Dying Man’s Daily Journal – This too shall change

For me anyway blogging is very good therapy. I think though that maybe in the past while I have allowed the “therapeutic benefit” part to slip a little and my “high” spirits have sagged a little. It really is time I give myself a kick in the butt and get things going as they should be, as they are intended to be.

It seems for the past 6 months or so it really hasn’t been physically much fun living in this body of mine. There was the pneumonia and all of that, yeah I know poor me, poor baby.

Now, I said it is not much fun “LIVING” in this body of mine. I think about it and realize the very word “LIVING” is key to it all. There is still life in this body of mine. Life is a miraculous gift from God and I don’t want to waste any of it, not even one second.

I have always in my mind tried to carry 2 thoughts. “Focus on” and be grateful for the positive. AND “this too shall pass”.

If my life story were to ever be told, it would so easily be seen I have not always been able to follow those 2 guiding lights or thoughts. As I think of it those 2 thoughts do sort of go hand in hand.

I look back over my life and realize it has been almost like a series of cycles coming one after the other. I would be cruising down the highway of life, not a bump or pot hole to be seen. Life is wonderful and I travel ahead at full speed. Suddenly, seemingly out of no where a pothole or even a series of pothole appear and life is through into disarray and chaos. I may even be in dispare but some how often even in spite of myself, I manage to plod on through it all. The highway of life levels out and things are wonderful again. It may not be the same wonderful I had before but just as wonderful none the less.

I look back on some of the “crisis situations” and just shake my head in wonder as I remember how I at times dealt with things. The anger, the worry the fear all the negativity that flowed through my body. Granted at the time it may have felt like the sky truly was falling. Even then though I knew somehow I would muddle my way through it all, “this too shall pass”.

Life is constant change, nothing stays the same forever. Sadly this can also apply to the good times, the smooth parts on the highway of life. This too shall change. When life is going well, slow down enough to enjoy it. Life is wonderful, enjoy it, appreciate it. An attitude of gratitude builds the positive mind set. The alternative is to just speed through life so frantically that while in a good time we just don’t take the time to see it or appreciate how good life is.

Attitude, mindset is key. Two people traveling down an identical section of life’s highway. They suddenly face an identical pot hole in life. The one with the positive attitude or mindset will pass it by seeing it as nothing more than a little bump on the road. The other with a negative mindset may become bogged down in that same pothole, struggling to get out of it for who knows how long even if ever.

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – This too shall change

  1. Cliff says:

    I must say my heart and prayers go to you. I am on the other end of the boat I feel there is something wrong with and that I am dying. Reading what you have wrote inspired me, you see I have layed in bed for the past 5 months scared to do anything I am 28 years old and have been this way for years, never took chances and just watched life go by. I read your story today. I felt I was going to die and admit death is around the corner after reading your story I seem to think I am being silly. Here I have thought I was dying and here is a man who is. I think I would love to switch places with you and give you my body if I could, cause menatally I am dead. Thank you for your story and I hope the best for you.

    Hello Cliff and welcome to the blog. I thank you for your kind wishes. I invite you to visit often.
    I am sorry to hear you are bed ridden. May I ask what your condition is that has you that way?
    Cliff, life is wonderful. I urge you I encourage you to take the plunge make the effort to live it the very best way you can. Fear can rob us of life, of the very joy of the life we do have.
    Please tell me more about you life, your medical conditions.
    I wish you the best.

  2. Tasneem R says:

    I also try and keep my mind positive all the time but sadly the positive mind set doesn’t last for long. But ya I will remember the words of yours ‘ This too shall pass ‘ . This phrase is comforting and motivational .

    What Attitude You Wear?
    Are you made of pink ribbons or the bold tomboy stuff?

    I also find the phrase to be comforting. Have a good day.

  3. Jaymie says:

    Thank you for being here with my morning coffee reminding me that life is the gift and I need to live with gratitude and wonderment.

    Hi Jamie I am honored to be a part of your morning.

  4. babychaos says:

    On some days, no matter who you are or however richly blessed, being positive hard but if you keep looking at the good things then yes, it helps… oh and keeping a good sense of humour, that helps too.



    Hi BC you are right it is hard some days. If we focus on the goodness, the blessings in our lives maybe we can keep it to days and not months or even longer.
    You are so right about the sense of humor.

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