Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spending our time

Haven’t been feeling to spry this past few days. I suppose it is more just feeling really tired and worn out. I have the luxury of being able to take a nap when ever I please and have really been taking advantage of that. A day certainly does fly by when you sleep most of it away.

As with everything in life I have to find the right balance. When I woke from what was I think my 3rd. nap yesterday the thought really hit me. I am sleeping so much of my precious time away. Here is where finding the right balance comes in.. There are times in life when we do have to push ourselves just to get things done. Each of us need to find the balance the right point between just being lazy and over doing it. The big question is how hard do we push ourselves? Push too hard and it is at the expense of your health. The opposite side of the coin is, don’t push yourself hard enough and you can become just plain old  lazy. That can also be at the expense of your health and at the same time deny you the ability to really live life.

I have to really think on this. Could I be pushing myself harder, of course I could. Could I push myself to the point I go through the day without napping at all, of course I could. I have done it many times. We can always push ourselves a little harder to get a little more done.

Quantity, is something that is not guaranteed in life. This applies to everything in our physical lives. This applies to everything from the amount of money we have, the number of friends we have, right down to the amount of time we have. Here we are back to “our time”. I have heard of time being referred to as our most valuable asset, our most valuable commodity.

For me to get things straight in my head, I often need to come up with a physical comparable. This is what I have come up with.

I think everyone will agree, money is a valuable asset, we need it. We use it to buy our food, clothing, shelter, all the necessities of life. For most of us, it is usually in short supply. We struggle through the month budgeting and spending our money wisely. We know we have a limited quantity of it, we make due with what we have and try to make the most of it.

I take that same thought process and now apply it to our time on this earth. For each of us individually our time on this earth is a very valuable “commodity” our most valuable resource. We need to understand it is a “limited” resource and a “non renewable” resource.

I am not sure how well I was able to use my comparable. We spend our time, we spend our money. As we near  the end of any given month we may run out of money and look back regretting the way we may have foolishly wasted it throughout the month. We may struggle then but are comforted knowing another pay cheque is but days away. In that way money is a renewable resource.

Our time is not. When we near the end of our days, will we be looking back full of regret over how foolishly we spent and wasted so much precious time. Please just think about it.

These thoughts are brought to mind and reenforced in my mind as I read a recent comment left here on the blog. Earlier this morning I put up a post asking for prayers. Please read the comment, I think if pretty much says it all.


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spending our time

  1. Luigi Fulk says:

    I glad reading your post. Thank you so much for provide great information.

  2. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    Just read the prayer call for Gaetano–he’ll be at the top of my prayer list. Calling all angels! I hope he finds comfort in knowing that he’s actually quite blessed! Think of it as an AWAKENING. He’s lucky that these revelations have come to him while he’s still able to do something about it. There’s a big message in his post for all of us.
    Hope all is well with you and that your energy level rebounds as you hope it will. Finding the balance isn’t easy and I struggle with it on a minute by minute basis. There’s such a fine line between laziness and listening to the body.
    Hope you have an enlightening and fulfilling week, Wiseman.

  3. Cat says:

    It is always difficult to find the right balance. I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue and in the past I have found myself giving in and not really doing much of anything because I just didn’t feel I had the energy. I ended up feeling bored and shut off from the world. The lazier I was, the less energy I had, and it became a cycle that fed on itself. Over the past few years I’ve found that when I push myself just a little bit to do things that I enjoy or that I just plain need to do, even if I’m feeling tired or in pain, I am so much happier. Of course, as you said, the right balance is the key because you don’t want to push yourself too much and overdo it. Here’s hoping you find that balance!

  4. Seeing shorter posts from you shows me you’re really not feeling well, I’m used to Bill’s long posts which I read from start to finish and let me tell you I’m not a fan of long posts but yours I could read 12 pages.
    May the angels guide and keep protecting you

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