Dying Man’s Daily Journal Party Prep

I am feeling a little nervous. I came up with this idea of having a blog party which is scheduled to start in a couple of hours. What is a blog party supposed to look like, I don’t have any idea. Any past experience i have had in organizing a party has consisted of picking up a case of beer and ordering a pizza. I guess I will just show up and see what happens.

Now I understand things are off to a shaky start already. From comments I read that my blog clock is set to the wrong time. Huh, until I read that I didn’t even know I had a blog clock. Hey cut me some slack here, I am working with a huge handicap, I am a MALE, that should explain it all.

So what is my idea or what is it I am hoping will happen? I am hoping it will be a small gathering of people, together to celebrate life. On a daily basis life is a gift not a given. If we can somehow come to appreciate that fact, can it is someway help us appreciate the wonderful blessings we have around us. Can it help us prioritize the things that are truly important to us in this life? I don’t know but I hope so.

I am celebrating the fact that I am alive. I hope that as any join me that they in fact will be celebrating the fact that they are alive. This is not intended to be a “Bill” thing. Yes, I invite you to celebrate with me the fact that I am alive, but please let me and all join with you as you celebrate the fact you are alive. So obviously as we can’t be together physically because of the vast distances that separate us, we can be together in spirit as we band together at the same time with our individual celebrations.

I will be signing on at about 9:45 central standard time (my time).
At 10:00am I will be saying and drinking a toast to all mankind:

“May the very best day in your past be not nearly as good as the worst day in your future.” My beverage of choise will be coffee but each to their own.

Either before or after that I ask all to say a short prayer of thanks. We often pray in time of need, sometimes we do give thanks for the blessing bestowed upon us in this life. Have you ever prayed thanking God for the very blessing of life itself. Please give it some thought and then do so. I am not going to be so presumptuous as to try to lead you in prayer. Please just do it in your own way in your own words.

I am hoping that we can then turn the blog into something akin to an open forum chat room. I am sure there will be time delays as posts appear so maybe patience will be required, I don’t know, more of the pesky male gene showing through.

I have asked that random acts of kindness be performed in honor of your say of celebration. Please share them with me.

It is an anniversary celebration for the blog also, if you have any memories of our time together that you would like to share, please do so.

Will be back in a couple of hours.


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