Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I am ALIVE celebration

It is kind of exciting to see the responces coming in to the I am alive celebration idea. Thanks to my dear blogging friend Jo, we even have a theme song.

I hope all remember that it is my hope that all see the “I” in I am alive as refering to themselves. I, Bill Howdle will be celebrating the fact that I Bill Howdle am alive and am inviting all to join me in that. What is even more important to me though is that everyone reading this will celebrate the fact that they as individuals are alive. We are all alive and that is a reason to celebrate.

I suppose I should google it or something. It seems we have an international day to celebrate just about everything you can think of and that is good. If you think of it what could be more important to each of us than just being alive. That is something we all just take for granted, just as we take it for granted that our bodies will automatically breathe its next breath on its own. None of us is guaranteed a future all we have for sure is this moment. Some how that fact never really seems to strike home until we are placed in a position where we do KNOW our days are numbered. Only then it seems do we really learn to appreciate the wonders of life, of all the Good Lord gives us on a daily basis. Why does that have to be? How do I go about convincing others to live each day, appreciate each day before they reach this point.

Somewhere I read something to the effect: “there are thousands of cures for illnesses but there in no cure for fate.” Someone a while back wrote to me suggesting that possibly as I write of not being guaranteed a tomorrow may in fact cause some to even panic or become paranoid about it all. I hope that is not the case. That is actually the exact opposite to the message I am trying in my own bumbling way to get across. So what do I want? Even if it is just for this one day, let’s put cares and worries aside and appreciate the life we have.

For many, I know this applied to me in the past, life is so busy, so rushed it seems out of control. We feel no joy or appreciation for the very fact we do have a life.

Let’s try and fill our hearts with love and joy if only for this short time. Look, see and appreciate what we do have instead of focusing on what we don’t have.

We fill our hearts with love and appreciation for our own lives. Then we can look beyond ourselves and share some of that love.

How can we share that love? Ah, so many ways Verbalize our love and gratitude to our families, to all in our lives.

I would bet that many that have followed the blog for a while, know what is coming next.lol. Share the love and gratitude contained within your heart by doing one extra act of kindness for someone, anyone. Show our love of and appreciation of what we have in our lives. Look for and then perform just even one little act of kindness. What this act is doesn’t matter, for whom it is done doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you did something straight from your heart. Something for which you expect no return or recognition. You will find that gives you such a wonderful glowing feeling inside., a feeling that makes it all oh so worth while.

This time though I am asking you to tell me here on this blog of what you did and if possible how it was received. In telling me your story, you are not to be seen as seeking recognition. Instead others may read of what you did and maybe just maybe be encouraged to do something similar.



3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I am ALIVE celebration

  1. Jo Hart says:

    How exciting, November 1st will be a day I celebrate every year from now on. Working on my plan for the big day…. Hoping it all goes to plan….. Hmmm I heard a great little quote the other day, “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly”. I like that one….

  2. Mel says:

    Jo has a plan?!

    Omgosh….. I’m just not that organized. LOL

    The good news is you’ve given me ample time to come up with something.
    The bad news…..as soon as it comes to my brain, it falls out!
    I need sticky notes! LOL

    Yaknow, it is easy to take my eye off the mark, to get cocky and delude myself that “it ain’t me, it ain’t today”.
    Could be–best I say those things and do those things, today……

    I do hope you’re feeling better, sir.

  3. I think this idea of yours should be made into an international day where, there are so many holidays that are really not important when you think about it, this one is relevant and would change peoples thinking and touch hearts on a grand scale.

    Thanks to my brother I was able to donate my clothes to the orphanage and added all my teddy bears, yes I’ve collected them since I could remember but didn’t really use them, I’m hoping some kids finds comfort in them now.

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