Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I am alive celebration thoughts

I hope everyone joins with me in my “blog” party idea. What could possibly be a better thing to celebrate than “I am Alive”. I want all when they read that to see the word “I” as refering to themselves. We join together to celebrate we are alive.

I have been wracking my brain cell. (pretty sure I must only have about 1 brain cell left) How do you actually have a party when your guests are scattered all around the world in I don’t know how many different time zones.

So far I have come up with the idea, if we can’t be together physically, we can at least do something together, at the same time. That being that we all join together at the same time to say a short prayer, thanking God for the very fact we are alive. Life is a gift, not a given. Then to drink a toast to the health, happiness and general well being of all of mankind.

I have asked for any other suggestions on what I could do. My dear blogging friend Martha had a great suggestion. Invite all to send a picture of themselves. It would personalize it much more if we knew what each other look like. My picture is already up, on my about page. Please give it some thought.

Here is another “Bill” idea. I am not sure if am able to see comments posted in real time or if there is a time lag. Like wise I am not sure if my reply to comments would appear instantly as I post them or if there is again that time lag.  I will commit to being on line from at least 9:45am until 12:00 noon. Using the comments can we turn the blog into a temporary “chat” room, I don’t know, but we can try.

Any other ideas?

One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I am alive celebration thoughts

  1. Mel says:

    Comments post up in real time. I cross paths with a gal in England and we’ve been known to make 20 comments in real time back and forth to each other–much like a chatroom……it’s great fun and adds a whole different element to my day. It’s awesome–it’s never planned and it just ‘happens’…but planning for it to happen is an AWESOME idea, Bill.

    Now, I can’t speak to your replies to comments–but I do know if you comment to a comment–it’s darn close to real time…….and that would be close enough for any of us, I’m sure.

    As for the photos–some folks won’t be comfy with letting go of the anonymity that the World Wide Web gives them…….and I understand that.

    I’m STILL raising my cup at 1000 CST on 11/1/09–you best be raisin’ yours, sir!! 😉

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