Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Finding Happiness

Sadly, as all things do, this weekend has come to an end. Only moments ago Aunt Isabel, cousin Carol with hubby Garry left to begin the drive home to Swan River. It really was a wonderful weekend and I do thank them so much for making the trip. Carol and Garry spent the weekend with his family here in the city as it was his birthday. Happy birthday Garry.

Aunt Isabel is again returning to Swan River holding the title of World Champion. Yup, she won the crib championship and more than once. Over the weekend we must have held the championship tournament 5 or 6 times. Can’t really remember how many times, but I do remember, I actually won it once and I do mean won it, not one of my default wins, although I do think my default win should count. lol.

We have a lot of fun joking around about this champion thing, but when it comes right down to it, neither of us care in the slightest about who wins. It is the sharing of company and doing something we both enjoy.

I am just sitting here thinking. My life, your life, everyone’s life is filled with blessings. Love and happiness surround us, we just have to take the time and open our eyes enough to see it right there in front of us. Not only see it but take the time to enjoy and appreciate it. Happiness is right there in front of us all we just need to open our eyes and our hearts enough to see it.

I am not even sure where I am heading with this thought but I can feel a ramble coming on.

I can only imagine some may read this and think to themselves, “so big deal you played a few games of cards with your Aunt. I don’t have time for such foolishness, I have far to many important things in life to waste time like that.” To that I can only respond, “huh, well maybe you should give your head a shake.  Look at your life, do you have enough joy and happiness in it? If not just maybe we have discovered at least a part of the reason why.

For Aunt Isabel and I our pass time of choice is playing crib. I have thrown in all of this championship stuff as it give me pleasure in just yapping about it or even whining about it when I lose. None of that matters, all that matters is spending the  time together doing something we enjoy. Times like that can even be used to block out the rest of the world.

I am struggling for words here. So, I played a few games of cards with my Aunt, big deal. Well to me it is a big dead. For each of us any event is what we choose to make of it. Just have your eyes open, happiness is there. It well may not be playing cards, just look and you will see it.

Attitude is everything, Aunt Isabel actually reminded me of that many times over the weekend. With NO exceptions attitude will give you love and joy or it can give you a miserable life. The choise is our alone to make.

Geesh, I did get off on a ramble.

Aunt Isabel, I thank you for a wonderful weekend. Now I warn you young lady, don’t get too comfortable with the idea of being “World Champion”. I will be back

8 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Finding Happiness

  1. Carol Anderson says:

    Vi and Bill,

    The Anderson mobile has landed home safely. We ran into abit of snow around Dauphin. We had to wrap the CROWN to protect it from the elements.

    Belle is celebrating her champioship. She will continue to sharpen her crib skills with Garry as her personal coach. Belle thinks Bill should lay off the renos and concentrate on his crib skills.

    Belle wishes to convey thanks to Vi and Bill for all the hospitality and a great weekend. Belle will be back to defend her title. Date to be announced.

    Vi, Belle was saying how good the scalloped potatoes were. Carol would like to know the ingredients in the sauce please.

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  3. Cat says:

    Oooo, now I’m hungry for scalloped potatoes! Maybe Vi could share her recipe on the blog! Unless, of course, it’s a closely-guarded secret recipe.

    Bill, I’m so glad you had such an enjoyable weekend with your aunt. It really is the little things in life that make it worth living.

  4. Esther says:

    Your aunt Isabel sounds like a very wise woman. I believe my sister choose to have a positive attitude, and that positive attitude, is what keeps her going each day going.

  5. Mel says:

    *waving at Esther* Nice to have you here, ma’am!

    And Bill……congratulations on the one REAL win of the trophy. (short as it might have been!)

    Happy Birthday to Garry (belated).

    And of course happiness is a choice. You’da been hard pressed to convince me of that, once upon a time, but today I KNOW that one’s true.

    (((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))

  6. Jaymie says:

    Smiling as I prepare to sit down to a joyful breakfast with my son and his girlfriend. I imagine we won’t talk about much and I will be beaming. Joy in the moment. Thank you Bill.

  7. You have a great time, it’s always nice to read a happy post from you Bill.. Before I forget, I have a links page on my website, please check it out and tell me what you think of your blog’s description. If you hate it or you want something added feel free to leave a comment or sign the guestbook with your suggestions. I don’t wanna write the wrong things and offend people.

  8. I found your blog recently and have been visiting it . I think your way of thinking is good. keep up the good work. If interested in link exchange please contact me.

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