Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Questions/stuff

Yesterday wasn’t the best day for Vi. She had a medical procedure done. Can’t remember the name of it off hand. The one where the tube goes down your throat to allow them to view the inside of your stomach. She says it wasn’t all that bad, they used medications to really relax her making her pretty sleepy. again waiting results.

Had another reminder my balance is “OFF”. I noticed the cover for the ceiling air vent in the bathroom was getting dusty. I decide to take the cover off and clean it. Not difficult at all. Question was how to reach it, being on the ceiling. It seemed like a no brainer. I could use the toilet as one step up and from there just step up and over to stand on the sink vanity. It worked like a charm. I was up and even got the cover loosened. That is when gravity took over. After a brief meeting with the opposite wall, I landed flat on my butt, with my back slamming into the edge of the toilet bowel. In a very “manly” way I am still going ouch, ouch ouch.

Earth Angel Henri arrived shortly there after and had it down in seconds. I am pretty sure he got it down so quickly because I had loosened it. lol. Geesh, I am a slow learner.

I  know many are preparing for Christmas. It is the season to be jolly. I hope and pray all remember that. It is the season to be jolly. I have to wonder how many are totally stressing and wearing themselves out. Fighting the crowds in the mall, having so very much to do, so very much to prepare, so much work so little time. Tiring them selves out so very much that by the time the big day arrives they are actually to tired to enjoy it to the max..  I know some families may only be able to get together for one day. It would be such a shame for that day to come and you are just so tired to enjoy it. I pray all will just take a deep breath and relax. The day will come and it will go. It will be as wonderful. I can’t help but wonder how many on Christmas day after all the festivities are over, will just sink wearily back into a chair thinking: “well I guess that is that for another year” as opposed to thinking: “was this ever a great day.” How tired or stressed you are can have a lot to do with your attitude and your thinking on that day. What do you think about this? In asking this I am thinking only of the shared family time. I am sure I will be getting into the real reason for the day in the next few posts.

My thoughts seem to be going all over the place and hey this is my journal so I get to write what ever I want.

I have noticed over the past several weeks that if I click on the previous days post, it is being rated. It is being rated anywhere from 1-5 stars. Now I am not complaining as who ever is doing the rating is being very kind indeed. I do know that a while back I was checking through the wordpress system and I did come across something I hadn’t noticed before. In fact a section titled ratings. Out of curiosity I clicked on it but nothing seemed to happen. Obviously something did happen as individual posts are now being rated. Now I am fine with this especially as who ever is doing the rating is being so very kind. I haven’t email support asking them but I have poked around in the system and can’t seem to find out who is doing this rating and based on what criteria. Can anyone help me out with this.

I never proof read or edit any of my posts but I do use spell checker. I just did that, geesh, be glad I did.

7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Questions/stuff

  1. Gloria says:

    Good Morning Bill,
    Sorry I can’t help you with the rating question. Interesting that some one is rating, rather than enjoying the conversation.
    Christmas can be a stressful time, I am kinda like you,looking forward to enjoying time with family and friends. As Dan is on holidays, and the girls are off school for a bit, we are looking forward to not having a routine. We are scheduling more visiting time with freinds we haven’t seen lately, however, it will be nice to get up in the morming and not have to be out the door at a certain time. It will pass all too quickly, so we leave the games out of the boxes, on the table and coffee table to reminder to sit down and PLAY!! Won’t be the “Championship of the World”, dishes and cooking a meal may be the stakes!

    Hope you got the warmer weather we sent you. Just got back from my walk, +3, who knew we would think that was tropicial? The mountains are especially beautiful this morning, Ralphie and I may need more exercise this afternoon!

    Take Care. Hope Vi is feeling better today. Our love to both of you.


  2. babychaos says:

    I always rate them when I read them. I give you five stars. Because I can! Mwah ha ha haargh!

    Not too stressed about Christmas but definitely was at the beginning of the week… then I send out my cards… and now I feel ok!



  3. planetcity1 says:

    Anyone reading a post can rate that post by clicking on the star thingie; 5 stars is the top of the scale.

  4. Mel says:

    Okay, okay…..I own it!
    I’ve rated more than one post AND I’m stressin’ over NO time and too much holiday stuff left.

    Gee….yes, I know the holiday comes on the same day year after year after year…. I PROCRASTINATED.

    See. Troubles of my own making…..
    I do, however, work well under pressure…

  5. Mel says:

    k……was gonna say ‘stay off of toilets’ and realized that just doesn’t work….LOL

    How about ‘be careful!’. :-/

  6. Mel says:

    *sending healing thoughts to Vi*

    I do hope she’s doing better.

  7. Cat says:

    Best wishes to Vi — that doesn’t sound like an enjoyable procedure even with the good sleepy drugs!

    And, ouch! I have balance issues myself, so I can relate. Every time I have to climb up on the toilet to change the lightbulb in the bathroom (which, thankfully, doesn’t happen very often), I’m afraid I’ll fall. I hope you didn’t bang yourself up too much and that you’re feeling better now.

    I managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done online this year. I did have to run out Friday to finish it up at a couple of different stores, but fortunately the crowds weren’t too crazy. Now I’m busy wrapping gifts! I try to do two or three at a time, a couple of times a day. At this rate, I should be done by Christmas Eve. 🙂

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