Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Feeling sentimental

I’ve had a really relaxing day. Have done NOTHING, just laid around and spent a lot of time napping.

I think it is a conbination of two separate posts that have me thinking, in that mushy sort of way. Dear blogging friend Jo left a comment on how she spent time with her daughter as her daughter did her nails for her. Then there is the comment from Sage’s mommy. For any that may not have realized it from past comments, Sage’s mommy is my daughter Billie. Sage being one of my grand daughters. Little Miss Sage is a true princess as is her younger sister Miss Emery. They are princesses in the realm of my heart.

Jo’s comment about her daughter doing her nails brought back so many wonderful memories. Now, I think of myself as a Macho guy?? Hmm, strange since I have wonderful memories of wearing make up, having my nails done and having all sorts of clips and ribbons in my hair. When they were very young my own two daughters Billie and Shauna loved getting me all decked out. I loved spending that time with them. I seem to remember the make up being applied a lot on the heavy side. They put such effort in to making me up to be beautiful, there was always a lot of laughing involved. A lot of the laughing seemed to be at how I looked but I was laughing having fun right along with them. When my grand daughters reach that age, if they are looking for a face to practice their make up applying skills, well here I am.

I am feeling really sentimental. I suppose this shows the two ways you can look at everything. I am thinking back to when Princess Sage was just little, not a big girl like she is now. I am not sure she must have been maybe a year or maybe a year and a half old. They were visting here at the house. She loved standing at one corner of the living room window and just look out at the world. She would manage to get her finger prints and lip prints all over that little section of the window.

Now here are the two ways you can look at it. You can only see a smudgy area on the window and rush to clean it. Or,

I didn’t see smudges or finger prints, I saw my little princess standing there leaving kisses on the window for grandpa to remember the visit by. I didn’t want them washed off and would let them get washed off.

If anyone were to comment: “you have some smudges on the bottom of your window. I would just reply: “Yeah, I know, aren’t they beautiful


6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Feeling sentimental

  1. Jaymie says:

    Beautiful moments…I love those kind of smudges too.

    Hi Jaymie, aren’t they beautiful.

  2. Mel says:

    Himself and I had the bug for three nights and four days.
    I dare say there’s teething rings on the table and the bouncy walker thingy is still in the livingroom.

    Is it clutter?
    Just ‘bug dust’.

    Yeah, yeah….I’ll get it put away in time.
    Today isn’t the time. πŸ™‚

    (((((((((((( Jo )))))))))))))
    Outta the mouth of babes, eh?
    In this ‘hurry up’ world, it’s good to have that ‘wee’ reminder to slow down.
    I thank you for sharing yours with me.

    (thanks for resting, sir!)

    Hi Mel, I like that term “bug dust”. We often have bug dust around the house.

  3. Gloria says:

    Hi Bill,
    Hope you are feeling better to day, and will get good news from the doctor very soon.
    One of the best thing about having daughters is that pampering doesn’t stop. My oldest daughter cuts and colors my hair, and often does my make-up if we are going somewhere special. And my other two girls are wonderful “fashion coordinators”. Really keeps me in the loop, I am very conservative, and although I don’t follow all their advise, they do take me out of my comfort zone. Don’t we always learn the most from the children in our lives? Even in their words, they don’t color code, they just speak their minds, which is usually very honest.

    Take Care.

    Hey there cousin Gloria it really is nice to hear from you. You will certainly get no argument out of me, having daughters is wonderful.
    Now Gloria you say you are too conservative for some of your daughters fashion suggestions. Hmm, next time you are going out, I say wear that micro mini skirt and halter top, you rock girl

  4. Doraz says:

    What are you gonna do?
    Just put on that great smile of yours…
    and then you will feel brand new!
    Happy Tuesday!

    Hi Doraz and a happy Wednesday to you. I did need a little rest, but I am back up smiling and at it.
    Thank you my friend

  5. blissbait says:

    Like the joyful smudges on our hearts! So sweet. And dude…..I LOVE the whole make-up thing. That is SO fun and funny! What a wonderful dad You are! Thanks for the smile and Cheers and Namaste. πŸ™‚

    Hi bliss, I thank you for the kind comment. There are little moments of what may be considered by many to be just silly, but they leave a foot print on my heart. I am a lucky man

  6. planetcity1 says:

    Hey, Bill:
    Here’s a ‘good news’ story for you:

    I love good news stories thanks for sharing

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