions and feelings both the pleasant and the not so pleasant. Those feelings are all a part of what make us human.
    I am so happy to hear you and your mother are still able to find moments of laughter and joy in the midst of all you are going through. You are demonstrating the strength of the human spirit and I congratulate you for that. You have shared a lot of wisdom with us and I do thank you., “That no matter what, you get through. Everyone passes through difficult situations in life and at the time you dont know how you are going to cope…but you do.. its true..LIFE does GO ON.. ”
    You are in my prayers

  4. Mel says:

    ((((((((((((( Joy ))))))))))))))))

    I’m glad.
    And I hope you gave her grief and laid claim on those jeans of yours. 😉

    And next time–get up and boogie with the woman. Cuz you’re right……life is to be lived!

    ((((((((((( Joy ))))))))))

    You made me smile.

  5. babychaos says:

    I reckon the older you get the more you know and like a snowball rolling along you get bigger and fatter with all the gubbins that sticks to your brain! 😉 BUT you also realise, as you learn more stuff, what a massive MASSIVE amount you don’t – and never will – know…

    I’m a mine of useless information and like you, the more I learn the more I realise that life is not simple and the less qualified I feel to advise others…

    Sometimes I miss viewing the world in black and white – it did make things easier – other times I glad I see in more depth.

    Hmm… have I made sense here…?

  6. Joy says:

    … Thankyou Bill.. I have been reading your blogs whenever i get a chance.. I hope that you feel better soon… you are very inspirational to me…


    … Dont you worry i did claim those jeans!!.. lol she didnt want them anyways as they are to figure hugging for her liking .. LoL..

    .. you cant help but join her when she gets into one of her dancing moods.. ( MY FAVORITE THING EVER).. on the odd occasion that she is feeling well enough to show me her moves!!.. lol

    I hope you and you daughter are well.. and thankyou for the support you always give…

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