Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spirits from the after life??

This is a little bit of a different post. Some very unusual things have happened since we began the kitchen reno.

I have written of how “I” undertook the task of demolishing and removing the existing cabinets and counter to prepare for the new. I put “I” in quotations as I did have a “little” help.

The existing cabinet were beautifully hand made by a real craftsman. The work, the detail that went into them was far beyond anything you would get today. Hours and hours of pains taking labor went into the construction. The problem was they were worn and tired after 60 years of use. It was time to replace them.

As I began to take them down, strange things began to happen.

Because of the way they were constructed, it was impossible to take the cabinets down in sections it was a board by board process. As I approached the cabinets, hammer in hand to take down the very first board, I suddenly felt an extreme chill and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I could have sworn I heard the word NO coming from somewhere. I looked around and saw a near by window was partially open. I put it down to being a gust of wind coming in and carried on. Now I am not so sure.

It is now a day or two later. Ladders and I do not get along well together. My balance is way off and I have been known to take the super speedy way down from a ladder. I want to get up to kneel on the counter top to give me better and easier access to the cabinet. I had my left foot on the second rung of the ladder and was in the process of placing my right knee on the counter. As I am doing this, I felt a distinct tug on the back of my belt. Not a violent tug but one strong enough to throw off my balance and put me back on the floor. At the time again I just put the “tugging” on my belt as being my imagination and that it was my balance that put me down. Except:

Now first off I have to explain. I was wearing what I call my work jeans. They are a little big on me and I have to wear a belt. If I am not wearing the belt they tend to droop way more than I am comfortable with.

OK, when I came off the ladder, I realized I had put in my 5 minutes of work and was huffing and puffing like a steam engine. I needed a break to catch my breath. I decided to go out on the front step. As I get there though, I realize I have my droopy drawers thing going on. I think I just need to tighten the belt by one notch.

Now this is the strange part. I found my belt was completely unbuckled which explained the droopy drawers, how it got unbuckled I don’t know. Wearing these pants I would definitely have noticed this before. What was even stranger was the belt buckle itself. I am not sure what it is called but the tine, the little stick thing that sits on the top, goes through the hole in the leather and rest on the top of the metal part. It had reversed positions. It was not longer on the top of the buckle it was not underneath it. Try as I might I could not get it back to the top, I twisted it and did everything I could think of It would not go. Now if I can’t force it back into place when I have the belt off, how did it manage to changeĀ  position while I had the belt on????

Also, twice now the radio has turned itself on. Now it is just a plain radio, no fancy timers nothing like that. The first time it happened was in the middle of the night. I didn’t actually hear it, when I am asleep I don’t hear much of anything. It was loud enough that it woke Vi, who then went and turned it off. The next morning she was telling me about this and of how strange it was. Right then almost on cue the radio again came on and was quite loud. There was no one else in the house and the radio was in an entirely different room than the one in which we were sitting????

Things that make me go, huh.

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spirits from the after life??

  1. Jill says:

    Think about it – something/one tugging at you and saying NO. The radio coming on. Maybe God is trying to tell you to take it a little easier and relax?

    Hi Jill, nice to hear from you. You may be right, even working at Bill speed I am getting tired out.

  2. Jo Hart says:

    Ok now your getting to all the things I love, my spirtis…… I have them quite often for one reason or another. This is what I have learnt from them. One, you need to set your rules. For example, my rule is, they can only be in my house if they have positive energy to portray within my home, two, they cannot go into any bedrooms (they were waking the kids) and three (this one is for my husband, as he gets extremely spooked by them….) they had to stop doing physical things when they (kids and husband) are in the house as it makes them feel uneasy…. Ok some of you may think I’m nuts, but I could write a book on my spirits let me tell you, and I have one spooked husband, who politely asked me to leave my spooky friends at the front door. I’m very big on asking guardians for protection, so I kinda have asked a few into my house that have made themselves known in a positive way, which scares the pooper out of hubby!!!! I think it’s hillarious…. only because I suppose that they don’t scare me.

    My opinion, acknowledge there’s someone there, ask that they only be there for positive reasons and your happy to keep them around. Maybe it’s someone who lived in the house previously and the kitchen had a great deal of meaning, explain the reasons behind your renovations, talk over the happy times shared within the kitchen, and how many more happy times will be shared in the kitchen blah blah blah….

    I know your all thinking I’m nuts, but hey, spirits are my thing, I love them, there always with us… I love them hanging around, it makes me feel safe.

    Or as Jill says, it could be your guardian advising you to slow down. Ask the question and they will acknowledge, that’s a very big point, recognising and acknowledging there message… You’ll know trust me….

    Hi Jo. I like you believe in Spirits, guides and Guardian Angels, if that makes you crazy I guess I am too.
    I would love to hear some of your stories all types but particularly the physical happenings.
    Hearing the word no and the tug on my belt I could easily in my mind write off as being in my imagination. But, I was not imagining what happened to my belt buckle it was real and right there for me to see. The radio going on was something I could hear.
    Actually, we did as you have suggested a few days ago. Vi had a talk with the previous owner, I had a talk with the craftsman that built the cabinets. Since then nothing???

  3. I don’t really believe in spirits or forces beyond our earthly world but I’ve heard they really do exist. Because of that I kinda agree with Jill, maybe it’s God’s way of trying to get you to slow down.

    Hi Silindile, you very well could be right.

  4. Mel says:


    I’m just hoping you eventually got freed from the belt dilema. Thinkin’ that’d be mighty uncomfortable come nite-nite time!

    Slow down, sir. I don’t think frequent bouts of huffing and puffing are good things.
    And in the meantime–would it hurt to have that conversation as Jo was talking about?
    I mean–geeze, what’s it gonna hurt to invite ‘goodness’ into your life, regardless of the form?

    Maybe you ought not be on countertops, Bill.
    Vi LETS you?!

    Hi Mel, my bouts of huffing and puffing seem to become so much apart of my norm that I don’t even notice them any more. Vi is the one that often actually bring it to my attention. Now that sounds strange.
    Vi actually keeps a pretty close eye on me. Kneeling on the counter top would be OK. Standing on it or standing on a ladder not allowed. Taking the “express elevator” down is not always fun

  5. Natasha says:

    Hi Bill!

    This is an awesome experience! I don’t think the ‘no’, nor the belt buckle, nor the radio had anything to do with you slowing down. If you are getting pleasure out of this reno, then you go right ahead. When you get the chills and hair raising, it’s usually an earth bound spirit. This one is most likely attached to those cabinets for whatever reason. If the spirit comes back, feel free to have a talk with it as you would any other person. Earth bound spirits carry the same fears, sadness, anger as we do in our bodies and are often scared to cross-over so they make themselves believe they need to stay here. It can help to explain to him/her that there is nothing left for them here and that it’s time to move on, that everything will be ok. These spirits are not often aware of the time going by so they think it’s still the year they died. Hope this helps a bit!

    Always a pleasure reading your posts Bill!

    Much love to you and Violet,

    Hi Natasha, it is so nice to hear from you. I thank you for this info, it does help me to understand. It was such an unusual happening I was going to send you an email asking what you thought of all of this.
    I would have just written this off as being my imagination, but the belt buckle and the radio coming on were physical things I could see and hear. They were real and obviously not imagination.
    I still have more questions on this, I hope you don’t mind but I am going to send you an email in the next day or two.
    I hope all is well with you my friend.

  6. Hey Bill
    Big day tomorrow mate, the celebration is finally here and I’m sure you couldn’t be more happier… So Yesterday I, being the ever broke person that I am started thinking of what could I do to honour you. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

    Keep well.

    It’s an honour to read the writings of such a strong man!

    Hi Silindile, I thank you for your very kind words. Any act of kindness is always appreciated. It doesn’t have to cost money, passing on a smile, a few encouraging words to cheer up another are acts of kindness. The size of the act doesn’t matter, for whom you perform the act doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it comes from your heart.
    Please don’t do it to honor me, do it instead to honor the goodness the kindness contained within your own heart. See yourself a being the kind and loving person you are.

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