Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Would you help a starfish

I was just reading a comment from my dear blogging friend Mel. She reminded me of the starfish story. I have been writing about and comments have been left about how changing the world must be done one person at a time, bit by bit, never giving up. All working to do our little part. The starfish story pretty much expresses it all.

I knew I had shared it before. I had to do a little digging but found it way back in March/08. Wow in some ways that seems so long ago. I am feeling tired and so am going for today just copy my post from back then.

A woman was walking along a beach when she saw a man scooping up starfish off the sand and tossing them into the waves. Curious, she asked him what he was doing. He replied “When the tide goes out it leaves these starfish stranded on the beach. They will dry up and die before the tide comes back in, so I am throwing them back into the sea where they can live.”

The woman laughed, “But this beach is miles long and there are hundreds of stranded starfish, most will die before you reach them – do you really think throwing back a few starfish is going to make a difference?”

The man picked up a starfish and looked at it and threw it into the waves. “It makes a difference to this one” he said.

I received this wonderful story as part of a comment left by my new good blogging friend, Jennie. I thank you so much for this Jennie, the story is so inspirational. There really is so much we can all learn from it.

In the story here we have a man seemingly taking on a hopeless or maybe even seemingly a useless task. There are miles of beach all of which he alone can’t possibly cover to save all of the starfish. But, does he give it up as a useless or hopeless task, NO. He realizes you Maybe can’t mean the world to everyone, but you can be the world to someone. He was doing his part, to help the world and meant the world to those starfish he did save.

I meant it when I said he was doing his part to help the world, he realize that every little bit counts, every little bit helps. He was showing his true character and the size of his heart by helping a living thing in trouble. I can only imagine that a man with a heart this big would be also helping other people in anyway he could with that same determined effort. Realizing every little bit helps, no extra effort is to small and no one would be seen as being not worth his help. He would just do what he could and I am sure felt better in his heart for knowing he did what he could.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all did that, had that attitude. If we all just did what we could instead of just throwing up our hands in despair, thinking this task, this problem, whatever is just to big, so big that nothing I could ever do would make a difference. That thinking is just so wrong as truly every little bit helps. Love is what make this world go around. It is the one thing there really can never be to much of. It truly is a case of the more the better. You have it in your heart, an inexhaustible supply of love. By showing it, sharing it through a simple act of kindness to another can be your way of doing your bit to make the world a better place.

Sharing this love can and will have its own rewards as you will feel the very love in your heart that you are giving away is growing, more than you can imagine.


7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Would you help a starfish

  1. Jaymie says:

    Thank you for this. I was taking up a neighbor’s trash can yesterday, they have young twin girls and have their hands full, it made me think of you. I’ve been taking grocery carts up for folks and leaving extra change in meters. I’m going to find better, bigger things to help with but these are things I can do now. I make sure I smile when I do it, even if nobody seems to be watching. It makes me happy and I want it to show.

    Hi Jaymie.
    I just read the comment you left me and I thing it is so really wonderful what you are doing. You make me proud to be able to call you my internet friend.

  2. blissbait says:

    i see such kindness
    out and about all the time
    it’s everywhere ya’ll!

    Seriously…seems I see more people picking up trash, holding doors for one another, leaping to lend a hand. We are all so lovely and it seems to me that the worse the headlines get on the grander scale of things we can’t control that people are stepping up more and more on a personal level to make the world loving. It’s permeating. It’s spreading. Cowrazy cool! Cheers, Thank You, and Namaste All! 🙂

    This is so nice to hear, I am seeing the same. The world really is full of such wonderful people. That is true no matter where in this world you are.
    Thanks for sharing this

  3. Doraz says:

    I have a special place in my heart for the elderly and disabled. I find it very enlightening to talk to many people and hear their stories. To me, the gift of time has no price tag! 🙂

    doraz your big, loving heart is showing

  4. The story truly is inspirational and I’ve noticed how passionate you are about the kindness idea… Well Bill my friend, I’m gonna do my best to spread it from right here in my bed.

    you go girl, rock the world

  5. Mel says:

    I love the starfish story, yaknow?

    It kinda reminds me of me….waiting to see if someone would bother to pick me up and give me a chance at life.
    Luckily, they did.

    And gratefully, I’m surrounded by people who still bring life to me.
    Did ya know you were one of ’em?

    ((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))

    Thank you Mel , your light shines through to me and for that I thank you daily.

  6. Jo Hart says:

    Wow I forgot about this story. I remember reading it and thinking this is great and so true. It’s actually what I needed to hear, embracing a few problems myself where I’m kinda in the stage of do I bury my head or do I soldier on…… I know I know, soldier on it is, and I will, sometimes it seems so great that burying your head in the sound, is kinda sounding like the better option…… Thanks Mel for remembering this story, it’s what I needed.

    And yeah Mel…… Who could possibly not of picked you up and given you a chance at life, your soul radiates kindness and love and did so even when you were in your deepest darkest moments. We all love ya ya know!!!!

    (((((((Mel & Bill)))))) Thanks for the reminder and again another kick up the bum…….

    Hi Jo, I sent you an email. It kept coming back undelivered. Memory guy here realized I was sending it to your old address.
    At time the mere thought of soldiering on seems to just suck, we both know it really is the thing to do.
    Be well my friend, and good luck with what ever the issues are.

  7. Mel says:

    ((((((((((( Jo ))))))))))))

    Soldier on. You’ve got lots of prayers being said for you–and lots of people who are for you!

    *HUGE hugs*

    Mel, you are right Jo is such a good friend to us, I know many are praying.

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