Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Open your heart

I am such a lucky man and so very happy to be a part of this world. It is just so full of kind,loving and inspirational people. We just have to find a way to really open our eyes to see them, recognize what they are doing and appreciate and be inspired by them. How do we open our eyes to see the reality of what is truly around us? This world of ours is just overflowing with kind, loving generous people. OK, this is something I have “sort” of known all of my life but it is only in the past few years that this has really become so very clear to me.

Oh, for sure there are some “jerks” in this world, some people that are just not so nice. If we take into account the entire population of this world, the number of “jerks” would make up a very small per centage. Why don’t we see this, realize it and appreciate it? Does one rotten apple have to spoil the entire barrel? Do we really have to see the world that way?

Time for a “Bill statistic”, one that I know I have used before. First off to be clear, what is a “Bill statistic”? It is very scientifically obtained. I take something, rattle it around in my head for 10 or 15 seconds and what ever sounds reasonable to me becomes a “Bill statistic”. Hey it is my blog and I can make up my own statistics. lol

About 90% of people are regular hard working, kind, nice people just doing their best to get through their day while raising their families. About 5% are what I call Earth Angels, those that step up and go the extra mile to help another. That leaves the remaining 5%, the jerks, enough said about that group. The tricky part is we all float back and forth between those “groups” depending on the circumstances and situation. Yes, I can be a jerk at times, but so can you,so there.

Based on these very scientifically obtained statistics we are surrounded by kind, loving and generous people, yet we don’t see it or realize it and appreciate it. I suppose possibly the news media is at least partially to blame for this. Most of what we hear or read day after day is the bad stuff, the negative actions of the small minority of the population. When that is all we hear or read,maybe it is no wonder our out look on the world has become at least somewhat jaded. What do we need to do to open our eyes to see the true world around us?

We all have such busy hectic lives that it is so easy to just with draw into our own little world seemingly content with that. Could there be more to life if we open our eyes and hearts to the wonders around us? Not look at everything and everyone with negative suspicion. What do you think?

I have never imagined myself to be a writer,more of just a rambler. That is why I will often copy and quote the wonderful messages I often get via email. Here is another I received. THis time I even know the author to give ful credit to:

When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present…we experience heaven on earth.
  ~ Sara Ban Breathnach

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Open your heart

  1. Esther says:

    I think you’re an eloguent and prolific writer. Now about your rambling? I love it! So ramble on…lol

    Your Friend,
    Esther 🙂

    Esther my friend I thank you for these kind words. I do think though you are being too kind

  2. Mel says:

    Oh, for a slower pace…..

    It amazes me how fast paced life has become. Fast food, faster internet connections, faster news coverage….. Geeze…..it’s more about FAST than it is about ‘slow and steady’ now-a-days.

    Small wonder I collapse on the weekends. LOL

    Seriously, Bill. I don’t do newspapers. I don’t bother with the television much (did watch Olympic ‘stuff’ and learned ALL about curling! LOL). I figure I’ll get to hear all about ‘stuff’ during the course of the day–and I do. *sigh* I don’t think ‘good’ gets enough airtime. And I struggle with all that cuz apparently I’ve turned into a compassionate person….too much trauma hurts my heart.

    I deal with the results of traumas every day and I get to see the devastation.

    I also get to see others rise above all that to become all they were designed TO be..and all that they ARE. Now, THAT’S what cool stuff is made of, yaknow? And that’s what I try to give my attention to.
    It replenishes me, it validates the HOPE that I have in me…and it reminds me how the ickiness can be transformed.
    Transformations aren’t the result of ‘fast’..they’re steady and slow and they’re worth the wait.

    So pffffffffffttttttt on ‘fast’.

    Well–‘cept for internet speed…..LOL

    (((((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))))
    Blessings to you and yours, sir.

    Gosh you’ve been missed muchly!!!

    Thank you Mel, your ongoing support does mean a lot to me. I read the newspaper every morning. Maybe this memory of mine is a good thing as usually by lunch I have forgotten most of what I read.
    You are so right about how people can rise above trauma to become who they are meant to be. We are surrounded by such inspiring people, you are one of them my friend.

  3. Jaymie says:

    I have to agree on the selective or neglected exposure to media. It seems we’ve become a society that really thrives on the ills. I miss the days when there was nearly as much upbeat news reported as the sensational. I also think you are pretty much on with your statistics on this one. 😉

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