Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Vi in hospital

Had my morning  sort of planned out. Was going to the retail outlet to do battle if necessary over the *%@# computer we just bought that doesn’t work properly.

Well that plan started to unravel last night. Vi hasn’t been feeling to well the past 3 or 4 days. Severe head ache, light headed with nausea thrown in for good measure. She kept insisting she was fine just a touch of some sort of a bug and would be better by tomorrow. Well tomorrow always seemed to exclusively remain another day in the future.

I wasn’t feeling to spry last evening, light headed and such. Decided to take my blood pressure, perfectly normal. Decided to take Vi’s, not so normal. Took it I think 5 times over about a 2 hour period. It was always in the 180″s over 120’s. My thought was the hospital, she would have nothing to do with that. She can no longer give me the berries about being reluctant to go to the hospital. Again it would be better by tomorrow.

This morning I was up earlier and waiting for her to wake up. Took her blood pressure as soon as she woke up. 169/129. We had a total role reversal, this time it was me taking her by the ear and dragging her out the door to go to the hospital. At this moment she is in the emergency department being tested and treated.

I can understand where she is coming from when she told me to go home. I have indeed been in the situation of being “drugged up” and feeling so  very sleepy. In the just let me sleep mode. If you have company sitting there you feel somewhat obligated to try and chat a little and are reluctant to just peacefully drift off to sleep, which is what at that point you want most of all.

So I came home. Will give her an hour or so and then return.

Prayers please

PS. Happy to report Vi was released from the hospital, is back home sleeping.  Doctors seem to think a migraine headache is the cause of her symptoms. Medication did help with the head ache and all other symptoms have lessened. Blood pressure now down to 146/92.. “Doctor Bill” here is not entirely convinced of this. She sees family doctor on Tuesday.

12 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Vi in hospital

  1. lwayswright says:

    I have followed your blog off and on..I will be praying for her. It is always scary when you are the sick one and the shoe ends up on your loved one’s foot. I think we can handle being sick ourselves better then watching those we love being ill, especially if we don’t know what is exactly wrong. Keep us all posted on how she is doing.

  2. afia says:

    Sending prayers now……

    I too have had similar symptoms, haven’t checked my blood pressure though. I’m in bed resting, thats all i can do. My girls have had to take care of themselves. Its times like these, when all you want is someone to take care of you….

    love and peace to you both,

  3. Juanita says:

    My Prayers are with you and Vi.

  4. jel says:

    hope Vi is feeling better,

    ya both are in my prayers

  5. Mel says:


    Well–I’m glad she got relief from the headache–migraines aren’t fun.
    But, yaknow….I’m with you, Dr. Bill. Another look-see by another physician familiar with Vi won’t hurt her in the least bit.

    *sending prayers and good thoughts*

    That shoe on the other foot deal really is kinda scary, huh?
    Hang in there, sir.

    ((( Bill )))

  6. cocorue says:

    oh, i’m sorry i have not been posting lately but i’m back and hope that Vi will be better.

    you take care too and have a happy Valentine’s day

  7. Gloria says:

    Sorry to hear Vi is under the weather, I can also appreciate the struggle it would have been to get her to the hospital. Glad to hear you percervired and she is starting to feel better.
    Sounds like your blood pressure machine gave you the heads ups something was not right, but next time I go shopping, I will have to see if I can find one of those Doctor Kits, so you can complete your diagnosis!!

    Both of your take care of your selves and each other.


  8. Jaymie says:

    Saying a prayer that Vi will return to a state that puts Doctor Bill at ease…glad they were able to lessen the pain.

  9. Mel says:

    *thinking of you and Vi*

    Hope things are going okay over there…..

  10. Jennie says:

    Glad to hear Vi is improving now. Wow Bill, you sure have been through a lot lately.

    I would be happy to place a call on your behalf to the appropriate person at the computer store. You have my contact info.

    It is outrageous that they are giving you the run around. The computer is obviously defective when each one can’t work right for even two weeks. You do NOT need to be jerked around by them while you are dealing with so much.

    Maybe some of your fans can let them know that we don’t like you being ripped off and we need you to have a functioning computer so we can get our ‘Bill fix’.

    And hey, why not tell us the name of the store on your blog. You are being truthful.

  11. fmn2 says:

    good news Bill

  12. Cat says:

    It’s the bad headache stories that always scare me the most. I hope she is feeling much better by now! I’ve had migraines that have landed me in the ER and they are never fun.

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