Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Update

Spirits are kind of down.

Brother Robin is doing well after his heart attack and ensuing procedures but still has a long way to go. I can speak with the authority gained through experience. At least when it comes to heart related issues it is easier being the patient. I have experienced both sides and it is a whole lot easier being the patient. And, yes I even mean when you are having a heart attack. Five heart attacks has taught me that much.

I spent all day Friday at the hospital and it just plain wore me out physically and emotionally. It is all the waiting while you are unsure of what is happening, worrying about a loved one. It is draining.

I arrived at the hospital shortly after 9:00am. and the waiting began. First waiting for the ambulance to arrive from Dauphin. Then waiting for them to get him settled before they would let me in. Then waiting for the procedure. It was scheduled for 10:30 but with other emergencies and such it was close to 12:30 before them came for him.

It was scheduled to last approx. 1 hour. Waiting through that seemed to last forever. One hour turned into two and then into three before they brought him back.  A nurse accompanied him and showed me a map  of his heart, showing where they had inserted 3 stents. This map/diagram showed at least 4 other arteries as being 100% blocked. I immediately questioned the nurse as to why since they were already in his heart those blockages had not also been dealt with. She indicated the doctor would be around shortly to explain all. OK, fair enough but more waiting. Ansiouis waiting, I mean 4 arteries 100% blocked this can’t be good. Turns out
Robin’s procedure had taken far longer than expected and other emergencies had built up. Doctor was called straight back into the operating room, I can understand that and could accept it meant more waiting, wondering and worrying.

A short time later they came to tranfer him to a bed in the cardiac care unit. We were assured the doctor would come to the room and explain things when his time allowed, again fair enough. It was about this time Eric arrived. I can’t remember the exact sequence of events. We visited for about an hour until about 5:00pm, still no doctor. As we visited Robin being heavily medicated kiept drifting off to sleep. We just waited patiently for the next time he woke up usually only a few minutes. Having been in his position I should have realized how tired he was and how he just really wanted to sleep at that time. It reached the point where he told us he just wanted to sleep and for us to go home.  I know and understand that feeling so fair enough.

Some where in that time I checked with his nurse in the cardiac unit asking about those blockages. Now she had not had the benefit of seeing the diagram/map of his heart and she did make that clear. She could not  comment specifically on Robin’s case but that often if small arteries were blocked, those blockages would be ignored if there were others that compensated. Oh, well that makes sense, what a relief. Content with that we left the hospital. I was exhausted beyond belief, I mean I am a big baby and need my afternoon nap.

It was not until Robin arrived back in Dauphin and his own doctor saw the map/diagram that he learned those blockages are much more serious that we had thought. He only has something like 1/3 of the “normal” amount of blood entering his heart. He has actuaklly been discharged from hospital and is now at home recuperating. Doctors are continuing to monitor him closely with more test to follow.

We are left wondering, they were already in his heart, why would these other blockages not have been dealt with at that time?

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Update

  1. Jaymie says:

    Continuing to keep your family in my prayers Bill.

  2. planetcity1 says:

    (((((((Bill))))))) I’m sure that there’s a reason why the doctor waited on this other stuff. Perhaps it was felt that Robin’s body needed some time to adjust to the work they did.

    Meanwhile, don’t forget to look after you too — rest as needed, and everything else will sort itself out in due time.

  3. Mel says:

    *sigh* I don’t have answers, Bill. But I do have an abundance of love and prayers to offer up.

    ((((((( Bill )))))))

    Rest when weary, eh?
    Know that people are praying for Robin and for all of you.

    Thank you Mel

  4. Vicky from SA says:

    So glad to hear he is doing well. Always in our thoughts and prayers….. ALL 3 OF YOU. Love you lots. Life’s challenges ! It’s really how we deal with them.. that’s the lesson. Take care and hopefully see you all soon.

    Thank you Vicky, it would be really wonderful to see you and I have my fingers crossed that all works out that you can in deed come for a visit. I am truly hoping you can talk Anita and the kids into coming also.
    Lots of love

  5. Gloria says:

    Good Morning Bill,
    Thanks for the update, no wonder you are exhausted. Both worryng and waiting are draining.
    We clearly do not understand the medical system, but have to believe there is a reason why those decisions were made. I do hope the follow-up and monitoring do not go by the wayside, as both are so important.
    Too bad, with the size of our family, it would have been nice is someone would have specialized in this area, so we could have answers and understanding.
    I will starting working on Alison!!

    Take care of yourself!!!


  6. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    “The best exercise for the heart is to bend over backwards for someone else.” Now try to rest up.
    I’m keeping your whole family in my thoughts and prayers and hoping that your concerns will be taken care of soon. May God’s love, light, and peace be with you all, Wiseman.

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