Dying Man’s Daily Journal – My hero My inspiration

I had a post planned for today expanding on my ideas for random acts of kindness for the “celebration” and other thoughts I have for the day.

Instead my thoughts and heart as turn in a different direction. I suppose it is still in keeping with my thoughts of celebrating life. Appreciating life and how fragile it can be, of how it should be appreciated. I have come upon the story of a young woman that could be described as an inspiration, a hero and so very much more.

This lady is Kendra McBain. I first heard of Kendra back in May of this year. I did post about her May 11th and 15th. Please check them out. At the time Kendra honored me with a comment to the posts.

At the time Kendra was taking what was thought to be her final treatments ro rid her body of the cancer she had be fighting for 3 years. As her way of saying thank your for the treatment she had received, Kendra had organized a walk to raise funds for a teen room at the cancer center. This she did and it was a huge success as over $130,000.00 was raised. Congratulations Kendra on a job well done.

I was so very sadden a couple of days ago. I saw Kendra being interviewed by a reporter. Looking straight into the camera, she calmly announced the cancer had returned and had spread to a couple of other areas of her body. There is no cure and going forward doctors have told her,  the only treatment option is to just make her as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. How do you think most people would deal with this?

Well, this is how Kendra is dealing with it. Kendra has enrolled part time at university in the nursing program, she is doing volunteer work with Cancer Care Manitoba and is organizing another fund raising walk.

I am taking the liberty of quoting Kendra from her CTV interview conducted by Jill Lagace. Kendra’s statement that brought tears to my eyes:

“I want my life to have meaning. If I am not on this earth long enough to be a nurse, I want to have done something to help people while I am here.”

I am left speechless, totally in awe of this beautiful 18 year old young woman.

Kendra, I have never had the priviledge of meeting you but know you have impacted deeply on me, You are my hero and my inspiration to keep going.

EVERYONE prayer please


7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – My hero My inspiration

  1. As I was reading this post my heart crumbled, this girl is so young and her heart is wide open, her heart is so big God Bless Her… She’s in my prayers, today and always!

  2. blissbait says:

    Her generosity and courage are astounding. Thank You so much for sharing this.


  3. Mel says:

    Of course she’s being prayed for.

    At 18, I don’t know that I would have found it in me. She is one wisened lady–I admire that she ‘gets it’……..and I’m grateful and humbled.

    *sending prayers*

  4. clary says:

    That should be our goal, no matter our state in life, we are all dying but many think they will live forever. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. planetcity1 says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Kendra and her family. For those who didn’t previously view Kendra’s You Tube video, go to the first listing in this post under Possibly related posts to see a video showing both Kendra and her Mom.

  6. Amy Klinka says:

    Mother is a word that means I Love You from the Start,
    She draws you near and holds you close to her warm and loving heart.
    Bill I hope you always feel the warmth of your Mother’s love even now.
    I think that love lasts forever. I’m sorry to hear of your loss.

  7. Cat says:

    What an amazing young woman! Prayers and good thoughts are being sent her way.

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