Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Credit to God

I count yesterday as being a very good day. OK, I wasn’t feeling too spry but that isn’t the only way to look at any individual day.

I got to spend some time with my niece Sara. Sara was away last year having won a scholarship to attend a university in Germany. She enjoyed the experience so much she decided to return this year in a part time teaching role. She was in fact back here in Winnipeg for a visit over the Christmas break. Sadly, today she is back on a plane for Germany.l I am both proud and consider myself very lucky to have such a wonderful young lady as my niece.

Yesterday, I was doing a little poking around here in the blog. I have been watching with fascination as the number of hits continues to rise. I don’t pay nearly as much attention to that number as I once did but I do check it occasionally. Somehow yesterday it hit me differently. I saw 238,000 hits. It came to me, that is almost a quarter of a million hits. That realization really sat me back in my chair. “whoa, a quarter of a million, there has to be some mistake here”. I actually, signed out of the system and came back to check it again. There it was the same number again, well actually it was 4 hits higher.

I truly can’t seem to get my head wrapped around this whole thing. What am I doing to warrant so much attention. I know many carefully research what they are going to write about, spend much time writing, editing all all such.

I do nothing, I treat this as my journal. I simply sit down and write what ever thoughts are in my head at that time. I just write what ever comes, when I am finished up it goes exactly as it, no proof reading nothing. OK, I do spell check but that is it.

What I do have is a routine that I always follow before writing anything. I say a little prayer asking for guidance. For help in finding the words that may help or inspire someone out there, anyone out there. I then call upon all the Angels in the Heavens to gather around me to help me hear and understand Our Father’s Message. Credit should be given where it is due.


12 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Credit to God

  1. KM says:

    I came across your blog. You wonder why people sign in to your place here. Death holds a morbid curiosity for all people. We are fascinated by it but want to watch it from a safe distance.
    If someone is going to jump off a tall building a crowd will gather to watch. Lots hope he will jump just to see it and then want to see what he looks like after.
    Ever wonder is you are putting on a freak show. People come waiting for you to die

    Hello KM. I am sorry I didn’t have more time on the computer yesterday as I would have liked to respond to your comment sooner. Had I in fact seen it early enough I would have even likely just deleted it. I never expect everyone to agree with everything I have to say. I will accept criticism of my thoughts or writing, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
    I will not accept comments that I see as being critical of or offensive to or about my many friends that visit me on this site. I read your comment as being exactly that. Had I read your comment early enough, I believe I would have just deleted it. Something I do not recall ever doing before except for spam. It seems to late to do that now as I see so many have read and responded to your comment. It is important to me that you know my thoughts on this.
    This site has become a loving supportive community of wonderfully, kind and loving people. Here to support each other and any that may visit in their time of need. This is intended to be a safe haven where all are welcome knowing they will be accepted in a loving, non judgemental way. All are welcome to and many have poured out their pain and in turn received love and support. EXCEPT, if those comments are derogatory or insulting to others.
    There are always 2 ways to look at everything. DK, possibly your message was worded shall we say more harshly than you intended. Possibly your comment was made based on that one post alone. I invite you to return and read more. Really learn about the wonderful people that visit here.
    Let’s put it this way. If this is indeed a freak show, I guess that makes me the freak. If that were to be the case I would happily accept that as it has allowed me the honor and privilege of meeting so many very wonderful people. I wouldn’t change the friendships I have developed here for anything in this world.

    • Jennie says:

      What an unkind thing to say KM. It is hard for me to understand what motivates you to make such a comment.

      I come to Bill’s blog for his wisdom and for his words of kindness, encouragement, and hope. And it seems that lifting up others, makes Bill feel good too. It really does work that way.

      Like all of us, Bill will die someday and I will be very sad to lose him. Even after he goes, (assuming I am still here), I will always remember his kindness, and goodness and how he has touched my life and will try to follow his example the best I can.

  2. Betty says:

    Hi Bill…..Well I guess KM has a right to his own opinion, but do sincerely feel the majority of us that log in do not view your blog with morbid curiosity. I am more of a reader than a contributor to this blog, and find it to be very special. There are many out there who are dying or have someone close that is seriously ill. Your blog has obviously helped many as witnessed by those who comment. Bill please do not let someone else speak on our behalf…good work. When I don’t see you blog for several days, I do get concerned….definitely no morbid curiosity here.

  3. Mel says:

    # 232,329 (just sayin’….)

    I can’t speak for anyone but me, Bill.
    I don’t know why other people drop in, remain or comment.
    I have my guesses–but really, I can’t speak for them. I imagine there’s a whole host of reasons people show up here. But really–I can only speak for me.

    I didn’t plan to remain here–heck, I didn’t even plan to COME here. I followed a link by another person who came here, once upon a time a long while back…..

    What I found was a safe place–a warm place where I was reminded again and again of what I’d found to be true in my own life, in my own circumstances.
    I found validation of what I’d come to have in my relationship with my Creator.
    I found compassion, understanding, genuineness–and love.

    I’ve been privileged to be around to watch the awakenings (yours and others), the inching forward to embrace the loving truths about where our worth and our value really comes from, and to watch the shifting of what’s really important in this thing we sometimes delude ourselves into believing is ‘our life’.

    I’m in good company here–kindred, caring spirits who reach out to be of service to others for the sake of caring–nothing else. They endorse the very things that I keep central in my life.
    And really– returning here helps me to keep those things central….to keep ME centered in what’s good and true and what well and truly MATTERS.

    For me, it’s not morbid curiosity.
    Just a ‘coming home’ sense, a place to hang my hat when weary….a place to be honest about my own journeys……a place that I’m fortunate enough to cross paths with others who care for the sake of caring…..cuz people matter. All people.

    Especially ones like KM with the questions they pose–the uncomfortable ones..the ones we don’t particularly want to speak to cuz they’re not warm and fuzzy. They’re just plain uncomfortable. But–
    Frankly–in all honesty…I have to admit, during parts of my journey, I questioned others bothering to be involved and chalked it up to the ‘freakshow’ I was sure I’d become. I had a tough time just letting people ‘be there cuz they cared about me’. I had a trust issue or two, and I had an issue with accepting love for the sake of love. I didn’t always want to be truthful about my thinking, my fears, my ‘feelings’. And I certainly didn’t always want the audience. Some of the processes I was going through were humbling–humiliating even. Having witnesses wasn’t necessarily ‘fun’, and I didn’t want the constant reminder that having people around brought to me. It was simply where I was in that part of the journey. I’m pretty sure it went hand in hand with my denial, my anger ….and my grief.

    I’m not there today.
    I don’t focus on what brings others into my life.
    I focus on what I can bring to the lives of others.
    But getting from there to ‘here’…..was a journey and a half. I’m pretty sure you experienced some of that, Bill.

    Or…maybe not. LOL
    You know I’m a stubborn cuss, a hard sell. 😉

    232,329 — dang Bill…..that’s a whole lotta people with a whole lotta reasons.
    I’m just one with a reason or two of my own.
    But–I’m a grateful, humbled one every time I hit that link and land here.

    ((((((((((( Bill )))))))))))

    Love ya, man!

  4. Mel says:

    Oh….with all that rambling I forgot to say I’m dang glad your day was a good one and that you got some time with that fine niece of yours!!

    (((((((((( Bill ))))))))))

  5. Cat says:

    Well, my goodness. “Freak show” and “morbid curiosity” never entered my mind when I found this blog. I came here via a link on another friend’s blogroll, and I stayed because it is such a warm, caring, safe place to be, which is rare on the internet. The company is good, the posts are inspirational, and it’s nice to be able to share the good and the bad with people who care.

    Congratulations on your nearly-quarter-million hits, Bill, and I’m so glad you got the chance to visit with your niece. She sounds wonderful!

  6. planetcity1 says:

    I too come here because it is an open place of caring and sharing no matter where
    you live, and no matter where you are in this journey called life.

    And I’ve found like-minded bloggers here, whose sites I follow on a daily basis because I first had the pleasure of meeting them here.

    People here talk about real things and real life; I find nothing freakish about that.

  7. Jaymie says:

    I come here because you inspire me to live well.

  8. babychaos says:

    Hey! Guffaw! D’you remember when you were really chuffed to have had 20,000 hits? I reckon it was about two years ago.

    I come here because I think you’re great and I love to read wise and positive thinking from somebody who really has quite a lot to complain about. I’m coming here, more, now because there’s a few lumps and bumps in the smooth running course of BC-ville and when I come here I feel there are people in it with me.



  9. babychaos says:

    PS… like Mel… I didn’t mean to stay here either. Yours was the first blog I found, I read a post and thought… hmm that’s interesting but can I handle what this person is going through, even at a distance… then I looked at some of the other stuff you wrote and thought yeh… I can.

    I know I miss some, but I try not to because I value what you say.

    Cheers (again)


  10. CocoRue says:

    I come here because I WANT to and without sounding defensive because Bill humbles me and I try to be a better person because of Bill.

    Initially curious yes, but never with morbid thoughts. In life, we are lucky if we meet people who touches us and Bill definitely touches moi…..and I’m just a chi so what do I know huh????????


  11. cocorue says:

    and i just have to add this……i do feel very sorry for you KM as you sound like someone that’s so negative and mean spirited…..

    i wish you well and hope life brings you some happiness

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