Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Please Prayers for Vi’s Mum

Yesterday, I mentioned a special prayer request, I would be making.

I ask for prayers for Vi’s mum, Nellie Chevillard. Nellie is in her 80’s and was hopitalized after taking a nasty fall. Nellie is a very determined and independant soul. Needing the use of the bathroom and upon finding the one on the main floor of her home was in use, she quietly went about climbing the stairs to the bathroom on the second level of the home.

She navigated her way part way up the stairs before taking the express elevator down. That is she came down heal over heels. Her trip up the stairway was done in such silence no one realized she was up and about. Not so with the trip down apparently the thumping and banging drew the attention of all.

An ambulance was called and she was rushed to the hospital. Thankfully xrays show no broken bones, just scraps and some really nasty looking bruises. Based on the bruises I saw nasty looking is an understatement.

Blessings can sometimes come in the most unexpected forms. How could this be considered a blessing in disguise. The xrays while revealing no broken bones did show a huge build up of fluid around her heart and lungs. Big enough that if left unattended could have well been fatal. Fluid build up, congestive heart failure is something I am very familiar with. Medication was and still is being administered to help her pass the excess fluid. Tests are scheduled to help determine the cause of this build up. Prayers please.

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Please Prayers for Vi’s Mum

  1. jel says:

    ya got it!

    sending them both a hugg

  2. redtinheart says:

    i will be saying prayers Bill..xoxo Nita

  3. Sherry Howdle says:

    Hi Bill,

    It’s been a while since I have checked in on you. Sorry to hear about Vi’s Mom, sending her plenty of well wishes for a speedy recovery. She sounds like a tough lady, and you can’t keep a good woman down for long.

    I was reading back a few days on your blog comments and read about Mom’s (Aunt Isabel’s) impending visit. I can see why the big networks were torn about what to cover – It is Grey Cup weekend with two teams who have not been at the Cup playoffs for awhile. The Championship of the World – although a fairly new event – is gaining momentum and the networks will want to cash in on that – however, she has beaten you for several years in a row. The outcome has already been written in the stars I am afraid to say. She is the Tiger Woods of crib! You may get a good shot out of the bunker, and think you can catch her, but then she gets a 24-hand in her crib!
    That’s not to say I don’t have faith in you Bill. If anyone can give her a run for her money, I’m sure it is you! However – you are going to need a small miracle to make this happen. So,this morning I took the time to look around for one. I’m sorry to say the sun came up as usual in the East. I didn’t see a shooting star, or a blazing comet. The earth did not stop rotating on it’s axis, and even though I stared at the clock for a good two minutes – time did not stand still. I’d say your hooped Bill. Time to chalk it up as another defeat losing the Championship of the World. I hope that she at least let’s you make a game out of it – and doesn’t skunk you in the first five minutes.

    Hope you are having a fabulous visit! Enjoy! Sherry

  4. Jaymie says:

    sending them up…

  5. Doraz says:

    You got it! The VERY best!

  6. Cat says:

    Prayers sent! I’m so glad to hear she wasn’t seriously injured in the fall, and that it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I hope they will be able to determine the cause of the fluid build-up and get it under control.

  7. Mel says:

    *sending prayers and healing thoughts*

    Gosh–sounds like a nasty fall and I’m glad for the ‘no broken bones’. But gosh…..

    ((((((((((( Vi ))))))))))))


    (and there’s always that chance that YOU could walk away with the trophy, sir–slim if involves someone who gets a 24 crib! HOLY moly…..LOL)

  8. shirley says:

    Hi Bill,
    First love and prayers to Vi’s mom, that does not sound pleasant – poor thing.
    Secondly, thanks for the great posts. I do not always write – I feel quite inadequate after your wonderful wordings – but also I am sharing the computer with a teenager and 4 adults. The way to watch football here on Sunday is to have the sports radio on in the garage, tv on in the den with the computer showing updates on the other games! Yeah! Glad to hear the kitchen renos are done or close to it by the sounds of it. You sure have a lot of special people in your life, giving of their talents and time.
    I read Sherry’s post and have to say I have nothing to add. I hope you do get to hoist the cup just once at least but it may not “be in the cards!’ sorry about that one! I loved your idea abaout the default,it was quite amusing – whatever it takes I guess. Don’t know if it makes you feel any better, but I have been in your shoes. good luck – I will keep checking in. I am so glad the weather held out and she was able to make it for a visit as she has such a fabulous time. You and Vi are wonderful hosts.

  9. Oh Christ I’m sorry to hear this and I’m sending buckets of prayers right now and every morning, afternoon and night. She’ll heal, positive thinking helps… But the fluids, are they the result of the fall or were they already there? If they were then falling helped because the doctors were able to detect the fluids.. Yeah they should’ve been detected without her having to fall. I wish her a speedy recovery

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