Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Happy Halloween

I love halloween. It is such an exciting time for the young ones. I enjoy going to the door, seeing the various costumes and handing out the treats.

I pray it is a fun filled, happy and safe time for all.

Well tomorrow is my big day. It is the 6th anniversary of the date the doctor told me I might have 2 years left and that was if I was lucky. Now that is a big reason for me to be celebrating.

Another reason to celebrate is I realize it is just over 3 years that I have been poking away here, sharing my rambling on this blog. A third anniversary, another reason to celebrate.

Plus, I see we are zooming in on 220,000 hits. Yikes more than I ever imagined that would be possible.

I do hope many will be joining me as I celebrate my life. It is my hope that as you join me you will be seeing it as a time to celebrate your own life. Life should be celebrated every day is a gift not a given.

Let’s please celebrate the wonders of our own lifes by going out and specifically performing one extra act of kindness. For whom the act is performed doesn’t matter, what the act is, how big or small it is doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we do something that comes straight from the heart a gesture of love and good will towards another.

As I think of celebrating the wonder experience this past 3 years of blogging has been. It gives me one of those reality checks I seem go get or maybe need every once in a while. I know I have written about my memory, it sucks and seems to be getting worse. I am embarrassed to say I even look at the contact list in my email and there are many name I just can’t remember. I know there have been so very many special times here and I also know so many I have forgotten. If you have any special memories please share them with me.

My tomorrows post I hope to have up later this evening. I will be on line from 9:45 until noon my time. I am not sure if it will work with time delays etc. but I hope we can celebrate together even if we are thousands of mile apart.

At exactly 10:00am I will be saying my prayer of thanks and drinking a toast to the well being of all.

7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Happy Halloween

  1. Mel says:

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Bill!!!!!


    I thought I had my random act all chosen for yesterday–so I’d be ready to report come tomorrow.
    G-d had other plans, it would seem.
    Not so fun things got in the way and I found myself on another journey……but I got the nudge and I spent my random act as He would have me.

    Not that I won’t make more happen. Himself is wondering what I’m up to…..LOL “Oh nothin’…..just being kind!”
    Kinda fun to have him watching me outta the corner of his eye and waiting for the other shoe to fall! LOL

    I hope LOADS of kiddos find their way to trick or treat at your place! 🙂


  2. God clearly had and still has other plans for you. You’ve outlived expectations and still pushing on.

    We can never really understand a lot of things but if I were to be selfish for just a few seconds I’d say you’ve survived and will still survive because you have a story to tell and people to inspire and lift up. Your 220 000 means 220 000 people have clicked on your blog, some had heard about it, some were sad, some were happy, some needed to know someone out get gets it, some stumbled upon it but I’ll tell you this, most people including myself read it because your bravery is unmatched.

    You write about your reality and you live it with your head up. So here’s to you Bill, happy I Am Alive day for tomorrow. May you see many many more years!

  3. Jo Hart says:

    Hey Bill just checking what time it is in your neck of the woods, as soon as I hit submit comment it goes up in your time frame….. Us Aussies are a bit backward you know, it’s 7.30am sunday my time here and can’t get the brain to work the maths, so doing it the easy way…..

  4. Jo Hart says:

    Ok, so your sound asleep at 3.30 in the morning, will be back about 1.30pm my time to help you celebrate….. Ohhhh I’m so excited, I love parties…. By the way Happy Halloween, we don’t celebrate it over here, although this year seems to be that they are trying to introduce it….. Not sure if it’s working though…. However, Happy Halloween to all……..

  5. Jennie says:

    I have a hunch that Bill has his a.m. & p.m. set backwards on his blog. Let’s see.

    There is a one hour time difference with Winnipeg where and I and it is currently 6:41 pm here.

  6. Jennie says:

    I’m not a wordpress user so I don’t know where you change the a.m./p.m. Maybe some of your followers who use wordpress will know.

    Anyway, when Jo checks back in, hopefully she will read this & recalculate.

    Isn’t it great? Because of the time change, ‘Glad I’m Alive Day’ will have 25 hours.

  7. Jennie says:

    Yep, the a.m. and p.m. are mixed up Jo. To make matters even more complicated, it looks like Winnipeg goes off daylight savings time tonight. Don’t know if there is a time change where you are. Will Bill remember to set his clock back one hour?

    Here’s link which might be helpful.


    The important thing is we are all here in spirit anyway.

    Hi Jennie, sorry if there is a mix up about the time on my blog. I haven’t paid enough attention to it to even realize this time mix up. You are right the am and pm are mixed on the blog. Would you know how I change that.
    I will be on line at 9:45am my time tomorrow morning. thanks for the reminder about the time change.
    PS I found how to change the time but think I messed it us even worse don’t know, so please don’t go by what ever time my blog shows.

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