Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Vi answers my kindness request

I am not sure if anyone has noticed but over the past year or so I have quit writting about friends and family. Now that most certainly doesn’t mean they are no longer here or are any less important to me. What it does mean is that “memory guy” here was finding himself in sometimes awkward position.

There were a few occasions when after I had written about some event or happening. I would be contact by someone saying: “hey, I told you I didn’t want you to write about that.” or  once “I don’t want pictures of my kids on the web, please take them down.” It seems to be easier just to quit mentioning anyone to avoid my own confusion. Mostly, I am going to continue with that but there are times when, hey a guy has to do what a guy has to do.

Vi, delivered her own random act of kindness the other day. Vi has a big heart and will go out of her way to help anyone, anytime. She is very out going and can easily talk to strangers.

A couple of evenings ago, she drove to a large grocery store. As she walked to the entrance of the store, she notice an elderly couple. They had a large suitcase in hand and were standing there looking confused. Vi being the person she is approached them asking if they needed help.

Now it turns out they had just arrived in Winnipeg, hence the suitcase. They didn’t know Winnipeg at all. They would be staying at a residence available to some more serious out of town patients needing a place to stay.

Now, apparently they got a cab from the airport, giving the driver the address they needed to go. BUT, they needed to make 2 stops on the way. One at a grocery store and the second at a mall to pick up something for the grand children that would be meeting them later. Now this driver knew the perfect spot to take them. He would take them to a Safeway store that has a mall directly across the street, now how perfect is that. Now remember they are totally unfamiliar with Winnipeg.

They went in made their purchases, came out and were suddenly confused. What they hadn’t noticed when the driver dropped them off was, there is no mall directly across the street. Well there is one across the street but in fact several blocks further down. It was not even visible from where they stood causing them to be confused and upset.

OOps hit publish instead of save. Will come back and finish post as an edit.

Back to finish post.

Vi, upon seeing this confused and upset looking couple just couldn’t just walk past this couple. She approached them asking if they needed any help.

She heard their whole story. Seeing someone in need, she inquired about the type of stores they were looking for as she knew the mall close by is very small and has very limited shopping. This it turns out was not at all what they were looking for. So what does Vi do, she piles them into the car and drives them to a mall that does have the kind of shopping they were looking for.

With her bubbly, friendly personality on the drive she is able to cheer up the couple. When they arrived, the couple thanked her profusely and left her with a comment something to the effect: “We most certainly weren’t very impressed with the way Winnipeg treats it’s visitors, but you have redeemed Winnipegers in our eyes.”

Way to go Vi, I am proud of you as should be all Winnipegers, we are a friendly, helpful bunch.

I think this is a perfect example that illustrates something I have long known. Our human hearts are just full of love, compation, caring and kindness to others. I think most of us are just so caught up on the fast paced tread mill of live, so absorbed in our hectic lives we son’t see past ourselves or our own. I am not saying that in a critical way. We are all only human, fighting our own battles, struggling to get through our own days in the best way we can.

I sit here wondering to myself, is that all there is that is meant to be in live. Struggling to get through each day, I don’t think so. It is not just me, but everyone is fighting their own battles, dealing with their own issues in life. I can’t help but think that if we all could open our eyes just the tiniest little bit to what is happening around us we would indeed be able to clearly see ways to ease the burdens of others. The truly amazing or surprising thing is that performing little acts of kindness is actually a win/win situation, The recipiant of our act is obviously ahead because of our act, irregardless or what we did. But, so are we. The warm glow that grows in our heart, within our being is more rewarding than any thanks we could receive. The warm glow that grow inside as I realize, I did something good. I did it simply because I could, I am a good person.

I sit here wondering, if it had been me at that grocery store. If I had seen the distressed couple, would I have approached them to offer assistance. I am kind of sad and embarrassed both to admit, I think the answer is likely no. What about you?

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Vi answers my kindness request

  1. Mel says:


    G-d bless ya, Bill…..nothing like leaving a gal in suspense! LOL

    <– shall return for the rest of the story!

    Hi Mel, I laugh about it now. At the time I was in a rush, intended to hit save but hit publish instead. Computer is a little slow, it was quicker just to the, to be continued footnote. lol

  2. No no no Bill, aw but at least you’ve given me something to look forward to

    thanks Silindile

  3. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    That was such a good story. Hope to read the ending soon!!
    Looking forward to the post, Wiseman.

    Thanks Irene it is a good story and the ending is very good

  4. Cat says:

    Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story!

    always nice to hear from you Cat, the rest of the story is up

  5. Vi is a wonderful woman no wonder you married her. I must say its hard to Notice other peoples problems in this day and age, when we’re all consumed with the daily routines and can barely get time to come up for air or a snack, so when someone helps another for nothing in return it’s always a beautiful thing… Keep passing it forward

    You are right Vi is pretty special. You are also right on the beauty of helping another, when nothing is expected in return. But we are rewarded with that wonderful warm feeling we get inside.

  6. Quinn says:

    Hey Bill! Happy Thanks Giving. Cheers to kindness and great woman. Hope to hear from you soon, Love Quinn and John

    Hi Quinn, glad to see you found the blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you, John and your entire family. Will be in touch soon.

  7. Mel says:

    That Vi is a keeper for sure!

    (((((((((((( Vi ))))))))))))

    How did I know the story would end on Vi’s loving note!?!

    ((((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))))
    Yup–she’s a keeper that one!

    Mel, you are getting to know us both so well and I am so glad it is that way

  8. Jo Hart says:

    God love Vi, need more people like Vi to make the world a better place, and not to mention, I think you would have stopped because that is just who you are too.

    ((((Bill & Vi)))) love to you both

  9. Cat says:

    Excellent story, and kudos to Vi for being so helpful and kind! I think I would have stopped to ask if the couple needed help, but I’m not sure I would have driven them to the mall — more likely I would have just called another cab for them and made certain the driver knew exactly where they needed to go. Vi’s way was much more helpful and generous.

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