Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Why aren’t we swimming in kindness?

Wow, I must have been at a big party on Sunday, it sure wore me out. But, wore me out in such a very nice way. spent most of yesterday dozing in and out. It was one of those really comfortable contented sleeps. You know when you sort of wake up every once in a while. When you do sort of wake up you just have that wonderful feeling, “ah, this feels so good I am going to just stay here for a while longer.” That repeated itself over and over for a good part of my day.

I am not really sure how to describe what I am feeling. It is something like “basking” in the warm glow of the feeling of love being spread around the world.

In the past I have often quoted a “Bill” statistic about the people of this world. I believe that about 90% of all are just regular good, kind, honest hard working people doing their very to get through each day in the best way they can. At any given time about 5% are carrying out their role as Earth Angels. The remaining 5%, well lets just call them jerks for lack of a better term. i do believe that no matter where you go in this world that is about what or who you will encounter. Now it is important to realize that the lines that separate these groups are not carved in stone and that each and everyone of us is in constant motion continually floating back and forth between the “groups”. Yes, I mean we can all be jerks at times, it all depends on the situation or circumstance. Just think about that.

Now using these very official “Bill” statistics that simply means that at any given time the vast, vast majority of people on this planet are wonderful people with hearts just bursting with love and kindness.

Now, I have to ask myself. If 95% of the population have hearts just bursting with love and kindness, why are we not just floating it it. It would seem to me, there should be so much love and kindness floating around that we would have reached the point, where if I reached to scratch my ear, there would be numerous kind people just waiting to offer to do it for me or anyone else. Why don’t we see that?

I have to go out. I was going to carry on listing some of the reasons I see for what is happening. Maybe, instead I will post this as it is for now. I ask you for your ideas on this. I will get back to it maybe later today or tomorrow for sure. Please give me your thoughts on this idea of mine.


10 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Why aren’t we swimming in kindness?

  1. Jaymie says:

    I think it is math related. You know how it takes 5 positives to counter 1 negative? It seems like folks grow complacent when there is no negatives to counter balance, or worse, they are overwhelmed by the ratio and just give up. It’s kind of like a good meal at a restaurant – if something is bad you call the manager over to complain, if your meal is good do you remember to call the manager over for a job well done?

    Hi Jaymie, you have me thinking with this. I believe you are correct the positives and negatives don’t usually offset themselves to well in most lives.
    Thank you for sharing this

  2. Doraz says:

    I believe once a person has found inner peace, they are able to radiate the goodness within themselves more freely. Sadly, the journey is sometimes longer for some, and they do not know how to respond to life.

    Hi Doraz, ah that elusive inner peace sought after by all but found by so few. I am still working on it but am getting there. I do believe you are correct in what you are saying. But, do we have to wait to achieve inner peace before we can outwardly show kindness?
    Please let me know what you think?


    The art is beautiful and I do thank you so very much. I am going to have it printed, framed and hang it right above the desk where I type. Thank you.

  4. I think it depends on what life has been like for a person. You may find that most very good people do not share themselves with the world because of their experiences, their trust levels, society, personal journey, it could be anything. Maybe someone tried to help someone before but got the Stay out of my business response, or the mind your business line. Therefore we end up living our lives not really minding our neighbour… It would be weird if I tried to scratch my head and 10 people wanted to do it for me though.

    Hi Silindile, very good points you have brought up here. Hey, especially when I am trying to scratch my back, I would love to have 10 people step up.
    I thank you

  5. Jo Hart says:

    Glad to hear it was such a good party and a great success. I have to agree with what Jaymie is saying though, we are so quick to judge the negative, when do we ever stop to thank the positive.

    Jo, right on about how we so quickly see the negative while all the positive in all parts of our lives can be just not notice.
    It was a good party, My thanks to you and entire family

  6. I believe what you say about the 95%. I do think, however, that life gets in the way of the kindness and so many are running around the spinning earth trying to make it through each day that they unknowingly walk in a cloud of inner stuff to think about the other. Not intentionally forgetting another soul next to them; just moving too quickly through time and space.

    I think people, many people, have forgotten how to slow down and breathe and look their fellow man in the eye and see the “him” in him.

    Hi and welcome to the site. This is much along my line of thinking. We are just so wrapped up in our own little worlds, so very busy with life, we can’t or won’t look to see what is around us.
    Nice to hear from you, hope to hear more.

  7. cocorue says:

    It could also be the fear of rejection ON TOP of what’s already been mentioned.

    Being honest and speaking for MYSELF, it’s not caring enough sometimes and just being too selfish to bother.

    Hi cocorue, welcome to the site. That fear of rejection is such a powerful reaction.
    I thank you for being so honest when you say it is sometimes not caring enough or just being to selfish. I think if we all really look deep within, that statement could be true for most of us at different times.
    Hope you will return and share again

  8. Cat says:

    I think it is a combination of factors. As others have already mentioned, often it is a matter of just not paying attention because we are too wrapped up in our own lives, and also the fear of rejection. I know in my case, sometimes it is not wanting to draw attention to myself or potentially embarrass or offend someone else by offering help that isn’t wanted or needed. (I will never forget the time in junior high when I noticed a student on crutches coming up behind me as I was entering the school building. I stopped and held the door open for him, and he yelled at me that he didn’t need my help.) I try to remind myself these days that I would much rather offer help that wasn’t needed than NOT offer help that WAS needed.

    Cat my friend this is not fair you have just written my post for tomorrow. Hey, that makes it easier for me, thank you

  9. Mel says:

    All the above, maybe?

    I could speculate for others–but I can only speak for myself.
    I get self absorbed.
    I forget that I’m not the only person on the planet who has ‘stuff’ going on.
    I fail to look past what’s going on for me at this given moment in time.
    I rush about.
    I go from one task to another.
    I fail to pause and breathe and LOOK cuz I’m either focused on what’s in front of me or what’s NEXT on the agenda…..

    Sucks….and that’s ‘stuff’ that I’ve made some concentrated efforts to change this week BECAUSE of your gift to me.
    But there you have it.

    Mel my friend that is not just you. I think what you have listed would apply to the majority of the world.

  10. cocorue says:

    Hey Bill,

    Just wanted to add this: I have done things for others who questioned my motives.

    Why must there always be ulterior motives? Can’t someone be nice/do nice/kind things WITHOUT any motives?

    I know I helped because I’d wanted to – no other reasons


    hi cocorue, we live in a world full of suspicion, never trusting the motives of another, they HAVE to have an agenda, but really do they.

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