Dying Man’s Daily Journal Prayer request and laughter

I am feeling fine, just no energy, tired and worn out. Having a hard time getting my lazy butt in gear. i do apologize to those that have left me comments or sent email to which I have not responded. I am so far behind I don’t know if I will ever get caught up. Hey, what can I say I work in “Bill” time or at “Bill” speed. Please know I do read and appreciate everyone, please keep them coming.

The same applies to email. I am way way behind in responding to so many messages, what can I say “Bill” speed of doing things. Just looked 167 messages in the inbox. Now these all certainly aren’t new messages today, but are a build up over the past several months, I suppose. Some days I receive no messages at all, other days I may receive 25 or 30. On these bigger days I quickly peruse the list and put aside those that I think will be jokes or wise sayings. (I love getting these and do get to them, please keep them coming). I TRY to concentrate first on the messages from those i know are in a painful or difficult situation. Now remember we are talking about dopey headed memory guy here, sometimes I miss seeing a “real” message.

A prime example of this is a message I received several days ago from our dear blogging friend Jo. For a couple of years now Jo has been a great supporter of and contributor to the blog. About 5 or 6 weeks ago,  Jo disappeared completely.Growing concerned I sent her an email. Now picture me slapping myself on the head, I missed seeing her reply. Sorry Jo.

Today, I ask for prayers for Jo and her entire family. They are in the midst of a very difficult time. I never share personal information received in an email so I will not elaborate on the situation, but do ask for the prayers. At the end of her email, Jo asked me to pass along her best to all of her blogging friends here and assure all she will be returning asap. Jo, you are missed and I do hope you do manage to return soon.

While I am on the subject of emails, it has me thinking. I do get a lot of jokes sent to me, I love them and hope they will keep coming. I may not immediately get to them, but I will get there and have a good laugh. Laughter is something we can never have to much of in our lives. Laughter brings joy to our hearts.

Now don’t get me wrong I am in favor of at least trying to be politically correct of trying not to offend others by simply mis-speaking. Now I so agree there must be a line somewhere, a joke can go quickly from being funny to being cruel. Now that is just plain wrong, period.

Now society as a whole gives guide lines as to where that line in the sand should be drawn. The tricky part is we each individually draw our own line in the sand. Now remember common sense must prevail here, but I have to wonder. Are we so sensitive to political correctness that we are depriving ourselves and others laughter. I mean come on, if a joke is funny it is funny.

Have we  become so sensitive that we automatically take things personally. Have we become so suspicious of  and so untrusting of others that we are constantly on guard. On guard to ensure we don’t fall victim to the jokes of a racist or a sexist or what ever. Now I do know such people are indeed out there but they are in the minority.

Listen to a joke looking for the humor. Laugh if it is funny, don’t spend your time trying to find ways in which you assume it is meant to be derogatory to yourself. I never believe people tell me jokes to laugh at me, they tell me the jokes to laugh with me.

I ask this, would it be considered politically incorrect or maybe insensitive to send “a poor dying man” jokes about dying. Well I don’t at least not im my case. Taking about it, joking about it, laughing about it actually helps ease the load. Now I haven’t had any lately but in the past I have receive all sorts of them. Usually they involve 3 guys arriving at the Pearly Gates, a catholic, a protestant and a guy named Bill. Or an Englishman, and Irishman and a guy named Bill. That poor guy named Bill never seems to fair so well. If it is funny it is funny and I will get a good laugh.

How about telling me some good ones. I will help you out, giving you enough ammunition you can come up with some good ones. OK, besides this dying thing, I am folically  (spelling ??) challenged (bald), vertically challenged (to heavy for my height). I am part English and part Irish.

I challenge you to give me a good laugh. Remember i never judge people by the quality of a joke, I may judge the quality of the joke and either give it a laugh or a groan but that is all.


3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal Prayer request and laughter

  1. Cat says:

    Sending prayers and good thoughts for Jo and her family! Now I’ll have to go digging through my trusty “Humor” file in my email to find some good jokes for you, Bill!

  2. Mel says:

    Oh man…..have I never told you that I get the punch lines all messed up and laugh so much when I’m trying to retell a joke that I can’t get it out right?!
    Yeah, well….LOL I DO!

    But I’ll see if I can cut and paste one….maybe it’s easier than retelling? *laughing* I’ll probably get that messed up too!

    I do send prayers for Jo and her family. I wondered how it was going for her and was hoping her absence was just about the holidays claiming her time.

    (((((((((( Jo ))))))))))

    Rest when weary.
    (yeah yeah yeah…nag, nag, nag!)

  3. Tasneem R says:

    Hi Sir Bill… Yes surely I’ll pray for Jo since you’ve asked . Also please don’t feel so sorry about not being able to reply to all the emails and comments which you’ve received .. That’s fine 🙂 Hearing from you sooner or later is always fun , I’m happy ! 😀
    The Blogging Test- What kind of blogger are you?

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