Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Getting Lazy

A realization has come to me over the past little while. I have allowed myself to become lazy and there is no denying it. In my head I can justify and rationalize it but that doesn’t change it.

I haven’t been feeling to spry this past while. Not even any specific symptoms, tired sort of worn out, really no energy for anything juist not feeling all that well. Now  feeling that way makes it is so easy to take the easy path and just lay around doing nothing. Well now the Olympics were on and that just added to the desire to just lay there and watch. I really did enjoy it all and am a very proud Canadian.

I realize though that one of my constant themes throughout this entire blog has been living life, enjoying life. Now that does in fact take at least some effort. I am struggling to find the correct wording here that really describes what I am trying to say.

Life is a wonderful adventure but it is one of those things that, the more you put into it the more you get back. It seems so easy to get caught in the “doing nothing” rut. By that I mean we plod almost blindly through our days, doing really other than what we have to, to in fact just get through the day. By my definition that falls into the catagory of enduring life and not really living it. I suppose when I use the term enduring life that word endurning can conjure up all sorts of thoughts of an aweful life, having to be endured. Now legitimately for some this may be the case. For so many others though, myself included, we “endure” or “put up” with our lives day after day simply because we don’t take the time or put forth the effort to get something out of or to enjoy life.

Now, I can only imagine the responce to that by so many would be, but, I have no time, I don’t have enough money or I just don’t have enough energy (me). That list could be almost endless. To that I say this:

“I have no time”. If something is important to you, you can always take or make the time for it. Now what could be more important to you than living an enjoyable good life We each only have a limited number of days in our lives, how many do we want to waste simply plodding away?

“I don’t have enough money’ Living Life is a mind set, no money is required. Look around you, life is wonderful, life is beautiful. just take the time to enjoy what you have.

“I just don’t have enough energy” Geesh, can I relate to this one. OK, I know  my  days on this earth are numbered and I know that number is a lot lower than I would like. Now this is something I can’t change. Now  when you are dealing with a terminal illness, it isn’t like having the flu where you know rest up for a day or two and I will feel better. What I have today is what I will have tomorrow. How many times have I written about in every situation you have two choices, positive or negative. I could curl up in a ball and really stop living life before my physical body does. OR, I can get my butt in gear and put forth what energy I can and start living.

Now, some may pass that right back saying something like, yeah but that doesn’t fit into my situation. I will try to give another example of what I am trying to say. Let’s just suppose you have to go for dinner with your in-laws, or a company Christmas party.It could be anything, just an event you just really, really don’t want to go to but due to what ever circumstances you just have to. Back to the two choices. Negative, I don’t want to go, I know I will be miserable and hate every minute of it. Almost guaranteed it will live down to your expectations, you “know” you will have a miserable time AND you will. Other choice, “well I really don’t want to go, but I guess I have to, so I might as well make the best of it and have a good time AND you will

What are your thoughts on this


6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Getting Lazy

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Good post. Time is certainly always an issue–there never seems to be enough of it no matter what stage of life I am experiencing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hello and wecome Slamdunk. You are so right there just never seems to be enough time, it is indeed our most precious commodity or asset. Knowing it is a limited resource, why is it so very often we don’t “spend” it wisely.

  2. Jaymie says:

    I’ve gotten lazy. It’s time to dig myself out of the hole and go live. First step, gratitude. I’m so thankful to have found someone that inspires me to get back up. Thank you Bill.

    Hi Jaymie, glad to hear from you. Mindset is everything, an attitude of gratitude is a wonderful one to carry. If my words help you in anyway, I am so very glad but always remember yours do the same for me.

  3. souldose says:

    Hi Bill it’s been so long, I vanished from your blog the time you were too sick and was making short posts, I got too sad for you and couldn’t even open your blog.. By the time I wanted to my own sickness took a bad turn and it’s still on that turn but I told myself my illness has taken too much already, it ain’t gonna take away my blogging

    Hi Souldose, it is so nice to have you back. I am sorry to hear your illness is acting up. It is always nice to hear from you but we can only do what we can do depending upon each day in turn

  4. souldose says:

    This is a beautiful post, getting lazy is such an easy thing to do and feels good but it’s not good…. Your words come out clear for all to hear.

    loud and clear is what I hope for, thank you

  5. Mel says:

    ((((((( souldose )))))))))

    ((((((( Bill ))))))))

    Yaknow, ‘tired, busy, cashflow’…. Living life does require some degree of energy. But not as much as I sometimes make it out to be.
    I get lazy. Complacent……I think I’ve owned that before (many times…LOL).

    Once I get moving, it gets better.
    It’s that ‘moving’ deal that I turn into a chore. (note that I admit that *I* turn it into a chore)

    Very glad to see that you’re ‘moving’. 🙂

    Hi Mel, you are right on. Speaking for myself, it is so easy to get lazy and complacent. One day turns into the next and the next, nothing changes. It is like they all turn into a blur of nothingness. Once I have talked myself into moving,doing something, it really is surprising how little energy it really does take to make a difference. I know that and yet still many times need a little push to get me going.

  6. Cat says:

    I was just thinking the other day about how you can really make time for just about anything that you really want to do (assuming you are not also limited by, say, a chronic illness that saps your energy). I support an organization called Texas 4000. It is an annual charity bicycle ride from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska to raise money for cancer research. Each year, about fifty applicants are chosen to make this trek, and the vast majority of them are students at UT-Austin. Many of the riders keep blogs, which I follow avidly. These kids are amazing. Most of them are taking full course loads at the university, working at least part-time, and also devoting untold hours per week to Texas 4000 — training, fundraising, planning the trip (setting up hosts for each night, setting up presentations of their cancer awareness program at stops along the way, planning for food, securing equipment, etc. — it’s an awful lot of work to plan a 70-day, 4,500-mile bicycle ride for 50 people), going to team meetings, doing PR, etc. Somehow they also have to work in time to study and sleep, and some of them also do other time-consuming activities such as volunteer work, running marathons, etc. It is just awe-inspiring that they are able to do all of this, and it reminds me that saying “I just don’t have time for that” is usually a poor excuse.

    Now, not having the energy to do something, I can totally relate to, but I have found that often if I just make the effort, the energy will find me and I’ll be glad I did whatever activity I was dreading. Sometimes that just doesn’t work and staying home to rest is the only viable option, but I always try to at least give it a go when I’m invited to do something fun.

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so under the weather lately. I hope you will be feeling a little more spry in the near future!

    Hi Cat, Texas 4000 sounds to such a wonderful organization as do all the volunteers and those amazing riders. I tip my hat to them all.
    I really like the way you worded it, it is so very true: “I have found that often if I just make the effort, the energy will find me and I’ll be glad I did whatever activity I was dreading.” Nice to hear from you my friend

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