Dying man’s Daily Journal – Birthday thoughts

Feeling good today, just really tired. Not sure why, I am certainly getting enough sleep. Will be definitely taking advantage of nap time today.

Vi is up in Thompson babysitting grandchildren and will be back I think it is Tuesday, huh maybe Wednesday. I heard that yesterday with the wind it was -60 up there. I am shivering down here with temps in the -20″s and 30’s. Ah, our Canadian winters.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Going to my brother Eric’s for supper other than that it will be a pretty quite day.I will spend the day enjoying my own company. Now that may sound strange or egotistical or something, but it isn’t if you think about it. Now, I am not talking about becoming a hermit or anything like that, but it is good to have some alone time. If you can’t be comfortable with your own company, how can you expect anyone else to.

Maybe it is an age thing or something but I have reached the point where a birthday is really just another date on the calendar. I suppose it is like a mile stone in the overall picture of our lives and should be recognized as such. i suppose I should really appreciate it as there have been very few people, if even anyone that ever imagined I would still be here. But here I am and still going strong.

I like to think I am evolving into becoming a better or stronger person. Who knows?  Maybe I am just flattering myself to make myself feel good. I do know my thinking has changed a lot over the past few years and is continuing to do so. Back on November 1st I had a blog party to celebrate an anniversary of “being alive”. As I think of it now, I wonder why do I need a specific date on the calendar to tell me it is time to celebrate. i suppose in practical terms, we all live such busy lives, we need a specific date planned in advance to set aside time for any sort of celebration.

For me I think it is sad that we need a specific date marked on a calendar to celebrate our own lives or those of others. What does that date on the calendar really mean? Really all I will be is one day older than I am today. Why does that one day really have to make any difference? Think about that. If you have a friend or family member that you make a point of calling on their birthday, why wait?

Every single day is a milestone to be celebrated.


16 Responses to Dying man’s Daily Journal – Birthday thoughts

  1. Jaymie says:

    KUDOS! My favorite post so far!!

    Thank you

  2. Mel says:

    Happy almost birthday to you!
    Happy almost birthday to YOU!!
    Happy Almoooossstttt birthday…
    Happy almost birthday to youUUuuuuuUUuuuu!!

    Yeah, well….I’ll take any excuse to celebrate the day.
    And now, I’ll ring my sister! 🙂

    thank you Mel, enjoy your chat with your sister

  3. Vicky from SA says:

    Hello special boy !!! Today is the day !!! Happy, Happy Birthday !!! and many, many more. We love you lots and trust that God will find a way for us to visit soon. We know you will be surfacing soon so have a wonderful day. We are closing down for the day in which used to be sunny South Africa.. but now we are calling it rainy South Africa. We have barely seen the sun in the past 3 months !! Everything is growing like a jungle here and 2 nights ago we had a visitor in the form of a black snake.. I guess he was looking for a dry spot to rest in and Barry got up to go to the kitchen for water and nearly stood on it. Needless to say it took off and found a hole in the floorboard and was gone. Bryan has had to block it up as we certainly don’t need these visitors indoors. So from us all have a very special day !!! Love Vicky, Bryan, Barry, Sandy and Wade and Anita who is unable to connect today as she does not have access to a phone or computer.

    Thank you Vicky, do you know you are my very favorite South African sister-in-law. Yikes about the snake thing, I hear they are very nasty.
    Please give my best to all

  4. Carol Anderson says:


    Thinking of you today on your B-day. Whatever you choose to do with it, I hope you enjoy. Supper at your brothers home sounds great and the food will probably be top drawer. Sure beats cooking your own birthday supper!

    How many B-days is this for you? Go ahead, brag. Tell the whole world.

    Hi Carol, thank you for the birthday wishes. You are correct supper at Eric’s was great. OK, I hit the big 57.
    Hope you are keeping warm, temperatures are wicked.

  5. Cat says:

    Happy Birthday! For my act of kindness, I ordered several of these bracelets to give as Christmas gifts, and a few to keep for myself! http://tinyurl.com/yde6qyl Proceeds go to help refugees in Darfur.

    I also received an act of kindness today. I had been awaiting delivery of another package I had ordered (I am doing the bulk of my Christmas shopping online). It was supposed to arrive on Friday, but it did not. Yesterday I checked the USPS website, which claimed that my package had already been delivered, but of course, it had not. I figured I was just going to have to re-order the merchandise, but this morning a gentleman drove up to my house just as I was returning from taking my dog for a walk. He stepped out of his car with a box in his hand and said, “Hello! I have a package for you. The post office delivered it to me by mistake.” I don’t know how far from my house the man lives, but obviously not within walking distance. It was so kind of him to drive my package over to me when he could have just kept it, tossed it, or ignored it.

    I hope you enjoy your birthday supper with your brother!

    Thank you Cat for the kind birthday wishes. Also thank you for sharing these wonderful stories of kindness. Bless you and bless the stranger

  6. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    May the Lord watch over you and keep you in all that you do throughout your day.
    May He send His peace and comfort and fill you with blessings in every way.
    You’re in my prayers today and always, Wiseman.
    Happy Birthday!

    Irene I thank you so very much

  7. Doraz says:

    Well, I have to agree. I love your post. I love that it is your birthday! Happy Birthday! Do what you want with a big smile on your face! 🙂

    Doraz thank you so very much

  8. Mel says:

    Happy Birthday sir! I do hope it was an enjoyable one.

    And just for you–(don’t laugh) I snuck into the neighbor’s yard, laid in the snow and flopped my arms and legs around. (all done while the poor fella was in church, don’tchaknow)
    Yup. Left him a snowangel.
    Now, I realize that doesn’t seem like a big deal– But my neighbor frequently sees me flop into the snow and twitch around…and frequently remarks how he used to do that when he was a kid but can’t do that today cuz he fears he’d still be laying there come June. LOL

    So last night when he came over with some cookies he makes every year he told me that I made his day–cuz there he was in the kitchen, makin’ his cookies and grumping about it (more of a chore than a fun thing, apparently) he looked out the patio doors and couldn’t figure out what in the world had found his yard to thrash about in. LOL
    Made him smile, apparenty. And hum. And gave him a change in attitude.

    What better gift to give, eh?

    ((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))

    Mel, bless you and your big, kind, thoughtful heart. This was a wonderful act of kindness, you made his day and changed his attitude. Good job.

  9. Tasneem R says:

    Hi !A VERY HAPPY B’DAY TO YOU ! Well your posts really stimulates my mind and a big thank you for that :)Yes we should celebrate each day as a milestone !
    Birthday Color Personality- What is your birthday color?

    Tasneem, I thank you very much

  10. Gloria says:

    Happy Birthday Wishes Bill. Hope you enjoyed the meal at Eric’s., can’t go wrong with company like that and birthday cake!!
    Good for you for braving the cold, it is so easy to hunker down in weather like this, but life goes on, so get out and enjoy it.
    We are supposed to be on the plus side of zero by Wednesday, I’ll try sent it your way.
    Take Care.


    Hi Gloria, thank you for the birthday wishes. Evening at Eric’s was wonderful.
    Now Gloria, I am hoping you will do more than “try” to send the warm weather. It’s flipping cold here.

  11. Doraz says:

    Thank you, I love the beatles

  12. Jo Hart says:

    Hi Bill, Happy Birthday to you. I didn’t forget. Sending you lots of love for the day. I took the kids to the local store that does Christmas presents for the poor and we added a donation on behalf of your birthday this year. It wasn’t much, but it was all we could stretch at the moment, and my thought processes lately is a little scrambled so it was all I could muster up to do this year…. Sorry will make up for it next year I promise. Hope you enjoyed your “You Time” and had an awesome birthday.

    Thank you Jo, It is so nice to be hearing from you. I thank you for the act of kindness. No act is ever measured by its size.

  13. summerrain63 says:

    Hope you dont mind me stopping by…Every day is a milestone to celebrate but on this particular day…your mother and father cherished it..because you chose this day to grace their lives…its a day I know as a parent…the birth of my child is always a day I treasure…so Happy birthday…enjoy your alone time…and hope you enjoyed your dinner with your brother…

    I am very happy to have you stop by anytime. I thank you so much for your kind wishes. I can relate to your feelings the births of my daughters are special moments etched in my mind and heart forever.

  14. cocorue says:

    Hey Bill, I’m sooooo late and I trust you did have a very very happy and loved birthday.

    I thank you for showing me how to enjoy each and every day ( I try and when I slack, I think of you…)
    I really wish you well and I thank you for humbling me……muuuuuuuuuahz Bill

    Have a happy Christmas and I know your loved ones must feel so special that you are in their lives

    coco and mumster lilian

    I thank you so very much for both the birthday and Christmas wishes. A very Merry Christmas to you.

  15. Sara says:

    Happy belated bday Uncle Bill!!! or in German Herzlichen Gluckwunsche zum dein Geburtstag :)) I can’t wait to see you at christmas time!!!! Love you!

    your favourite niece :))

    Now you know you are my favorite niece. Really excited at the thoughts of being able to see you at Christmas.

  16. babychaos says:

    Ah but a birthday is a good thing to have, it’s good to take time out, take time off and enjoy being pampered.

    I hope you were.

    Happy Birthday!



    BC, I thank you for the birthday wishes

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