Dying man’s Daily Journal – Prayers please.

There is a message today from our dear blogging friend Irene. She is keeping her chin up and struggling on. Please may we all give her our support through prayer.

I also ask for prayers for a new comer to the blog, David. David is currently in tremendous anguish and I ask for prayers please.

In his comment David asks for my opinion. I gave it to him in my response. Now, I do know there are some that do not always read the comments, which I so encourage everyone to do. As I think of it I believe David’s delema may apply to others. In my response to David I rambled on so much I tired myself out. I wanted to put up a post today so I am going to do the two stones thing. I am copying his comment and my response. Others thoughts, please.

David Says:
September 23, 2009 at 12:13 am | Reply edit

Dear Sir

I am male 65 yrs old with my mental and physical health slowly failing. I have always been a believer in God and Jesus and salvation through accepting Jesus as the Son of God. I always felt saved until recently. I am going through a horrible time as I no longer feel that God is with me or that I am one of His. I live in constant torment of being damned to hell. I have two children and I fear I will undermine their faith (and others in my family) due to my fear and confusion. If possible, please let me know what you think of this situation. God bless you and I pray that the the Holy Spirit will keep you close to Jesus through this life and all eternity Thank you

Hello David and welcome to the blog. I am sorry to hear of your failing health and of the torment you are currently going through. I am not a doctor, therapist or man of the clergy, I am just a regular guy sharing his thoughts based on my personal experiences. I did in fact a while back go through a similar time where doubts filled my mind. I give thanks to God that I was able to clear my head of such thoughts.

May I ask what it was that happened that caused you to have such a drastic change of feelings? Am I correct in reading from you message that you do feel the God maybe loves you less today than say yesterday or last year or at some time in the past? If that is indeed the case, it is OK to feel that way at times. We are human and not perfect beings. I do not believe God expects constant perfection out of any of us. I believe God with His infinite wisdom and love for us all, sees and accepts we are all just humans. We all have the same weaknesses and frailties that come with being mere humans. While on this earth we never can and never will be perfect.
My belief is that God does not expect us to be perfect, but does expect us to keep trying to do our best, while knowing that even doing our very best will always fall short of perfection. All we can do is try our best, if we fall down we pick ourselves up and start over again.
I believe that while we are on this earth, God wants us to grow to become the very best people we can be and will always be with us to help us do so. By grow I mean internally, to have more loving hearts, more patience with others and ourselves, learn to have more sympathy to others, empathy, acceptance and the list just goes on and on. I believe that as each of these grow within our hearts we do become better people as the Father wishes.
I image everyone’s idea of an ideal life would be one that we went through each and every day with no problems or issues to deal with. That does sound good, having our lives endlessly roll on day after day with never an issue to deal with. If I think about it though I realize that would be in a rut, a seemingly good rut to live in but none the less a rut. If our lives never changed, neither would we.
I read something that went sort of like this:”Knowledge without experience is merely information”. Somewhere out there is someone that would qualify as the world’s greatest expert on the Bible, certainly not me. You can carry all that knowledge in your head but until you are able to put that knowledge to use it remains but information. When actually put to use this information moves from our heads to our hearts and we can grow as God wants us to.
Do I believe God will place “problems” or “issues” in our path through life. I believe the answer to that is YES, but this “issue” is not put there to hinder us. Instead to give us an opportunity to grow, take the knowledge we have in our heads and put it to use, moving it to our hearts. There is another saying something like: “God will never lead you to anything that He will not be there to guide us/help us through”.
I know from my own experience, there have been times when I felt abandoned. My life seemed to be crumbling around me. It was only after everything I was doing that I was guided through it that I was able to look back and realize the growth I experienced.
Sorry David, I got off on my own ramble. I am not sure if any of this helps or even applies but I do hope to hear back from you. Know you are in my prayers and now in the prayers of many others.

5 Responses to Dying man’s Daily Journal – Prayers please.

  1. babychaos says:

    David, if you’re reading this, hang in there. You are allowed to be afraid. It’s ok. It’s natural. You are not alone, as I understand it, asking god’s forgiveness – and meaning it – is enough. I hope and pray you will find peace soon. Take care, you.

    Bill, wise words, as usual.



  2. Jo Hart says:

    David, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I myself consider myself a spiritualist rather than a religion, I find great peace in this. I truely believe you are self doubting yourself, of which this is only natural. May you be blessed with angels wrapping their wings around you, and may you find inner peace within yourself. It all gets so scary and blurry at times, but I always know they are there for us all.

  3. Jo Hart says:

    ((((((Irene)))))) In my thoughts and prayers still. Hoping everything will work out for you soon. xx

  4. Juanita says:

    Dear David no matter what happens in your life God always loves you and is with you. We all have times in our life that hurt and cause pain, and he is still with us. My prayers are with you. Juanita

  5. Josephine says:

    I have an out-of-body man with me who deserves to get to Heaven soon; I tell you this so that you know that Heaven and the afterlife exists, and that not all people enter Heaven immediately. I hope you don’t feel upset by my message, and hope that it gives you reason to believe in life after life, and God (the sky didn’t design itself).

    This man is anxiety ridden and worried which is ‘normal’ behaviour for someone so mixed up and not in Heaven. I haven’t been able to help him, and he cannot leave my body, because he has become too scared to move himself. He needs help to leave. When you arrive there, please tell anyone in Heaven that he is here with me, because he needs your help.

    My name is Josephine, and I live in Tollesbury, Essex, England.

    I wish you well, but am realistic that our physical bodies don’t last forever. Bless you for any help you can give. I hope that I’ve not upset you by this mail, but I too need hope that this man can be helped by persons such as yourself.

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