Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Liquid diet – geesh

Saw my doctor yesterday. He seems to think I have some sort of “nasty intesinal thing” going on. Tests being done.

That part I can handle no problem. Where I may have a problem is he wants a clear liquid diet for the next week, geesh. Clear liquids only for a week, hmm.

That destroys a “vision” I had in my head. Over the weekend the fridge and stove will be moved out of the kitchen for the reno. Now this is hopefully only going to be for a few days. Now the refrigerator has to go somewhere.

This was my vision. Picture me in the bedroom lying relaxed on the bed. Refrigerator stocked with goodies right beside me, what could be better than that. Oh, what would be better, picture coffee pot on the other side of the bed.

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Liquid diet – geesh

  1. blissbait says:

    You know, I’ve done all kinds of cowrazy cleanses and fasts, etc. But one of the fasts I did years ago, in preparation for it, my friend who was guiding me had me buy a high pressure cooker. He taught me to put vegetables in it with distilled water and cook it for a few minutes, and then drink the broth, which was clear and PACKED with vitamins and minerals. It actually tasted alright. Now I was doing this out of curiosity and for fun. I realize it’s a FAR different matter when a doctor orders You to do it! But that’s an alternative that’s out there if You’re interested. Good Luck!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for You and prayers flowing Your way…

    Namaste. 🙂

    Hi blissbait, thank you for the suggestion don’t have a pressure cooker but am going to check into it. Thanks again

  2. Mel says:


    Somehow I have no problem envisioning your vision.

    Clear liquids for a week? I hope that does the trick. But…..
    Awwwwww…….ya poor thing.

    Guess that means the fridge will have to go on Vi’s side of the bed. *laughing!!!*

    Hi Mel, it ended up in the living room

    • Mel says:

      *laughing* Sounds like the Big Guy was watching out for you. Though–that nap on the couch coulda happened, yaknow! 😉

      Napping on the couch, hmm, a good idea

  3. Cat says:

    Clear liquids for a week! Well, at least you should be done with your liquid diet in time for November 1st so you can have some cake to celebrate the day!

    Cake, now we are talking my kind of diet. I don’t think I will ever be able to drink apple juice again.

  4. Bill, I will be praying for you to be all well. And I would love to join your celebration. I have missed you. I am so happy you have surpassed what the doctors said. Your Blogging Friend, Nita

    hi Nita, I have missed you also and am glad to hear you will be joining us.

  5. Liquid diet isn’t so bad, I’m permanently on it and not by choice but it has kept me alive… Your vision is too good though, maybe you should keep your fridge in the bedroom for a week after the liquid diet.

    Picture me drooling like Homer Simpson, “fridge in bedroom, ahhh”

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