Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Fairness

When I pray I speak to God, when I meditate I slow my mind enough to hopefully hear His reply. Now it really would be nice if during meditation I was actually able to hear His voice and get His message. Sadly, for me it just doesn’t work that way. All I hear is the silence of the room or possibly the music I have playing in the back ground.

What I do find though is so very often is that after the meditation even a day or two later a thought will just seemingly come to mind out of no where. It may be a new thought on some sort of issue I am dealing with. It may be a thought I have already had but suddenly see it from a slightly different angle. I can’t explain it I just know it helps me.

Right now I have two of those out of no where thoughts running around in my head. They have a lot of running room in this bowling ball head of mine.

I have heard or read a phrase that is to the effect: “No one said life would be fair or easy, just that it is good.”

Life is good, I have written that many many times. I just don’t have the words to really adequately describe how good it is.

In an email I had a question posed to me. If I had just minutes to give one last message, what would it be? My answer today would be simply: “stop wasting time on life, just live it”

Now what do I mean by wasting time on life? Maybe this is where the two thoughts rambling around in my head come together. Life is not always fair or easy,  but it is good. I think maybe it would be better put to say: “life can be good and is as good as we choose to make it.” Life isn’t always fair it seems, other people aren’t always fair to us.” To that I say, accept it as a fact of life, the way the world works bad things can happen to good people.

Here is where I get to the wasting time part. (finally). Other peoples actions or attitudes do not have to affect me, that is unless I allow it to. Any single moment of time spent in any sort of negative manner is a moment of joy lost for ever. Ask yourself this, how much time on a daily basis do you spend with your mind set in a negative manner? This is the wasted time I am referring to.

Now, I can just imagine many automatically thinking to themselves. “Yeah, that is fine for him to say. If he knew what my life was like. If he knew all that I have to deal with, he would understand my situation is different.”

Everyone is going to think their situation is different, that they are being treated so badly that it is impossible to get any joy out of life.The actions of others reflect on themselves, affecting us only if we allow it.

I know, I know: “IT IS JUST NOT FAIR”.Look at the big picture of life and stop wasting time on the meaningless little things that sap our strength and deprive us of love and joy.

Being treated “fairly” is something I have had to deal with of late. I ask you this. Please take a moment and really think about your life. Think about both the good and the “bad”.  Try to put the entire picture in prospective. Now I know if you have that negative mind set going on, it may even be difficult to see the positive or at least much of it. The perceived negatives may far out way any positives you see.

OK, now think about this and I ask if you think this is fair. I will be 57 in a few days. Now is this fair? I have a gimpy heart that I know could give out at virtually any time. Heart failure with edema, I need pills to make me pee. I have a brain tumor, diabetes, epilepsy,  sleep apnea, carpal tunnel, peripheral neuropathy…. is having all of that fair. OK, you looked at your life and at mine. Want to trade places?

Life may not always seem fair, but it is so worth it. See past the little annoyances, let them roll off you like water off of a ducks back. Remember today’s big issues likely will have even been forgotten in a couple of months, so is it worth spoiling your day today. let it go.

Wow I am full of “sayings” today. There is another one to the effect: “The Good Lord will never lead us anywhere, in which He will not be there to help us through.”

7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Fairness

  1. will says:

    keep on positive thinking.

    thank you

  2. will says:

    I’m asking your permittion to add you as link in my blogroll

    I would be honored

  3. Jaymie says:

    Glorious observations for good living. We only have this moment for sure, the rest are a gamble. Thank you again Bill for reminding me to live it full!

    Jamie, I thank you for stopping by and leaving this comment. I hope you have a wonderful day

  4. Tasneem R says:

    Thank you would be a very tiny word for all your kindness and humanity . I feel really sorry for you having so many health problems and also feel glad that you are trying to make a difference in our lives by telling us such good things..

    Can I Change the World? – How do you view your power equation with the world?

    I thank you for your kind words. I am a lucky man, I do have quite the list of ailments but generally they don’t bother me that much, or I try not to let them. In my own rambling way I am trying to make a difference in some lives by just encouraging all to just look at their lives and appreciate all they do have.
    I popped in and took the test, actually I took it twice. First time I took it answering as I feel today. Second time I answered as I know I would have but a few years ago. Have I ever changed my thinking, A LOT.

  5. summerrain63 says:

    Sometimes on days when I am tired…deflated…I just stop by here and suddenly…I remember once again…how truly blessed I am for the life I have..thank you

    Hi summerrain, I thank you for your kind words. I am happy to hear you are able to see the blessings in your life. Our lives can be filled with all the blessings in the world, but if we can’t open our eyes to see them as such, they seem to count for nothing.
    Have a good day my friend

  6. Mel says:

    Yeah…it ain’t ‘fair’ and it ain’t ‘right’.
    Honestly, in the midst of the storm, when I find those words coming out of my mouth or running through my head I try to come up with a person or two I’d hand it over to.

    Ummmm…..no one. Zilch.

    Better me–which says something for the resentments I’ve moved on from. Was a day, yaknow…..

    ((((((( Bill )))))))
    Today was a very good day–even with all the trials and tribulations. 🙂

  7. babychaos says:

    My prayers go something like this…

    “Hello God. You know I’m as deaf as a post so here I am, do what you want with me.”

    Then I just go on living and let him make suggestions as I go about my day.

    Just wanted to share that with you!



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